Students can access the CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English with Solutions and marking scheme Term 2 Set 10 will help students in understanding the difficulty level of the exam.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 10 for Practice

Time Allowed: 2 Hours
Maximum Marks: 40

General Instructions:

  • The Question Paper contains THREE sections-READING, WRITING and LITERATURE.
  • Attempt questions based on specific instructions for each part.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 10 for Practice

Section – A
Reading (14 Marks)

Question 1.
Read the passage given below:

‘Birds of a feather flock together is an old maxim. The teenagers too behave in a similar fashion and are hence more influenced by their peers than by elders. This is quite natural, for the teenager’s mind is impressionable and is influenced by their peers in school or college. So great is this influence that there is a perceptible change

5. in their behaviour and personality as soon as they enter college. The teenagers try to emulate their peers in the dress they wear, their hairstyle, clothes, language and behaviour so much that their personality gets completely transformed.

This happens because they directly relate with them, being in the same age group and class. Quite often, they idolize their peers and have them as their role models.

10. The same is not the case with the adults, whom they perceive as old fashioned and irrelevant. This is on account of the ever-increasing generation gap, which exists between today’s youth and elders.

The teenagers spend most of their time with their peer group and then with adults. It is therefore quite natural for them to imbibe the values, culture and the behaviour of the group. They often succumb to peer pressure and do things that they would.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 10 for Practice

15. not normally do like smoking, abusing, etc. Some under the influence of peer pressure improve their academic performance, or sporting skills, while others take to drugs and crime. For the momentary thrill and adventure it entails.

The influence of peers is also greater because they feel more comfortable and reassuring in their company. This is contrary to the awkwardness they feel, when.

20. interacting with adults, whom they perceive as old and stern. Shrewd market men exploit this behavioural characteristic to promote the sale of products targeted for them. Thus, we find products like motorcycles, dresses, cosmetics and even lifestyle products being endorsed by peers. They soon become a craze with the teenagers. This in itself is ample proof of the profound influence of the peers on the.

25. teenagers. This influence will increase, with increasing materialistic values permeating the society. It is because of this, parents ensure that they have the right peers in school and college, so that they do not get distracted in their life.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 10 for Practice

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY EIGHT questions from the nine given below. (1 x 8)

(A) Cite a point in evidence, from the text, to suggest that the teenagers’ minds are impressionable. (1)

(B) State any one trait of the ‘market men’ that is evident from lines 18-26.

(C) Parents want to be sure that their teenagers have good peers. Why do they want so? (1)

(D) Why does the writer say that teenagers succumb to peer pressure? (1)

(E) Rewrite the given sentence by replacing the underlined phrase with another one, from lines 20 – 25.

Teenagers should understand hat doing drugs is just a temporary excitement but an everlasting damage to the body and mind. (1)

(F) What does the use of the phrase ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ suggest in the context of teenagers? (1)

(G) Select a suitable phrase from lines 21-28 to complete the following sentence appropriately.

Pop stars have a ………….. in the young generation. (1)

(H) Teenagers imitate their peers a lot. In what ways do they copy them? (1)

(I) Analyse how can parents control the changes in the behavior of their teenagers under peer pressure. (1)

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 10 for Practice

Question 2.
Read the passage given below:

India’s Labour market is the second-largest in the world, after China, with a working-age population of about 520 miLLion people. In 10 gears, it is expected to be the world’s largest as China’s population aged 15 to 64 drops from 20.5 to 18.3 per cent.

5. While this positive demographic growth should be advantageous for business, only a small portion of India’s working age population is actually engaged in the formal workforce. The primary reason being that barely one in four women are part of the country’s workforce. Today, industry estimates show that women in India only make up five to six per cent of directorships at most listed companies; this after amendments to the Companies Act mandated at least one woman on company boards.

10. These figures underline the highly distorted nature of India’s labour market where women hold 45 per cent of university degrees but are either denied employment opportunities or experience much slower career growth trajectories due to gender-based discrimination.

