Articles Worksheet For Class 3Articles are used to indicate the number of singular nouns (a, an) and to specify which noun is being talked about (the). A and an are indefinite articles. They are used to refer to a singular countable noun in general or for the first time.

Basic English Grammar rules can be tricky. In this article, we’ll get you started with the basics of sentence structure, punctuation, parts of speech, and more.

Worksheet Exercise on Articles for Class 3 CBSE with Answers PDF

There are two types of articles: the definite article (the) and the indefinite articles (a, an).

We usually use the indefinite article ‘a’ ‘an’, first to mention some person or thing. By doing that, we don’t have to be clear about which particular person or thing we are referring to. When we refer to the same person or the thing again, we use the definite article the to indicate the person or the thing already mentioned. There are times when we don’t have to use any one of the articles. Such a situation is called zero article,

Articles Worksheet Exercises for Class 3

  • A and An are used to introduce a noun word.
  • We use A and An to talk about one person, animal or thing.
  • We use ‘A’ when the first letter of the noun is consonant.
  • We use ‘An’ when the first letter of the noun is a vowel.
  • ‘The’ is used before a special noun.
  • We use ‘A’ before words that begin with u and eu when they sound like ‘You’. Examples: a uniform, a eucalyptus etc.
  • We use ‘An’ before the silent ‘h’. Examples: an honest man, an hour etc.
  • ‘The’ is also used before a noun word that has been mentioned, introduced or discussed earlier.

Articles Exercises for Class 3 with Answers PDF

Articles For Class 3
A. Circle the correct article in each sentence.

1. Dad wears a/an old pair of shoes to work in the yard.
2. I had a/an banana for lunch.
3. My family brought a/an blanket to the football game.
4. Alex had a/an birthday party for my grandfather.
5. She used a/an exit sign to help find her way out of the building.

Article Worksheet For Class 3
B. Complete these passages by filling in A, An and The correctly.

1. ___________ tortoise and ___________ hare were neighbours. One day hare challenged. ___________ tortoise to ___________ race. Tortoise won ___________ race.

2. I have ___________ dog and ___________ parrot for pets ___________ dog is always quiet but ___________ parrot is noisy.

Article Exercise For Class 3
C. Write the correct article (a or an) for each noun.

1. ___________ eucalyptus
2. ___________ anniversary
3. ___________ rooster
4. ___________ egg kangaroo
5. ___________ apple
6. ___________ quarter
7. ___________ toothbrush spoon
8. ___________ afternoon
9. ___________ sini ni

More about Articles Exercises for Class 3 CBSE with Answers

Articles Worksheet

  • We use the before superlatives.
    Example:- Mt. Everest is the highest peak.
  • We use the before Ordinals.
    Example:- This is the first time I have seen the rocket.
    He came to visit me the next day.
  • We use the with a noun such as earth, moon, sky.
    Example:- The Earth revolves around the Sun.
  • We use the with the names of river, lakes, oceans and mountains.
    Example:- The Himalayas, The Pacific
  • We use the with the names of holy books and newspaper.
    Example:- The Tribune, The Ramayana
  • We use the with the names of well known buildings and monuments.
    Example: The White House, The Taj Mahal

Articles Worksheet Class 3

Read the picture story.
Articles Worksheet For Class 3 With Answers

Answer the following questions according to the story.

1. Which is the most famous monument in India? ____________
2. Which river lies next to the Taj Mahal? ____________
3. Name the title given to this historical place. ____________

Articles Paragraph Exercises with Answers PDF for Class 3 CBSE

Article For Class 3
A. Complete the story with ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’.

Yesterday I was sitting in ____________ train when I saw ____________ strange man walking around the platform. He came into the carriage of ____________ train where I was sitting. He sat in the seat just opposite to me. On ____________ front page of ____________ newspaper, there was ____________ picture of bank robber. The words under ____________ picture were: ‘Wanted by the police’. It was ____________ same man!

Worksheet On Articles For Class 3
B. There is a mistake in each of these sentences. Underline the mistake and rewrite the sentence correctly.

1. Sumit will meet us in a hour and a half.

2. A old man met a young woman.

3. The aeroplane flew into a sky.

4. A Ganga is the holiest river in India.

5. A Indian is known for his hospitality.

6. A French are famous for their fashionable clothes.

7. A Red Fort is situated in Delhi.

8. He travelled around a world.

9. He is as brave as the lion.

10. She is as wise as the owl.

Articles Class 3
C. Fill in the blanks with correct articles.

1. _____________ Koshi river originates in Himalayas and flows into _____________ Indian ocean.
2. Mohan was _____________ first to arrive and Mita was _____________ last.
3. _____________ boy who is wearing _____________ cap is _____________ best football player in _____________ school-team.
4. _____________ Moon is _____________ satellite of Earth while _____________ Sun is star.
5. I have read _____________ Mahabharat and _____________ Bible but I haven’t read _____________ Quoran.
6. _____________ Whitehouse is famous building in _____________ USA.
7. _____________ shirt which I wore yesterday was given to me by my sister.
8. I will go shopping tomorrow. I will buy cap, _____________ nice dress and _____________ pair of shoes.