Students can access the CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English with Solutions and marking scheme Term 2 Set 7 will help students in understanding the difficulty level of the exam.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 7 with Solutions

Time Allowed: 2 Hours
Maximum Marks: 40

General Instructions:

  • The Question Paper contains THREE sections-READING, WRITING and LITERATURE.
  • Attempt questions based on specific instructions for each part.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 7 with Solutions

Section – A
Reading (14 Marks)

Question 1.
Read the passage given below:

We live in an era where it is difficult to miss fast and junk food and the rise in teenage obesity and related health issues due to it. During teenage, weight gain is normal but when it goes beyond control, the person becomes obese. Our body requires energy to function, which is derived from the food we eat but when the intake of food becomes more than the amount that the body requires, the

5. excess energy is stored as body fat. Contemporary lifestyle sees an increasing consumption of junk food and spending time watching television and playing computer games. Overeating along with lack of physical exercise are the major causes Leading to teenage obesity. Large intakes of high-calorie food and low-nutrient food leads to unnecessary weight gain. Besides these,

10. obesity can also be genetically inherited where some people have the genetic tendency to burn calories more slowly compared to others. Stress is also a reason for obesity where people resort to overeating to alleviate their stress.

Teenage obesity is growing immensely and has been named an ‘obesity epidemic’. A number of health issues arise out of it like diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, sleeping disorders, hormonal imbalance, and asthma. Along with these, obesity can also.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 7 with Solutions

15. result in psychological problems like low self-esteem due to the constant jeering of peers. Obese teens are more prone to being teased and physically bullied compared to others of their age.

Therefore, it is necessary to control excessive weight gain. Inactivity is the major cause of obesity and regular exercise is the best way to control it. Physical activity like jogging, swimming and playing outdoor games can help to keep one fit. A balanced diet with lots of

20. vegetables, fruits and whole grains is also essential. Junk food and soft drinks should be substituted with lots of vegetables, fruit and whole grains in the diet. Drinking around 8-10 glasses of water also helps to reduce calorie intake.

Parents have an important role in controlling teenage obesity as they should try to set examples by following a healthy diet and leading a healthy lifestyle. A combined effort.

25. of the parents and kids can help to control this eating disorder.

Based on gour understanding of the passage, answer ANY EIGHT questions from the nine given below. (1 x 8)

(A) Cite a point in evidence, from the text, to suggest that the reason why writer feels it is difficult for the teenagers to avoid junk food. (1)

(B) State any one emotion that is evident from lines 10-15 which leads to the problem of over-eating in teenagers. (1)

(C) The writer says that obesity leads to low self-esteem due to ‘constant jeering of peers’. What does it mean? (1)

(D) Why does the writer say that there is an ‘obesity epidemic’? (1)

(E) Rewrite the given sentence by replacing the underlined phrase with another one, from lines 10 – 20. (1)

The anchor of a ship is used to hold the immense mass of the ship at a place in water.

(F) What does the use of the word ‘alleviate’ suggest in the context of stress? (1)

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 7 with Solutions

(G) Select a suitable phrase from lines 15-25 to complete the following sentence appropriately.

I agree that the success of the project is truly a. (1)

(H) Even if a teenager follows a good diet, he can still get obese. How do you think it may happen? (1)

(I) Analyse the problems that obesity might lead to. (1)
(A) In the passage, the writer feels that it is difficult for the teenagers to avoid junk food because of their contemporary lifestyle, the increase in spending time watching television and playing computer games.

(B) Stress is an emotion that leads to over-eating in teenagers as they would eat food more often in order to reduce the feeling of stress.

(C) Obesity in young age often results in mocking and teasing by the people of same age. Obese children are mocked for their overweight and this leads to low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

(D) The writer calls obesity an ‘epidemic’ because it is spreading at a very fast pace in teenagers and a large number of children are being affected by it.

(E) Control excessive weight

(F) The word ‘alleviate’ means to Lessen or reduce. So, for some people, overeating works as a stress buster as it alleviates the stress they feel.

(G) combined effort

(H) For some teenagers, obesity comes with heredity as it is transferred through genetics to people. So, sometimes, even if a teenager follows a good diet, he may still be obese due to heredity.

