Article Writing For Class 9

To write an article the key points are:

  • good heading with a byline
  • good introduction
  • develop cause-effect relationship
  • comparison and contrast
  • conclusion.

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Article Writing Class 9 Format, Topics, Examples, Samples

Note that to write an article the above points should always be kept in mind.

Article Writing Solved Examples With Answers for Class 9 CBSE

Article Writing Class 9 Question 1.
With the coining of the rains, there has been an outbreak of malaria in your locality. Write a newspaper article explaining the dangers caused by the outbreak and the preventive measures that need to be undertaken. Write the article in about 100-150 words.

Heavy Rains Result in Malaria Outbreak
(your name)

The constant ram for the past few weeks has brought about an epidemic in the city. The coming of the rains marks not only a change in season and temperature but it also signifies the onset of a series of health issues. Public health officials have notified that because of the constant rain, mosquitoes have been found breeding in many parts of the city which has stagnant water and this has resulted in the outbreak of malaria.

Malaria is an infectious disease that is spread by mosquitoes. Symptoms include fever, fatigue, vomiting as well as headaches. Malaria can even lead to deaths. The city already has 27 confirmed cases of malaria victims and many patients have been kept under the provision.

Public health officials have notified the public to keep their surroundings clean and prevent water from stagnating in and around their homes. The public has also been advised to use mosquito repellents and if any one shows symptoms of malaria, they are requested to head straight to the hospital for treatment.

Article Writing Topics For Class 9 Question 2.
While going through your old school magazine, you found an interesting article by Ravi Jatav about what it would be like 5 years from now. Complete the magazine article by using your own ideas and thoughts. Write the article in about 100-150 words.

Five years from now
Ravi Jatav

We won’t be the same five years from now. Maybe you would have lost your Mohawk hairstyle and I, my love for guitar. Maybe five years from now I will have new friends or maybe I’ll still be with my old school friends. I keep thinking of what would happen after school and where will I be five years from now and this same thought is what makes us all anxious.

Being in school for all these years never prepares you for what’s next. Maybe it’s right to be anxious because one has to decide about what career to take up and where to go in life. By five years’ time, we would have made our choices and decisions.

Maybe five years from now I’ll be selected for an internship by a company I’ve always dreamed of working at and I would have never started pursuing this dream if I hadn’t been sleeping and dreaming in class.

Article Writing For Class 9 Topics Question 3.
You are interested in investing in a new housing complex that promises a green lifestyle. Write an article in 100-150 words on the need for green housing complexes. You may take help from the picture given.
Article Writing For Class 9

Need for Green Housing Complex
by: Anuj

Living in a concrete tower complex, much above ground level does not lead to environmental destruction if certain precautions are taken.

The buildings can be surrounded by ample green spaces like parks, walking tracks, water bodies, yoga, and related mind-body enhancement rooms. Terrace gardens on a few floors, a jogging track on the rooftop, and even tree plantings along boundary walls can help reduce noise pollution and provide oxygen.

Environmental measures of reduction, reuse, and recycle must be practised by adopting rainwater harvesting measures, as well as garbage collection for energy production, and the use of LED lights to serve the lighting needs. Green patches all over the place for people to walk bare-foot can also be considered as that provides as healing touch from mother earth.

Nearness to bus stops would reduce private car use while airy rooms and designed spaces inside homes, would create happy families so that living becomes healthy and energetic.

Article Writing Examples For Class 9 Question 4.
A rally was organised by the women of ‘Welfare Organisation’. All the women were holding banners such as

  • We are not weak
  • don’t treat us like this
  • reserve seats for women in colleges and parliament
  • grant women their due
  • stop harassment

Write an article on in 100-150 words on ‘The Sufferings of Indian Women’ for your school magazine. You are Suresh/Shivani of DAV Public School, New Delhi.

The Sufferings of Indian Women
by: Suresh

In Indian society, women have customarily been kept subservient to men. The traditional mindset gives preference to sons over daughters. Sex determination and female infanticide are common practices, even among the educated classes. Though women have been emerging as eminent writers, political leaders, High Court and Supreme Court judges, yet their ratio in comparison to men is negligible.

Though the Constitution grants equal rights to women, most of them are ignorant of these rights.

Women are still abused and exploited. Even educated working women are not able to stand up to their rights. The need of the hour is to change the patriarchal mindset. Women must be brought into the social and political mainstream for their economic, social and political development. The gap between legal rights and the attitude of society needs to be bridged. Women of India need to be empowered for a strong and healthy society.

