Adjective Exercise For Class 8

The adjective is a word used to describe, identify, or quantify a noun or a pronoun. It gives more information about the object signified.
For example:

  • He is a brave boy.

Note: Brave – is an adjective used to describe the type of boy ‘he’ is.

This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English will help you to write better answers in your Class 10 exams. Because the Solutions are solved by subject matter experts.

Exercise On Adjectives for Class 8 CBSE With Answers Pdf

Adjective Exercise For Class 8

There are Five types of Adjectives:
Exercises On Adjectives For Class 8 With Answers

Exercises On Adjectives For Class 8 With Answers

Definition of types of adjectives:
Adjectives are words that modify nouns. Adjectives are one of the 8 parts of speech. They give some information about nouns, such as colour or how many. The types of ad jectives are: descriptive, possessive, demonstrative, interrogative, or indefinite. Below are some examples of types of adjectives, along with examples of their usage.

1. Descriptive Adjectives: The most common type of adjective is the descriptive adjective. These are simply words that help of describe nouns. They can be colours, sizes, or other describing words.

2. Possessive Adjectives: Possessive adjectives are like possessive pronouns, but act as adjectives. They are: my, your, its, our and their. Remember: It’s an adjective if it comes with the noun; it’s a pronoun if it replaces the noun.

This is worth saying again: Possessive adjectives never use an apostrophe. This is tricky because when we use what is normally a noun in the form of an adjective to indicate possession, we use an apostrophe. But when we use the possessive adjective in place of a noun (which is why we use the possessive pronouns) there is a tendency to want to use the apostrophe.

Don’t do it! Even though we might write “The dog’s bone, “we do not subsequently refer to “It’s bone.” “It’s” is a contraction meaning “It is”; “Its” is a possessive pronoun. A similar mistake is using “who’s” for “whose”. Sometimes people also throw an apostrophe into “hers” or “theirs” and write “hers” or “their’s”.

It is my ball
We are going to her home.
I am playing his computer game.
Can I pet your dog?
We love our new car.

We also use possessive adjectives when we talk about an action that serves as the subject of a sentence. For example: Our selling the house was the result off the bad company.

This means the same as: The bad economy forced us to sell the house. However, this is often incorrectly written as “Us selling the house…”.

3. Demonstrative Adjectives: Demonstrative adjectives are identical to demonstrative pronouns, but are used for a different purpose. Remember it is the function of the word that defines what kind of word it is in terms of the parts of speech. The demonstrative adjectives are: this, that, those, and what. In the following sentences the demonstrative adjectives are in red and nouns they modify are in blue.

Take this job and shove it.,
I love that new dress.
Who are those people?
I don’t know what investment you made.

Adjectives For Class 8

4. Interrogative Adjectives: another type of interrogative adjective. Interrogative adjectives include the words which and what.
Which company do you want to invest in?
What bank do you trust with your money?

5. Indefinite Adjectives: Final type of adjective is the indefinite adjective. Ok, let’s see. It’s an adjective that’s not definite. How about a word like “some” or “many”.
Some people wanted to buy stocks.
Many people wanted to buy bonds.
A few people wanted to buy gold.
It is called indefinite Because it’s not exactly clear how many or who.

1. Adjective of Quality or Descriptive ’ Adjective: It denote the kind or quality of a person or thing. Example:

  • He is an honest person.

Note: Honest describes the type of person ‘he’ is and hence is an adjective of quality.
Adjective of Quality answer the question: Of what kind?

2. Adjective of Quantity: It indicates how much of a thing is meant. Example:

  • Rita ate some rice.

Note: The word some indicates the quantity of rice the eaten by Rita. Adjective of Quantity answer the question: How much?

Adjectives Class 8

Formation of Adjectives
We can form adjectives from nouns by adding various suffixes.