(I) As given in the passage, obesity may lead to other health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalance, etc.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 7 with Solutions

Question 2.
Read the passage given below:

The conflict between people takes the form of assertiveness, aggression and violence. It is fuelled by many factors including greed, selfishness, desire, jealousy, envy, fear, hate, and lust for power. From the perspective of yogic philosophy, these fuels for conflict are all caused by the clouding of our perception called ‘avidya’. Because of ‘avidya’ we do not recognise our true 5. spiritual kinship with other people, and we are prone to experience those fuels of conflict. These fuels are widely varied, but have one commonality; experience of any of these emotions or desires is done from the perspective. People who feel these emotions want more or less of something for themselves, as compared to what they see in other people. These people do not identify with others but feel separated from them, left out or isolated.

10. Two powerful tools exist to reduce the effect of these “fuels” within ourselves: cultivating the right attitude, and behaving in constructive ways. Some of us feel envious or jealous when we see another who is happy, successful or content. We may feel disgust or even hatred at the sight of a drifter or a drug addict. We need a change in attitude, a

15. change that will help us purify our minds and become more peaceful. We should practise being pleased when we see someone who is happy. We should try to be compassionate towards those in misery, and be joyful to see the virtues of another. In cultivating this attitude, we become more accepting of the world and more peaceful towards others. Non-possessiveness can be practiced, as can contentment.

20. The behavior-how we act includes both how we treat others, and how we treat ourselves. To become satisfied in our lives and more peaceful in our treatment of others, we should practice non-violence, truthfulness and non-stealing. These qualities help us become happier in our lives and less aggressive towards others. We should decide what is proper here. Practicing meditation is also known to reduce stress and increase happiness.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 7 with Solutions

25. A study was conducted to examine how meditation frequency (from daily to nonpractice) is related to greater happiness, and how dispositional mindfulness and self-compassion could be mediating this relationship. Correlation analyses were conducted for the frequency of meditation practice, dispositional mindfulness (FFMQ), self-compassion (SCS-SF) and happiness (PFH). The results from the data collected by 365 participants through a survey showed 30. that the mindfulness and self-compassion scales were positively and significantly correlated with the happiness measure. Furthermore, as expected, the frequency of meditation was positively and significantly correlated with the mindfulness scales, the self-compassion scales and happiness.

Frequency of mediation Happiness
Mindfulness scales
Observing .445** .387**
Describing .210** .398**
Acting with awareness .137** .347**
Non-judging .327** .391**
Non-reactivity .442** .499**
FFMQ total score .441** .555**
Self-compassion scales
Self-kindness .377** .598**
Common humanity .344** 558**
Mindfulness .421** .546**
SCS total score 424** .630**
Happiness .222**

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY SIX out of the seven questions given below. (1 x 6)

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 7 with Solutions

(A) What does the writer mean by ‘spiritual kinship’? (1)
(B) Why was this survey on ‘meditation frequency’ undertaken? (1)
(C) With reference to the table, write one conclusion about the relatability of meditation, self-compassion and mindfulness. (1)
(D) What can be concluded by ‘self-kindness’ data with reference to the table? (1)
(E) People experience emotions from “I” perspective. Substantiate. (1)
(F) Write an example to make people learn that a change in our attitude can change somebody’s life? (1)
(G) Identify a word from lines 1-5 indicating a sharing of characteristics. (1)
(A) By ‘spiritual kinship’, the writer means the connection of people based on soul or spiritual goodness, rather than physical goodness.

(B) The survey in the passage was taken on ‘meditation frequency’ to learn how meditation helps people to increase their happiness levels and how mindfulness and compassion mediates with it.

(C) As per the table, the mindfulness and self-compassion scales are positively and significantly correlated with the happiness measure in a person.

(D) The table shows that people are most happy when they are kind and easy on themselves.

(E) People often experience the emotions from their own perspective. They seldom think from the perspective of other people and feel that they deserve the greatest things in life and not others.

(F) The best example is the change in our attitude due for a drug addict. When we come across a drug addict, we should not hate him, rather should help him come out of that deadly addiction. Our empathy will increase the addicts’ hope and desire to come clean.

(G) kinship

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 7 with Solutions

Section – B
Writing (8 Marks)

Question 3.
You are Akshay/Akshita Dixit, living at 2-A, Saket Colony, Varanasi. You are planning to host a grand family dinner on the occasion of Diwali. Draft a formal invitation in not more than 50 words to invite all the family members to attend the dinner. (3)
The Dixits
2-A, Saket Colony
17th September 20XX

Dear all
We request the pleasure of your precious company at the Grand Family Dinner on the lovely occasion of Diwali this year. The family dinner will take place on Monday, the 23rd of September, 20XX, 8.00 p.m. onwards at our residence. You are all requested to mark the dinner with your lovely presence.