Article Writing Format Class 9 Question 5.
Write a paragraph on each of the following: Electronic Waste and Environmental Pollution
Electronic waste and Environmental Pollution!

Electronic waste or E-waste means old or discarded appliances using electricity. It may include computers, cell phones, refrigerators, etc. that have been disposed of. The processing of electronic waste in developing countries causes serious health and pollution problems.

Fast technology change, low initial cost and usage of old items have resulted in continuous growth of electronic waste around the world. Expensive electronics are extremely difficult and expensive to recycle. Electronic waste includes toxic substances that can prove hazardous if not processed properly. Informal processing of it can lead to serious effects on human health and environmental pollution.

E-waste threatens the future technology. But reusing old appliances is also not a choice since not all old computers can be used by a second consumer. Therefore, recycling and remanufacturing are the current solution to control E-waste. Proper disposal of e-waste is also mandatory to address the issue of environmental pollution.

Article Writing Questions For Class 9 Question 6.
You are Mariam/Mayur. You see the following news item in a daily. Write an article in 100-150 words expressing your views on how to make the complex attractive for night tourism.
Tall Makeover for Qutab
In another month, the Qutab Minar complex will be opened to night tourism. Two months from then, a ? 50-lakh plan will transform the area.

Tall Makeover for Qutab Minar
by: Mariam

The opening of Qutab Minar to night visitors is a popular and an imaginative move. This project to transform the complex, needs to be backed by a comprehensive plan of development.

For a start, the parking lot should be spruced to create a satisfactory green cover around the complex. Flood-lit by night, it would create an illusion of a fairyland.

Likewise, the existing green belt along the road, can be converted into a convenient parking lot. The changeover will look more serene.

Another place that needs to be made convenience-oriented, is the ticket counter. Currently, there is no other utility around it. Perhaps a bookstore and a cafeteria would be a useful addition. With these amenities, visitors will have no regrets. With such facilities, the tourism will also get a boost and the Qutab Minar that stands tall as the tallest building of Delhi today will still stand taller!

Article For Class 9 Question 7.
Gagan sees the following scene as he looks out of his bedroom window. He is alarmed at the way his city has changed in the past five years. He writes an article for his city newspaper expressing his alarm and pain at the present situation and cautioning people against environmental pollution. Write the article in 100-150 words.
Article Writing Class 9
Smoking chimneys, burning tree leaves and wastes, smoke-spewing vehicles — the city almost dying. Year after year, the situation is deteriorating and if nothing is done against these hazards, conditions will worsen further.

Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy such as heat, light etc. The emergence of great factories and consumption of coal gas give rise to unprecedented are pollution.

People of the city are also to be blamed for inviting this situation upon themselves. People living in the vicinity, should form carpools to reduce traffic pollution.

People should form action committees and get closed factories that release poisonous gases as well as chemicals into the water. Residents should launch afforestation drives to make the city green. It is a good sign that the awareness to pollution has already given rise to the “Save Our Environment Movement”.

Class 9 Article Writing Question 8.
In 2010, the United Nations declared Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s birthday (15th October) as World Students’ Day. Write an article on the importance of the youth/young students in the making of a New India. (120-150 words)

Importance of the Youth/Young students in the making of a new India
by: ABC

Youth are the building blocks of the society. They are the miraculous power of any country and current hope of a mankind. They are a strong base that is required to form a new and better India. Youths have energy, new motives with wide perspective along with the capability to bring a wave of change in the silent sea. No one can match with the level and aura that young students can get in to form a New India.

It’s high time all these oldies took a backseat and allow young ones to come into the power. We have new ideologies and constructive views with a better vision. If we desire for success, prosperity, peace and safety to be accomplished, active participation of youth is a must. They are the one who can contribute their best by giving their best. Given the opportunity, they can work wonders.

All the issues can be easily overcome provided the entire youth power and resources are utilized under the guidance of dedicated leaders. We, youth, are invincible. Try us and we will conquer the world with integrity.

Article Class 9 Question 9.
Your neighbour’s daughter has been selected as Miss India this time. The local daily has asked you to file an article for the Neighbourhood Times on the homecoming of Miss India. Write the article in 100-150 words.

