Can And May Worksheets With Answers
This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Can and May Worksheet Exercises for Class 3 CBSE with Answers

Can and May

  • We use can to say that someone is able to do something.
  • We use may to ask if a person is allowed to do something and to tell someone that they are allowed to do something.
  • We use may to talk about things that are possible or likely.

Can and May Worksheet

Read the picture story.
Can And May Worksheets Pdf

Can Cannot Should Should Not Worksheet For Class 3
A, Answer the following questions as per the story,

1. What advice does Parul give to Ravi? ____________
2. What permission does Ravi take from Parul? ____________
3. What does Parul offer Ravi? ____________

Can And May Worksheets For Grade 3
B. Fill in the blanks using Can’ or May’.

1. My teacher ____________ recite 24 poems.
2. Amit and Sumit ____________ attend the private party.
3. Grandmother ____________ eat when she comes out of surgery.
4. My brother ____________ kick a football across the whole field.
5. My dad says I ____________ sleep at my friend’s house tonight.
6. My teacher said I ____________ participate in the show.
7. Your cousin Beenu ____________ whistle.

Can and May Worksheets with Answers for Class 3 CBSE PDF

May And Can Worksheet
A. Rewrite the following sentences using ‘can’.

1. Mohan was able to lift the heavy box.

2. I will not be able to help you next week.

3. They were able to walk long distances.

4. You are not able to do this easily.

B. Rewrite the following sentence using ‘may’.
1. It is possible for her to get the license.

2. It is possible for them to arrive soon.

3. It is possible for me to be absent tomorrow.

4. It is possible to rain today.