Yours affectionately
Akshay/Akshita Dixit
The Dixit Family
Ph.: 989765xxxx

Caution :
Students often get confused when asked to write an invitation in the form of a letter. Do keep in mind that a formal invitation can be written in both formats: card or in the form of a letter.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 7 with Solutions

Question 4.
Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below.
(A) You have read an advertisement in The Tribune for the post of Chartered Accountant in DXL Solutions Ltd., Aligarh. You believe you possess the requisite qualifications and experience and would prove to be an asset to the company. Apply for the post giving your complete bio-data stressing your suitability. You are Shreya/Shreyas Jain, 1/10, Mangalam Apt., Ring Road, Aligarh.
(B) You are Vinneta/Vijay Shrama. As a correspondent for the Hindustan Times, Indore, write a report in about 120-150 words for a newspaper regarding the arrest of a gang of motorbike lifters operating in your city, covering all the important details like vehicle lifting in market area parking lots, gang of young men, caught red-handed, police on high alert, selling of vehicles as scraps or otherwise, etc.
1/10, Mangalam Apt. Ring Road
21st October 20XX
The HR Manager
DXL Solutions Ltd.

Subject: Application for the post of Chartered Accountant

This is in response to your advertisement in The Tribune dated 19th October 20XX, I wish to offer my candidature for the position mentioned above.

I am an ICWA certified CA from 20XX batch and have been serving in Sitaram Furniture Pvt. Ltd, Aligarh as a Chartered Accountant for the Last five years. My professional skills are quite perfect as I deal with the business entries and balance sheet calculation management efficiently. I have gained a lot of experience over these past five years which is a bonus.

I believe that my qualifications and work experience, are good enough to enable me to discharge my duties at your reputed office. I assure you that if selected, I shall work with utmost sincerity and devotion.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Shreya/Shreyas Jain

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 7 with Solutions


Name : Shreya/Shreyas Jain
Fothers Name : Mr. M.D. Jain
Address : 1/10, Mangalam Apt. Ring Road, Aligarh
Date of Birth : 23rd February, 19XX
Educational Qualifications :
(i) B.Com. (Hons.) in the year 20XX with 78%
(ii) CA in 20XX
(iii) CFA in 20XX

Experience : CA in Sitaram Furniture Pvt. Ltd for five years.
Salarj Expected : 70,000 p.m. + perks
MaritaL Status : Married
Languages : known Hindi, English, Urdu
References :

  • Dr. Indra Patel, Director, Sitaram Furniture Pvt Ltd., Aligarh, 9891xxxxxxx
  • Dr. Khan, H.O.D. Commerce, AMU, Aligarh, 9231xxxxxx


Vehicle Lifters of the City Caught

By Vineeta/Vijay Sharma, Staff Correspondent,
The Hindustan Times

Indore, 13th November, 20XX: A gang of unknown motorbike lifters stealing vehicles from the parking lots of the market places in the city was arrested on 12th November, 20XX at Radhi Bazar Parking lot at Jay Conventional Center, Indore. The gang of five young men was caught lifting a white Gixxer 280 RC parked at the lot when the Police got there. The motorbike owner Gyan Praksah, was informed about the activity when he reported about his missing vehicle at the nearest Police Station. Gyan Prakash thanked Police on catching the thieves red-handed and saving his motorbike.

Mr Rahim Khan, the Inspector of Police, said that the police were on high alert since Last week as the number of motorbikes being Lifted from the lot had increased rapidly. The robbers are said to belong to Pitwa, a district in Indore, M.P. They said that they all are local motorbike mechanics so they used to sell the parts of vehicles in the local markets at good prices and enjoy with the money obtained.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 7 with Solutions

Section – C
Literature (18 Marks)

Question 5.
Answer ANY FIVE of the six questions given below, with in 40 words each. (2 x 5)
(A) How were Shukla and Gandhiji received in Rajendra Prasad’s house? (2)
(B) The peddler signed himself as “Captain Von Stahle”. Identify the reason behind peddler’s decision with respect to the context. (2)
You may begin your answer like this:
The peddler was a destitute rattrap seller. He was never treated with
(C) According to Keats, do we experience things of beauty only for short moments or do they make a lasting impression on us? (2)
(D) Rationalize the picture of male chauvinism (tyranny) that we find in the poem, ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers’. (2)
(E) On the day of the examination, with what excuse •J’d Evans keep Stephens out of his cell? What was the actual reason? (2)
(F) Derry used to hate the consolation that people gave him. Highlight the consolation that people used to give when they saw his acid burnt face. (2)
(A) When Rajkumar Shukla took Gandhiji to Dr Rajendra Prasad’s house to meet the latter, they found that he was out of the town. The servants of his house looked down upon them and mistook Gandhiji to be one of the poor peasants for his simple appearance. They didn’t even allow him to draw water from the well as they thought him to be an untouchable.