A Grand Welcome for Miss India
by: Varun

With the news of neighbour’s daughter’s selection as Miss India, welcome preparations had lasted throughout the night. The elders received her with flowers and the customary ritual, as she posed for photographs in her bejewelled Miss India crown and sash. It was a moment of pride not only for our neighbours but for the entire city. Speeches that were given in her honour talked of her hard work, will power and determination. She had won the hearts of billions across the nation and had now become a source of inspiration for many a teenager.

Flashlights and mobiles clicked scores of pictures in company with awestruck girls eager for pointers for the next contest. The boys, meanwhile, gave their Didi a pillion ride on their motorbikes to the nearest park, where a band played ‘Congratulations and Celebrations’ as they pushed her high up on a swing, drowning her cries for help with good-humoured laughter all around.

Articles For Class 9 Question 10.
This year during the coming summer vacations your parents have decided to skip the annual family holiday. To spend your time usefully, you decide to take up gardening as a hobby. Write an article in 100-150 words on what you perceive are the benefits of taking up such a hobby.

Benefits of Gardening as a hobby
by: Rama

On seeing the bare patch below our ground-floor flat becoming a dump yard for the community, I felt I had the right opportunity awaiting for me to do gardening there during my annual holiday.

Buying myself a simple set of tools, I asked the local park gardener to help me with planting a neem tree which sprouted new leaves within a week.

A positive effect of this gardening exercise is that I have begun to rise early and be outdoors tending and watering the patch, which is now grassed and trimmed with a small hedge.

It conceived in me a sense of purpose and confidence and it helped me make new friends, as pedestrians and passersby invariably stop to compliment my efforts and exchange a friendly chat.

Article Topics For Class 9 Question 11.
In groups of four, discuss in favour of or against the topic:
“New technology is common, New thinking is rare.”

New Technology is Common, New Thinking is Rare
by: Rama

I fully agree with the view that ‘new technology is common but new thinking is rare. In today’s technological era, new technologies have indeed made the life easier but they come with their own side effects. For example, smart phones have made most of the work easier to do but it has his disadvantages too. People don’t have the logical thinking to reap maximum benefits out of it but are using it without thinking of its negative effects.

We must understand that technology is more than just entertainment. It affects the way we think, learn, and interact; and to materialize this thought we must think innovatively as to how to use the technology for our benefit only not to harm us. We must find some innovative ways to deal with challenges of life rather than developing newer devices, leading to more problems.

Article Writing Class 9 Topics Question 12.
As part of your holiday project, you were asked to carry out a survey of a slum locality near your residence. You gathered the following information and created an analysis based on your findings. Using the information given below, write an article in 100-150 words on ‘Slum Woes’.
Article Writing Topics For Class 9

Slum Woes
by: Nidhi

The Ujaala-Umeed Colony, adjacent to the market, belies its name. It is a cluster of raw leather, plastic sheets and tin sheds that announces its presence with foul smell and civic apathy.

The first impression is of a constricted space teeming with people. Engaging with them one finds that 60% residents are migrants and 12% families are related by kinship or through village ties. They prefer living here as incomes are low, making room renting a distant dream. The main bread earners work in the nearby factories, construction sites (about 8%) or on road repair work (30%) and commute to the workplace by foot.

Battling disease, water shortage (15%), poor sewerage with 20% open drains and ill-lit road is their daily routine. With indifferent local representatives, these people seem like a forgotten race.

Article Writing For Class 9 With Answers Question 13.
The debating society is preparing for a prestigious inter-school debate competition. As student-in-charge of the debating society, write an article in 100—150 words on the general guidelines that must be followed when speaking on the stage.

Presentation Perfect
by: Gita

Symptoms like heart pounding, knees buckling and throats running dry, universally affect students speaking on stage. These problems can he allayed with a few remedial tips.

Besides rehearsing the written matter, familiarity with the equipment is essential. The mike should be tested before you start speaking, and the lap top keyed on, to ensure that the projections are symmetrical, and the right keys pressed to get the image on screen.

The pace of speaking must be rehearsed beforehand, with contents neither raced through, nor interrupted with dramatic questioning. Also, anticipating a few questions and preparing their answers, ensures that you do not fumble during the rebuttal round. A very important point to remember is to constantly maintain an eye-contact with the audience.

Then confidently walk to the stage with a spring in your step. The rest will follow smoothly.

