Alphabetical Order Worksheets With Answers
This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Alphabetical Order Worksheet Exercises for Class 2 Examples with Answers CBSE PDF

Alphabetical Order Worksheet

  • What is the Alphabetical order?
  • When words are arranged in order according to the alphabet, it is called alphabetical order.
  • Alphabetical order is a way to sort a list. It makes it easier to find a name or a title in a list.

Example: Arrange the pictures in alphabetical order.
Alphabetical Order Worksheets With Answers For Class 2

Here, words are organized by their first letter. First comes A, then comes B, after that comes C and so on.

If all the words start with the same letter then the next letter is used.

  • The alphabetical order for
  • would be BAT, BET, BOAT.

Alphabetical Order Worksheet Class 2

Read the picture story.
Today is Maria’s birthday. Maria’s mother prepared a list of things required for her birthday party.

Happy Birthday! Maria. Let’s make a list of things for your birthday party.
Alphabetical Order For Class 2

“We need cake, candles, ¡ce cream, caps…” says Mumma. “Balloons and gifts too”, adds Maria.
Alphabetical Order Worksheets With Answers Pdf

Let me pen down the list of all the things. Balloons, Cake, Candles, Caps, I Ice cream, Gifts.
Alphabetical Order Worksheets For Class 2

Alphabetical Order Worksheet For Class 2
A. Answer the following questions.

1. Write the three things that start with letter C in alphabetical order from the story given above? _________________
2. Write at least five names of your friends whom you would like to invite to your birthday party in alphabetical order? _________________
3. From the list written by Maria’s mother, name the thing which would be at number three when arranged in alphabetical order by Maria’s mother? _________________

Alphabetical Order Class 2
B. Directions: Read each pair of words. Write the word which would come first in alphabetical order.


  • lostfound

1. runwalk – _________________
2. playsit – _________________
3. fastslow – _________________
4. happysmile – _________________
5. facearm – _________________
6. lookswim – _________________
7. jumpjog – _________________
8. typewater – _________________
9. friendfamily – _________________
10. standstill – _________________

Alphabetical Order Worksheets with Answers PDF for Grade 2 CBSE

Read the words in each row.

  • Write 1 in front of the word that would be first in alphabetical order.
  • Write 2 in front of the word that would be second in alphabetical order.
  • Write 3 in front of the word that would be last in the alphabetical oder. The first one has been done for you.

1 Cute
_____________ Cactus
_____________ Truck
_____________ Chase
_____________ Plane
_____________ Needs
2 Turtle
_____________ Plant
_____________ Jeep
_____________ Cats
_____________ Ship
_____________ Earth
3 Little
_____________ Grow
_____________ Car
_____________ Mice
_____________ Train
_____________ Respect