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An Overview of Agrochemicals

Chemicals which are used in agriculture for growth of plants and pest control are called agrochemicals or agrichemicals. Overuse of agrochemicals have been observed to generate residues that cause nutrient imbalance. In addition,

  1. May kill beneficial bacteria and soil organisms.
  2. Can cause eutrophication in water bodies.
  3. Affect aquatic animals and their productivity.
  4. Pesticide containing water, even in trace quantities is unfi for human consumption.
  5. Particles (aerosols) and residues of these chemicals cause air pollution.
  6. Inhalation of contaminated air can cause respiratory problems.
  7. Consumption can lead to poisoning, side effects and after effects.
  8. Chemicals can cause skin rashes and irritation of eyes.
  9. Many of these chemicals are reported to be carcinogenic.
  10. They can trigger hormonal disorders and neurotoxicity.
  11. Beneficial insects and animals can be affected.