Noun + Suffix = Adjective Noun + Suffix = Adjective
Accident al accidental custom ary customary
success ful successful athlete ic athletic
magic ical magical fool ish foolish

Exercise Solved Examples On Adjectives for Class 8 CBSE

Adjective Worksheet For Class 8 Question 1.
Choose the right word from within the brackets:
(i) He is cleverer ____________ me. (than, to)
(ii) He is senior ____________ me by five years. (than, to)
(iii) Reeta is thew most intelligent ____________ all the students of the class. (than, of)
(iv) Choose the ____________ (better, best) of the two.
(v) Uttar Pradesh is the ____________ populated state of India. (more, most)
(vi) Make ____________ noise. (little, less)
(vii) Shabana is the ____________ painter of the two. (good, better)
(viii) You are junior ____________ me. (than, to)
(ix) Health is ____________ than wealth. (better, best)
(x) The Taj Mahal is one of the ____________ beautiful building in the world. (more, most)
(i) than
(ii) to
(iii) of
(iv) better
(v) most
(vi) less
(vii) better
(viii) to
(ix) better
(x) most

Adjective Class 8 Question 2.
Identify the adjectives from each of the following sentences and tell which nouns/ pronouns te: they are describing.
(i) You have a bright future ahead.
(ii) Japanese is not an easy language.
(iii) Life is very beautiful.
(iv) The old woman sits in the Sun.
(v) Badminton is a nice game.
Adjective – Noun
(i) bright – future
(ii) easy – language (Japanese)
(iii) beautiful – life
(iv) old – woman
(v) nice – game

Adjective Mcq For Class 8 Question 3.
Formation of Adjectives
Form adjectives from these nouns and complete the table.

Noun Adjective
comfort comfortable


Noun Adjective
comfort comfortable
luck lucky
mischief mischievous
child childish
adventure adventurous
danger dangerous
intelligence intelligent
fury furious
anger angry
history historical
courage courageous
humor humourous

Mcq On Adjectives For Class 8 Question 4.
Correct the following sentences:
(i) It house belongs to my brother.
(ii) Yours neighbour is well behaved.
(iii) That is own your house.
(iv) A good number of milk was spilt.
(v) My all mistakes were corrected.
(vi) I have seen fine a picture.
(vii) He bought red four toys.
(viii) When I reached there, he asleep was found.
(ix) Many a good students failed.
(x) Remarkable nothing was there.
(xi) She ashamed felt for her temperament.
(xii) The all members were sleeping.
(xiii) The Greater Sikander invaded India.
(xiv) The both pictures are beautiful.
(xv) The two last questions were left.
(xvi) The two first chapters are out of course.
(xvii) A monkey red-faced saw me.
(xviii) An accident dangerous took place.
(xix) White and red and green colours are to be avoided.
(xx) Hanuman is an Incarnate god.
Hint only.
(i) this house
(ii) your neighbour
(iii) your own house.
(iv) A good deal of
(v) all my
(vi) a fine
(vii) four red
(viii) found asleep
(ix) a good many or many a good student
(x) nothing remarkable
(xi) felt ashamed
(xii) all the
(xiii) Sikander, the great
(xiv) both the
(xv) the last two
(xvi) the first two
(xvii) a red-faced monkey
(xviii) dangerous accident
(xix) White, red and green
(xx) a god Incarnate

Exercise Practice Examples On Adjectives for Class 7 CBSE

Adjectives Exercises For Class 8 Question 1.
Find the tick mark (✓) the appropriate adjective in the following sentence:
(i) I have (any/some) good news for you.
(ii) The department order says that no one will leave the station till (further/farther) order.
(iii) Rakesh is a writer of (many/much) repute.
(iv) The (latter/later) half of this film is like Ekta Kapoor’s serial.
(v) (Each/Every) person wants quick gain.
(vi) Hari is my (older/elder) brother.
(vii) (All/whole) electronic media go for sensational stories.
(viii) Have you read (any/some) novel of Anton Chekhov?
(ix) The minister has (little/a little) time for this programme.
(x) (A few/few) members were present in the meeting.

Exercise Of Adjectives For Class 8 Question 2.
Correct the following sentences by finding and underlining errors:
(i) I have much works to complete.
(ii) Sheetal is most intelligent than Kajal.
(iii) I gave her ten hundreds rupees notes.
(iv) I stayed in Researcher’s hostel for few days.
(v) Is there some water in the bottle?
(vi) She has no any money.
(vii) Brave prefers death than dishonour.
(viii) Many a naxals were killed in the operation.
(ix) You have time to catch the latest train.
(x) Give me little salt please.
(xi) My class students help each other.
(xii) Garima talked first to mine.
(xiii) I will take the latter/last train.
(xiv) What room do you want?
(xv) He will visit you nearest day.
(xvi) She becomes more cleverer.

