Adverb Exercise For Class 6

An adverb is a word that describes a verb. It tells you about an action or the way something is done. A lot of adverbs end in -ly

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Online Education Adverb Exercises for Class 6 CBSE With Answers Pdf

Adverb Worksheet For Class 6

Spelling File

Adjective Adverb
beautiful beautifully
brave bravely
bright brightly
fierce fiercely
happy happily
heavy heavily
loud loudly
peaceful peacefully
slow slowly
sound soundly
sweet sweetly.

 The dog is barking fiercely.
Alice skated beautifully.
The prince and the Princess lived happily ever after.
The birds are singing sweetly.
It is raining heavily.
The dog and the cat live together peacefully.
The soldiers fought bravely.
The sun is shining brightly.
The old man walked slowly.

Adverbs Worksheet For Class 6

Some adverbs describe the way something is done. They are called adverbs of manner.

Adverbs Class 6

For example:

  • I went to school cheerfully.
  • He runs fast.
  • We celebrated teacher’s day happily.

Spelling File

Adjective Adverb
careless carelessly
cheap cheaply
clear clearly
close closely
correct correctly
different differently
playful playfully
safe safely
selfish selfishly
skillful skillfully
smart smartly
Some adverbs describe when something happens. They are called adverbs of time.

Adverb Class 6

No, do it now.

  • Point of time—now, then, today, tomorrow, tonight, yesterday, last week, last night, next year, etc.
  • Relationships in time (when)—already, before, early, after, while, earlier, finally, first, just, last, late, later, later, next, previous, recently, since, soon, till, yet, etc.

We went out for dinner last night.
I shall go to the dentist tomorrow.
Next year my sister will be in college.
Now is the time for children.

Some adverbs tell you where something happens. They are called adverbs of place.

Adverbs Exercises For Class 6

  • They were coming here.
  • Some is talking outside.
  • Please come inside.
  • They live somewhere in Paris.

Adverbs of Degree tell us the extent and the intensity of an action.

They answer the question how much. Some common adverbs of degree are almost, nearly, quite, just, too, enough, hardly, scarcely, very and extremely.

  • This is just the book I want.
  • I have nearly finished my dinner.

Adverb Exercises For Class 6

Adverb Exercises Solved Examples for Class 6 CBSE

Adverb Questions For Class 6
Question 1.
Fill in the blanks with a suitable adverb.
(i) I ____ ______ go to bed at 10 o’clock. (Once / ever / usually)
(ii) I have _____________ been to the USA. (Never / ever)
(iii) I have been to Australia just ___________ (one / once / ones)
(iv) I __________ take a bath before I go to bed. (once / always / ever)
(v) My grandparents live in Kerala. I visited them ____________ (once / often)
(vi) My friends are ______________ non-smokers. (Most / mostly)
(vii) I was _____ impressed with her performance. (Too / such / very)
(viii) I _________ go for a walk in the park. (Once / always / occasionally)
(ix) I watch English films (Once / always / occasionally)
(x) They go out. (Rare I once / rarely)
(i) I usually go to bed at 10 o’clock. (adverb of frequency)
(ii) I have never been to the USA. (frequency adverb)
(iii) I have been to Australia just once. (frequency)
(iv) I always take a bath before I go to bed. (frequency)
(v) My grandparents live in Kerala. I visited them often. (frequency)
(vi) My friends are mostly non-smokers. (focusing adverb)
(vii) I was very impressed with her performance. (degree adverb)
(viii I sometimes go for a walk in the park. (frequency adverb)
(ix) I watch English films occasionally. (frequency adverb)
(x) They rarely go out, (frequency adverb)

Adverb For Class 6
Question 2.
Fill in the blanks with suitable adverbs.
(i) Pihu has written a very beautiful poem.
(ii) We have never been to Bhopal earlier.
(iii) The Prime Minister visits Nepal next week.
(iv) The story, she told is quite interesting.
(v) Sagarika has recently returned from UK.
(vi) I will quickly finish with my work.
(vii) You can keep it anywhere in the room.
(viii) Dipti does her homework sincerely.
(ix) Dr Kalam used his resources sparingly.
(x) We should not pay attention to such stupid talks.
(i) very
(ii) never, earlier
(iii) next week
(iv) quite
(v) recently
(vi) quickly
(vii) anywhere
(viii) sincerely
(ix) sparingly
(x) such

Adverb Exercises Practice Examples for Class 6 CBSE

Class 6 Adverbs Worksheet
Question 1.
Underline the adverb in the following sentences.
(i) The man shouted loudly.
(ii) He arrived early. ,
(iii) The train has already left.
(iv) He drove carelessly.
(v) The students talked noisily.
(vi) The children are playing outside.
(vii) Let’s go now.
(viii) Tom spoke politely to his teacher.
(ix) Have you seen Anne’s cat anywhere?
(x) Come here!

Adverbs For Class 6
Question 2.
Fill in the blanks with suitable adverbs.
[quite, swiftly, very, badly, equally, regularly, well, ago, rudely, clearly]
(i) Sudha was a ___________ sincere student.
(ii) This job is very __________ done.
(iii) She comes here ___________ often.
(iv) Two years ___________ there was no such market here.
(v) We all missed you ___________.
(vi) You must attend the classes ___________.
(vii) Tanu is so young, but speaks very ___________.
(viii) The car ran ___________.
(ix) You should not talk __________ to anybody.
(x) Akbar treated his subject ___________.