India has the lowest female labour force participation rate in its neighbourhood.

15. The overall rate of female labour force participation declined as the Indian economy opened up, urbanised, and diversified with the growth of new industries, unlike most other regions in the world. In fact, rapid growth experienced by the US and China in the past century illustrates how improving the gender balance in the workforce contributes to a nation’s economic growth. Female labour force participation is 56 per cent in the US and 64 per cent in China.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 10 for Practice

20. The above correlation is also strengthened by a 2017 IMF study, which states that increasing the female labour force participation will grow India’s GDP by an estimated 27 per cent. Contrast this with the projections made by the government’s big idea reforms ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’, which aim to boost India’s growth by 16 per cent and 5 per cent, respectively.

25. Yet, GDP goals aside, the gender imbalance in India’s workforce stunts future prospects for inclusive growth in the country. It deprives women and girls from role models in the workplace, reduces their motivation to study further, and perpetuates unhealthy socio-cultural attitudes. Leaving out one half of the population from its workforce will also prolong India’s status as a developing country.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY SIX out of the seven questions given below. (1 x 6)

(A) What does the researcher mean by ‘barely one in four women are part of the country’s workforce? (1)

(B) Why was this survey on ‘Female Workforce Participation Rate’ under-taken? (1)

(C) With reference to the given table, write one conclusion about Indian female participation in workforce. (1)

(D) What can be concluded by Nepal’s data of women participation in workforce, with reference to the given information? (1)

(E) There is an unhealthy socio-cultural Attitude in india. Substantiate.

(F) What does the researcher mean by ‘distorted nature’ in Indian labour market? (1)

(G) Identify a word from the lines 9-18 indicating the structure of population. (1)

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 10 for Practice

Section – B
Writing (8 Marks)

Question 3.
Draft an informal invitation to invite your family and friends on the occasion of marriage of your elder sister. Prepare the invite card giving necessary details in not more than 50 words. (3)

Question 4.
Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below.

(A) Write a job application letter in 120-150 words for the post of receptionist advertised in a national newspaper by Aparna Communications, 21 Meera Road, Mumbai. You are Smita Iyer, a resident of 102, Rose villa Apt., Andheri (E), Mumbai.


(B) You are Harish/Harsha Chandwani, Sports Secretary, DAV International. Last week, an inter-school cricket match was played on your school ground. Write a report in about 120-150 words on the match to be given in the school magazine, covering all the essential details like a three-day match, thrilling final match, winner decided on last ball, nail-biting match, etc. (5)

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 10 for Practice

Section – C
Literature (18 Marks)

Question 5.
Answer ANY FIVE of the six questions given below, with in 40 words each. (2 x 5)

(A) Why did the peddler not tell the ironmaster that he was not Nib Olof, his comrade? (2)

(B) Rojkumar ShukLa was resolute. Justify the given statement.

You may begin your answer like this:
Rajkumar Shukla wanted to take Gandhiji aLong with him to Champaran ………. (2)

(C) What are the ‘ordeals’ Aunt Jennifer is surrounded by, why is it significant that the poet uses the word ‘ringed’? Explain. (2)

(D) BriefLy convey the message of the poem, ‘A Thing of Beauty’. (2)

(E) What were the contents of the small brown suitcase that McLeery carried? (2)

(F) As told by Mr Lamb, why did a man lock himself up in his room and what happened to him? Validate. (2)

Question 6.
Answer ANY TWO of the following in about 120 words each. (4 x 2)

(A) According to Keats, men’s evil ways of life has made his life full of miseries and dilemmas. Comment. (4)

(B) The Champaran episode is considered to be the beginning of the Indian struggle for independence. Explain the chapter ‘Indigo’ in the light of this statement. (4)

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 10 for Practice

(C) Mr Lamb was a person who appreciated nature and its bounties. Do you agree? Substantiate with reference to text. (4)