Exercise On Adjectives For Class 8 Question 3.
Fill appropriate adjective in the blanks.
(i) Rajpal and Modi are __________ friends.
(ii) There cannot be __________ condition than this.
(iii) All gadgets have __________ or the demerit.
(iv) Some teachers are __________ worries/careful about their classes.
(v) __________ of this depends on your aggregate percentage.

Adjective Worksheet Class 8 Question 4.
Form adjectives from these verbs and complete the table.

Verb Adjective
agree agreeable

Adjective Questions For Class 8 Question 5.
Use the adjectives from the box to replace the underlined phrases and rewrite these sentences. Change the order of the words in the sentences if required.

hungry  expensive  comfortable  starry  powerful

You will feel at ease and relaxed in this dress.
Hari is tired and in need of food
This house must be costing a lot
The night sky is covered with stars
The new car has an engine that has a lot of power

Degree of Adjective

Adjective For Class 8

Adjectives of quality have three degrees of comparison — positive, comparative and superlative.
To describe only one person or thing we use the positive degree.
The Ganga is a long river.
Neha is short.
When we compare one person or thing with another, we use the comparative degree.
The Amazon is longer than the Ganga. Amita is shorter than Neha.
When comparing two or more things using a comparative adjective, we use the conjunction than in the sen tence.
While comparing more than two things, we use the superlative degree.
The Nile is the longest river in the world.
Adjectives Exercises For Class 8 With Answers

Rules of using Degrees of comparison

Rules Examples
We can use the positive form to comparison by using “as an adjective as” Mini is as wise as Maman.
‘An adjective in the comparative degree are usually followed by “than” Tina more dillierent than her brother.
Use “the” before the superlative degree of the adjective. She is the best student in this class.
An adjective is a superlative degree is usually She is the biggest in girl this school.
followed by “of’ or “in” The study is the most important thing of life.
We can’t use double comparatives or superlatives. Incorrect: It is more darker here.

Mcq Of Adjectives For Class 8 

Comparatives – Superlatives
The dog is faster than the elephant.
The horse is the fastest.
The horse is bigger than the dog.
The elephant is the heaviest.
The dog is more energetic than the elephant.
Adjective Class 8 Exercise
Adjectives Mcq Class 8

Exercise Solved Examples On Adjectives for Class 8 CBSE

Adjectives Mcq Class 8 Question 1.
Complete the following sentences using the correct degree of the adjective given in the brackets.
(i) My brother’s handwriting is ___________ (bad) mine.
(ii) Health is ___________ wealth. (important)
(iii) Blood is water. ___________ (thick)
(iv) Everest is ___________ peak in the world. (high)
(v) This is ___________ play I have ever heard on the radio. (interesting)
(vi) Susie is ___________ of all the four sisters. (beautiful)
(vii) The planet Mars is ___________ from the earth than the satellite Moon. (far)
(viii) The elephant is. ___________ animal in the world. (large)
(ix) An ocean is certainly ___________ a sea. (big)
(x) I am ___________ in cricket than in football. (interested)
(i) worse than
(ii) is more important than
(iii) thicker than
(iv) the highest peak
(v) the most interesting
(vi) the most beautiful
(vii) farther
(viii) the largest
(ix) bigger than
(x) more interested

Exercise Practice Examples On Adjectives for Class 8 CBSE

Adjectives Worksheets For Grade 8 Pdf Question 1.
Supply the proper form (comparative or superlative) of the following:
(i) Good – How is your brother to – day? Is he ___________?
(ii) Hot – May is ___________ here than any other month.
(iii) Pretty – Her doll is ___________ than yours.
(iv) Idle – Hari is the ___________ boy in the class.
(v) Sharp – Your knife is sharp, but mine is ___________.
(vi) Dear – Honour is ___________ to him than life.
(vii) Rich – He is the ___________ man in our town.
(viii) Old – Mani is two years ___________ than Rati.
(ix) Large – Name the ___________ city in the world.
(x) Good – He is the ___________ friend I have.

Adjective Test For Class 8 Question 2.
Point out the Adjective and name the Degree of comparison of each.
(i) The poor woman had seen happier days.
(ii) Do not talk such nonsense.
(iii) Make less noice.
(iv) That child has a slight cold.
(v) A live ass is stronger than a dead lion.
(vi) Say the same thing twice over.
(vii) Solomon was one of the wisest men.
(viii) Hunger is the best sauce.
(ix) His simple word is as good as an oath.
(x) There was not the slightest excuse for it.