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A Tiger in the Zoo Summary in English by Leslie Norris

A Tiger in the Zoo by Leslie Norris About the Poet

George Leslie Norris (1921-2006) was a prize winning Welsh poet and short story writer. He is considered as most important Welsh writer of the post war period and his literary works have won many prizes. His famous works are Finding Gold, The loud winder, phoenix living poets series: Ransoms, etc.

Poet Name Leslie Norris
Born 21 May 1921, Merthyr Tydfil, United Kingdom
Died 6 April 2006, Provo, Utah, United States
Parents George, Mary Jane Norris
Spouse Catherine Morgan
Nationality Welsh, British
A Tiger in the Zoo Summary by Leslie Norris
A Tiger in the Zoo Summary by Leslie Norris

A Tiger in the Zoo Summary in English

The poet has compared the activities of a tiger in the zoo with the tiger in its natural habitat. The Tiger moves slowly and quietly inside the cage in his very bright stripes. He takes a few steps in his cage on pads of’velvet quiet and humbly snarled in his quiet rage. The Tiger should be waiting somewhere secretly in the shadow, sliding through the long grass of the wild, near the water-hole in a forest for wild animal’s where the plump dear pass.

The Tiger should be showing his teeth and making angry noises around houses at the edge of the jungle showing his white fangs, his claws and terrorising the village. But now the Tiger is locked up in a concrete cell and all his strength is kept behind bars. He spends his time stalking the length of his cage and ignoring all visitors. The voice of the patrolling cars is the last voice he hears every night and that is then he stares with his brilliant eyes at the brilliant stars above.

A Tiger in the Zoo Summary Questions and Answers

1. He should he snarling around houses
At the jungle’s edge,
Baring his white fangs, his claws,
Terrorising the village!

a. Who is ‘he’?
‘He’ here refers to the tiger.

b. Where does he snarl around?
He snarls around houses.

c. Why does he do it?
It is his natural movement.

d. What effect does it have on the whole village?
It has a terrorising effect on the whole village.

2. Stalking the length of his cage,
Ignoring visitors.

a. What is the tiger doing? Why is he ignoring the visitors?
The tiger is moving inside his cage. He is ignoring visitors because he does not like to be confined in the cage. He would rather wander about in his natural habitat, the jungle.

3. On pads of velvet quiet,
In his quiet rage.

a. Who is referred to here? Why does he express his anger quietly?
A tiger caged in the zoo is referred to here. He expresse’s his anger quietly because he is in the confines of his cage, restricted and quite helpless and he is unable to do anything about it.