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Exercise On Adjectives for Class 5 CBSE with Answers PDF

An adjective is a word that qualifies a noun. It adds something to its meaning.
Adjectives are of the following kinds:

Kinds Definition Examples
1. Adjectives of Quality or Qualitative Adjectives Tell the kind or quality black, honest, heavy, big, red, famous
2. Adjectives of Quantity or Quantitative Adjectives They indicate quantity, i.e. How Much? much, little, some, all, any
2. Adjectives of number or Number Adjectives Tell how many people, places, animals or things are there many, few, one, two, first, second, next, last
4. Demonstrative Adjectives Point out the person/thing this, that, these, those
5. Possessive Adjectives Point out the person to which the noun they qualify belongs to my, our, your, his, her, its, their etc.

Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives: Positive, Comparative and Superlative are the three degrees of comparison.

Positive Degree Comparative Degree Superlative Degree
It is the simplest form of an Adjective. It is used to compare two things or people. It is used to compare more than two things or people.
Example: Suraj is a tall boy. Example: Suraj is taller than Mohit. Example: Suraj is the tallest boy in the class.

Sometimes, we may want to use more than one adjective to describe something.
The usual order of adjectives is: size, quality, colour, origin, substance.

  • a small green plastic box
  • a stylish red Italian car
  • size colour substance
  • quality colour origin
  • A large Indian temple,
  • A tall white stone building,
  • A colourful cotton shirt,
  • A long Chinese silk robe

Exercise On Adjectives Solved Example with Answers for Class 5 CBSE PDF

Adjective Worksheet For Class 5
A. Fill in the blanks with adjectives of quality.

1. The ___________ cat jumped from the roof and disappeared into the ___________ night
2. The ___________ tree was laden with ___________ flowers.
3. Although he is a ___________ boy, he has a ___________ heart.

Adjective Exercise For Class 5
B. Fill in the blanks with suitable adjectives of quantity.

1. There is ___________ water in the tank.
2. The ___________ food the villagers had was not enough to feed ___________ of them.
3. He takes care of his health and therefore does not suffer from ___________ disease.
4. We learnt ___________ rhymes last year.
5. I only invited ___________ friends to my birthday.
6. Can you lend me ___________ storybooks?

Adjectives For Class 5
C. Fill in the blanks with suitable adjectives of number.

1. ___________ children make a family perfect.
2. ___________ dogs are unhealthy.
3. My legs have ___________ fingers and toes.
4. ___________ women are upset.
5. I wrote ___________ letters to you.
6. I have learnt ___________ languages.
7. There are only ___________ class rooms in our school.
8. ___________ hour has ___________ minutes.
9. You can get ___________ hour service here.

Adjectives Exercises For Class 5
D. Underline the demonstrative adjectives that best complete each sentence.

1. (Those/That) man really loves the comic book store.
2. (These/This) apples are ready to be eaten.
3. (Those/That) store is having a huge blowout sale today!
4. (This/Those) farmers are growing some great organic vegetables.
5. (These/That) friends of mine are very reliable.
6. (These/That) fence needs another coat of paint.
7. Make sure to tell (those/that) boy that he needs to clean up after himself.
8. Did you write (these/this) song?
9. Make sure (this / those) girls don’t forget their purses.
10. (Those/That) movie was very realistic.

Adjective Questions For Class 5
E. Underline the possessive adjectives in the following sentences.

1. We took her friend with us to the theme park.
2. The boy took his car to be repaired.
3. I gave her doll back.
4. Make sure your friends are respectful.
5. His parents came to pick him up after school.
6. Her blanket was left in the family room.
7. Give their luggage to her parents.
8. His sister is bringing your shoes to practice.
9. My pillow is very soft.

Adjective Worksheet For Class 5 With Answers
F. Use the right word in the bracket to complete the sentence.

1. My mother is as (strong, stronger, strongest) as her mother.
2. Not everyone agrees that she is (pretty, prettier, prettiest) than her sister.
3. Can an elephant be (tall, taller, tallest) than a giraffe?
4. That pond is the (shallow, shallower, shallowest) in this area.
5. That has to be the interesting, more interesting, most interesting) film I have ever seen.
6. Of the two paths, this is the (short, shorter, shortest) one.
7. This clown is not as (funny, funnier, funniest) as the other one.
8. He is easily the (bad, worse, worst) player in the team.
9. The second half of the play was (little, less, the least) exciting.
10. What is (far, farther, the farthest) distance you have ever run?

Adjectives Class 5
G. Put the adjectives in the brackets in the correct position.

1. a pullover (nice/new)
2. a box (metal/black/small)
3. a pullover (new/green)
4. a cat (fat/big/black)
5. a house (beautiful/old)
6. a little village (old/lovely/little)
7. a pair of gloves (black/leather)
8. hair (long/black/beautiful)
9. an film (old/American)
10. an umbrella (red/enormous/yellow)
11. a face (thin/long)
12. a wall (brick/red/high)
13. clouds (black/big)
14. a dress (colourful/long/silk)
15. a day (sunny/lovely)
16. a painting (old/interesting/French)
17. a avenue (wide/long)
18. a temple (ancient/Buddhist/tall)
19. a table (wooden/beautiful/round)
20. a witch (toothless/ugly/old)