(B) The peddler was a destitute rattrap seller. He was never treated with respect and compassion by anyone earlier. So, when Edla Willmanson treated him with the honour that was meant for a real Captain, even after knowing that the peddler was not the one, the peddler returned the same respect and gesture he received, to Edla behaving like a Captain. Thus, he signed himself as Captain Von Stahle.

(C) In the poem, Keats has repeated a notion, i.e. ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever.’ By this, he meant that the effect of a beautiful thing doesn’t fade away with time. It is permanent and everlasting.

(D) The society that we live in is a male- dominated one. Aunt Jennifer is a typical submissive housewife who has to follow her husband’s ordeals unwillingly all the time. Her husband tyrannizes her and reflects a true picture of male chauvinism as he keeps Aunt oppressed and dominated by him.

(E) Evans said he was unable to concentrate on his exam with Stephens literally breathing down his neck. So, he wanted Stephens to be out of his cell. However, the actual reason was that Evans wanted to execute his escape plan.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 7 with Solutions

(F) When people saw Derry’s acid burnt face, they tried to console him by saying that looks do not matter. Derry hated the sympathy showed to him as he knew that he would continue to look like a ‘monstrous beast’ forever.

Question 6.
Answer ANY TWO of the following in about 120 words each. (4 x 2)
(A) Analyse the symbols and poetic devices employed by Adrienne Rich in the poem ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers’. Write your answer in about 120-150 words. (4)

(B) After a long session of dilemmas, Gandhiji agree to a settlement of 25% refund to the farmers. What according to you was important for Gandhiji – the amount refunded or the damaged British prestige? Examine Gandhiji’s decision in the light of this statement, in about 120150 words. (4)

(C) Roger Skunk used to smell bad. He wanted to change his smell with something pleasing in order to earn other creatures’ friendship. If you were in the Skunk’s place would you want to change your smell to something good or would you stay the same? Substantiate with reference to text, in about 120-150 words. (4)
(A) Adrienne Rich, the author of the poem, Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers’, has used various symbols and poetic devices in the poem. Aunt Jennifer is embroidering the tigers on her panel. The tigers symbolise the bravery and independence which Aunt Jennifer dreams of attaining, but fails to do so except in her dreams and art In the poem, the character of Aunt Jennifer metaphorically represents the entire women community as a whole. She represents women who are the victims of domestic oppressions and male dominations.

Apart from that, Adrienne has used a number of poetic devices Like metaphors as ‘bright topaz denizens’ wherein the tigers are considered to be the inhabitants of the green forests. The alliteration in ‘fingers fluttering’ also exemplifies the irony in the poem, as the fingers signify both Aunt Jennifer’s physical feebleness and her fearful mind. The alliteration ‘prancing proud’ symbolizes the ever-existence of brave tigers.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English Term 2 Set 7 with Solutions

(B) Gandhiji was so determinant to get justice for the poor sharecroppers of Champaran. He fought the case on behalf of them. He submitted such strong evidences of the injustice meted out to the sharecroppers that the British had to agree to the refund. Gandhiji asked for a refund of 50 per cent but the British agreed to only repay 25 per cent as they wanted to prolong the dispute between them.

To everybody’s surprise, Gandhiji agreed to accept the 25 per cent of return. For him, the amount of money was not important. What was important was the fact that the British had to surrender part of their money and moreover, their ’prestige’. This repay shattered the Britisher’s pride of ruling the country unjustly.

(C) Roger Skunk was a stinking animal. Due to his bad odour, nobody wanted to play with him or become his friend. So, he wanted to get rid of that odour in order to attract other creatures’ friendship. If I were in Roger Skunk’s place, I would have never gotten my natural odour changed to any other fake smell. The bad smell that I would posses would have been my unique identity and as a Skunk that is necessary to protect me from predators.

Also, I would never change my appearance or identity for others’ approval. I am who I am and that’s what makes me unique. The smell of roses would have garnered good friends for me but as soon as I would have lost the fragrance, I would have lost my friends too. And, I don’t want a fake friendship like that which could end with a little physical change in me.