Active And Passive Voice Class 6In Online Education For sentences in the active voice, the subject performs the action; for those in the passive voice, the subject receives the action. Most grammarians recommend using the active voice whenever possible. Here are some examples to help you distinguish between the voices:

This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used. You can also visit the most accurate and elaborate NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English. Every question of the textbook has been answered here.

Online Education Active And Passive Voice Exercises for Class 6 With Answers CBSE Pdf

Active And Passive Voice For Class 6
Active voice

  • The man caught several fish.
  • The planning committee discovered that the room wasn’t available.

Passive voice

  • Several fish were caught by the man.
  • It was discovered by the planning committee that the room wasn’t available.

Active and Passive voice
Active And Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 6 With Answers

Active: Ram killed Ravan.
Passive: Ravan was killed by Ram.

Tense Active Passive
Present Simple I make a cake A cake is made
Present Continuous I’m making a cake A cake is being made.
Past Simple I made a cake. A cake was being made.
Past Continuous I was making a cake. A case has been made.
Present Perfect I had made a cake A cake had been made.
Future Simple I will make a cake. A cake will be made.
Future be going to I’m going to make a cake. A cake is going to be made.
Modal I must make a cake. A cake must be made.
Modal Perfect I should have made a cake. A cake should have been made.

Active And Passive Voice Exercises Solved Examples for Class 6 CBSE

Active And Passive Voice Exercises Class 6
Question 1.
Change the following sentences so that the verbs will be in the passive voice.
(i) The boy killed the spider.
(ii) The police caught the thief.
(iii) The boy made a kite:
(iv) The sudden noise frightened the dog.
(v) Edison invented thew light bulb.
(vi) He made a very remarkable discovery.
(vii) His own brother betrayed him.
(viii) I have sold my old car.
(ix) They opened the store only last month.
(x) We do not permit smoking in the kitchen.
(i) The spider was killed by the boy.
(ii) The thief was caught by the police.
(iii) A kite was made by the boy.
(iv) The dog was frightened by the sudden noise.
(v) The light bulb was invented by Edison.
(vi) A very remarkable discovery was made by him.
(vii) He was betrayed by his own brother.
(viii) My old car has been sold.
(ix) The store was opened only last month.
(x) Smoking in the kitchen isn’t permitted.

Active And Passive Voice Exercise For Class 6
Question 2.
Rewrite the following sentences into Passive voice.
(i) I did not beat her.
(ii) I will never forget this experience.
(iii) Mother made a cake.
(iv) The boy teased the girl.
(v) Did she do her duty?
(vi) The tiger was chasing the deer.
(vii) She has written a novel.
(viii) She has learned her lessons.
(ix) Have you finished the report?
(x) The police have caught the thief.
(i) She was not beaten by me.
(ii) This experience will never be forgotten by me.
(iii) A cake was made by mother.
(iv) The girl was teased by the boy.
(v) Was her duty done by her?
(vi) The deer was being chased by the tiger.
(vii) A novel has been written by her.
(viii) Her lessons have been learned by her.
(ix) Has the report been finished by you?
(x) The thief has been caught by the police.

Active And Passive Voice Exercises Practice Examples for Class 6 CBSE

Active Passive Voice Exercise Class 6
Question 1.
Transform the following sentences by changing voice:
(i) The minister distributed blankets among poor on his birthday.
(ii) The captain scolded the umpire for not agreeing to his appeal.
(iii) The fine has been paid by me.
(iv) The boy hit the stranger with his bat.
(v) The woman booked him for cheating.
(vi) They pulled him from court room.
(vii) The principal instructed the teachers.
(viii) The director was slapped by the actress.
(ix) Close the door.
(x) The road was blocked by Jat protestors.

Active Passive Voice Exercise For Class 6
Question 2.
Are the sentences written in Active or Passive?
(i) Steven likes to play baseball.
(a) Active :
(b) Passive

(ii) Bingo is played in Britain.
(a) Active
(b) Passive

(iii) He lost his keys yesterday.
(a) Active
(b) Passive

(iv) A letter was written.
(a) Active
(b) Passive

(v) They are listening to their music.
(a) Active
(b) Passive

(vi) They often read e-mails.
(a) Active
(b) Passive

(vii) These cars are produced in Italy.
(a) Active
(b) Passive

(viii) French is spoken by Russian.
(a) Active
(b) Passive

(ix) Lots of houses were destroyed.
(a) Active
(b) Passive

(x) The bus driver was hurt.
(a) Active
(b) Passive