Adverb Of Time Worksheet

This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Adverb of Time Worksheet Exercises for Class 3 with Answers CBSE PDF

Adverb of Time

  • Some adverbs tell us when an action takes place.
  • It tells the time of an action.
  • Late, early, yesterday, tomorrow are adverbs of time.

Adverb of Time Worksheet

Read the picture story.
Adverb Worksheet For Class 3

Adverb Of Time Worksheet With Answer
A. Answer the following questions as per the story.

1. When did the sister arrive from Kolkata? ___________
2. When are they planning to leave and come? ___________
3. When will be the sister leaving for her home? ___________

Adverb Of Time Worksheet For Grade 3
B. Complete the following sentences using appropriate verbs or adverbs.

1. I saw him ___________
a. yesterday
b. tomorrow

2. I ___________ your father tomorrow.
a. see
b. am seeing

3. My plane ___________ tomorrow.
a. leaves
b. left

4. I haven’t seen her ___________ Monday.
a. since
b. for

5. I went there ___________
a. yesterday
b. tomorrow

Adverb of Time Worksheet for Class 3 with Answers CBSE PDF

Adverb Of Time Worksheet For Class 3
A. Pick out adverbs from the following sentences. The first one has been done for you.

1. She will come soon. soon
2. The play will begin now. ___________
3. The boy came early. ___________
4. I will see him tomorrow. ___________
5. He has arrived today. ___________
6. The train will reach Delhi tomorrow. ___________
7. Your desire will be fulfilled soon. ___________
8. He also died soon after consuming it. ___________
9. Now let me bake a cake for my son. ___________
10. We should never fall into the hands of the moneylenders. ___________

Adverbs Of Time Worksheet
B. Write whether the underlined adverb is describing when, where, or how an action happens.

1. Rohit quickly ate his lunch. ___________
2. Neil often reads books about vampires. ___________
3. Oliver immediately came to the rescue. ___________
4. When will you come here to visit us? ___________
5. Molly slowly walked to the barber shop. ___________
6. Sometimes Varun goes to the museum. ___________
7. Please speak clearly. ___________