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Scope of Zoology Science and its Importance

Studying Zoology can provide self employment opportunities and you can become an entrepreneur. Economic Zoology is a branch of science that deals with economically useful animals. It involves the study of application of animals for human welfare.

The need of Zoology is not just to improve our economic condition but also to provide food security and provide employment opportunities. Based on the economic importance, animals can be categorized as:

  • Animals for food and food products
  • Economically beneficial animals
  • Animals of aesthetic importance
  • Animals for scientific research

Zoology offers immense scope to a candidate who has done master’s degree in the subject. They can work as Animal Behaviourist, Conservationist, Wildlife Biologist, Zoo Curator, Wildlife Educator, Zoology faculty, Forensic experts, lab technicians, and Veterinarians.

Tools and Techniques in Biology:
Animal Physics

Structure and Function of Genes:
Animal Behaviour

Genetics Evolution:

Cell and Molecular Biology:

There are generally not a plethora of employment opportunities with a zoology degree, unless you have some connections and experience that have you ready to go. It is also not a lucrative field. However, if you have a passion to study animals or do related research, it’s a pathway.

B.Sc Zoology and B.Sc Botany are the two most popular B.Sc courses under Life Science. The scope of both B.Sc Zoology and B.Sc Botany is wide and can be a good option for candidates who want to go for research work in future that involves the study of living forms in the ecosystem.

Zoologists are also hired for zoos, wildlife services, botanical gardens, conservation organizations, national parks, nature reserves, universities, laboratories, aquariums, animal clinics, fisheries and aquaculture, museums, research, pharmaceutical Companies, veterinary hospitals, etc.

Chemistry has more scope than zoology and botany. If you want to pursue your career in teaching and in research then go for zoology and botany whereas in chemistry you have other scopes to work with Food manufacturing industries, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries also teaching and research.

They are both “hard”. There is a lot of science and math in each. However, both botany and zoology are broad topics covering many sub-subjects. If you enter university to study one or the other of these, you will probably narrow your interests, and probably your career, by the time you graduate.

Designing and conducting research projects and studies of animals. Studying the characteristics of animals and their behaviors. Collecting and analyzing biological data and specimens. Writing papers, reports, and articles that explain research findings.
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