Articles Class 9 Question 14.
You have experienced a very hot summer this year. Taking ideas from the hints given, write an article in 100-150 words for your school magazine on ‘Why is it Warmer in the Cities and What can be done to Improve the Environment in the Cities’. Give a suitable heading to your article.

  • buildings are a city’s wind brakes
  • heat from the streets/vehicles
  • exhausts and fumes from factories/homes/cars, etc.
    Article Writing For Class 9 Topics


City Environment
by: Vishwesh

City temperatures remain high for a number of reasons. The concentration of tall buildings disrupts the airflow while a Greenhouse Effect is created by the emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases. The vehicular exhausts, gases and fumes that hang over the city trap the heat in. Concrete buildings and roads absorb heat and release it at night. Smoke from factories, homes, vehicles, etc. also makes the atmosphere warm.

Since hot air is not able to rise, the temperature in the city soars high. In recent years, all possible efforts have been made to restore the normal environment in the cities. Conversion to CNG and phasing out of polluting vehicles are steps taken to sustain the congenial environment in the cities. Planting more trees, holding environmental awareness campaigns, barring the heavy vehicles such as trucks from entering the city are also some more measures taken up by the government to help the city environment.

Article Writing Class 9th Question 15.
More and more people are now used to carrying mobile phones to their workplaces. However, the use of mobile phones can be dangerous at times. Write an article in 100-150 words on ‘Mobile Culture — The Ethics’. Take hints from the information given.
Don’t use mobiles…

  • while driving
  • at petrol pumps
  • inside an aircraft
  • when in ICU
  • if you are near a heart patient or someone who has a pacemaker


Mobile Culture — The Ethics
by: Shailender

Like other gifts of science, the mobile phone is being misused. It has become a toy in the hands of people—a means to display their status.

One needs to understand that a mobile phone is essentially an object of utility or a necessity and not a plaything. Students ought not to carry the mobile phone in the classroom as it is a distraction. While driving, one needs to keep it switched off as it can make the driver lose his or her concentration. At public places, it should be kept on the vibration mode and one must be brief while talking.

Its overuse can be hazardous to health. There have been numerous cases of young deaths where the boys and girls have been walking on railway tracks with headphones on resulting in their deaths when not listening to the sounds of the approaching trains. One needs to clearly draw a line between the use and misuse of mobile phones.

Article Questions For Class 9 Question 16.
As President of the Tagore Society at school, you learned that this year marks the 90th anniversary of Tagore’s visit to Argentina. You have been invited by the Argentine Embassy to send in an article in 100-150 words on the topic for publication in the embassy newsletter.

Tagore in Argentina
by Preet Singh

It was the 90th anniversary of Tagore’s visit to Argentina. Argentina Embassy in India was celebrating the anniversary to make the occasion. I would like to recall that ‘Gitanjali’ had just won the Nobel Prize, Tagore’s name was known in literary circles and one of his fans, Victoria Ocampo, immediately offered to house him at her villa. But Victoria’s parents were unwilling to pay for Tagore’s accommodation. Ultimately, Victoria sold her precious pearl necklace to buy a charming villa by the river Plate in the suburb of San Isidro.

During the two-month stay, Victoria discovered the essence of Tagore’s poetry and its connection to the mysterious human spirit in the mankind. Thus, Tagore got highly applauded in Argentina.

Article Writing Format Cbse Class 9 Question 17.
There is a widespread craze for junk food among the youth. They are consuming junk food at an alarming rate which harms their health. Based on the clues given below, write an article in 100-150 words for your school magazine highlighting the harmful effects of junk food and how to avoid it.

  • Unhealthy & unhygienic
  • Cause of obesity & diseases
  • Popular as cheap & tasty
  • lacks in essential nutrients [CBSE 2014]


Harmful Effects of Junk Food
by: Mithilesh

It is found that the youth today are crazy to consume junk foot at random. They hardly bother to think that junk food would take a toll on their health. In fact, they should understand that junk food like pizza, burger, chowmein, etc. are not healthy food, in spite of being cheap, tasty, and popular. According to many case studies, junk food consumers suffer from obesity and heart diseases. So, healthy eating habits should be developed among the youth to enjoy good health.

The parents have a great role to play in this case Unfortunately, they also encourage children to have junk food as it is convenient and popular. It is important to know how such food items lack in essential nutrients. If junk food is replaced by a healthy diet with rich nutrients, the youth can be healthy physically and mentally and can prove the old adage right that “A sound body has a sound mind”.