Learn Biology Online – Definitions, Topics and Importance of Biology

Bio Botany – Chapters with Concepts

Asexual and Sexual Reproduction in Plants

Classical Genetics

Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance

Principles and Processes of Biotechnology

Plant Tissue Culture

Principles of Ecology


Environmental Issues

Plant Breeding

Economically Useful Plants and Entrepreneurial Botany

Diversity of Living World 

Plant Kingdom 

Vegatative Morphology 

Reproductive Morphology 

Taxonomy and Systematic Botany

Cell: The Unit of Life 

Cell Biology and Biomolecules 

Cell Biology and Biomolecules 

Tissue and Tissue System 

Secondary Growth 

Transport in Plants 

Mineral Nutrition 



Plant Growth and Development 

Bio Zoology – Chapters with Concepts

Reproduction in Organisms

Human Reproduction

Reproductive Health

Principles of Inheritance and Variation

Molecular Genetics


Human Health and Diseases

Microbes in Human Welfare

Applications of Biotechnology

Organisms and Population

Biodiversity and its Conservation

Environmental Issues

The Living World 

Kingdom Animalia 

Tissue Level of Organisation 

Organ and Organ Systems in Animals 

Digestion and Absorption 


Body Fluids and Circulation 


Locomotion and Movement 

Neural Control And Coordination 

Chemical Coordination and Integration 

Trends in Economic Zoology