Social Science Quick Revision Notes for CBSE 6th to 12th classes are provided here for free of cost. These CBSE Class 6 to 12 SST Notes are designed by subject experts in pdf format. Students who are planning for their upcoming Class 10 to Class 6 board exam preparation should focus on their studies and work hard for getting high scores in the exam.

So, to aid students of class 6 to 10 study adequately, we have provided Social Science Notes for CBSE class 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 of all sub-subjects History, Geography, Political Science, and Economics. You can explore chapterwise SST Key-point Notes from this page and understand the concepts clearly. Also, students can quickly revise the whole NCERT Class 6 to 10 Social Science Syllabus by using the available SST Revision Notes.

Download Quick Revision Notes for CBSE Class 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 Social Science (SST) in PDF

Access CBSE Class 6th to 10th Social Science Lecture Notes pdf on our page and download them for free in pdf format for a quick revision before the annual exam. This CBSE 6th to 10th Revision notes for social studies are prepared by subject teachers as per the latest edition of NCERT Books and can understand the concepts clearly.  These revision notes will benefit students to score high in their Social Science exam. Students can quickly revise the entire NCERT Class 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 Social Science syllabus by going through these SST Notes Pdf.

Hence, refer to these Class 10 to 6 Social Science Revision and handwritten notes and prepare well for both CBSE Board exams and Competitive exams.

Benefits of Studying Social Science Handwritten Notes for Class 6th to 10th CBSE

  • SST Revision Notes will assist students in revising the whole syllabus quickly.
  • Students can grasp the topic that they need within no time by using the Social Science Notes.
  • SST Handwritten Notes is one of the most prominent resources to prepare efficiently for the board exams.
  • In Social Studies CBSE Class 6 to 10 Notes, you can find various crucial topics and concepts as mentioned in the chapters.
  • These notes are provided in a lucid and precise manner so that students can learn them easily.

FAQs on Social Science Revision Notes for CBSE 6th to 10th Board Exams

1. Which portal is best for offering class 6 to 10 Social Science Notes?

At present, the best portal that offers CBSE class 6th to 10th Social Science Revision Notes Pdf is It includes CBSE Class 10 to Class 6 Chapter-wise SST Notes based on the latest edition of NCERT SST Books. So, visit this site and grab whatever you require for SST board exam preparation.

2. Where can I get CBSE Class 6 to 10 social science notes for quick revision?

You can get the CBSE Class 6 to 10 social science notes for free of cost from this page. Hence, you can access and download them easily & make use of Social Science Revision Notes Chapterwise for Class 6 to 10 for last-minute exam preparation.

3. How should I download social science handwritten & revision notes for CBSE 10th to 6th Grades?

You can download Social Science Key-Point Notes and Handwritten Notes pdf for grade 6 to 10 CBSE from our site i.e.,, and revise all the chapters properly to score good marks in the exams.

Wrapping Up

We hope the data shared above helps you a lot during your revise time. So, download chapterwise quick revision Notes for CBSE Class 6 to 10 Social Science and prepare all the concepts quickly at the last-minute before the exam. For more Notes, Books, Study materials bookmark our site or comment us below.