CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 1 are part of CBSE Sample Papers for class 12 Home Science. Here we have given
CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 1.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 1

Board CBSE
Class XII
Subject Home Science
Sample Paper Set Paper 1
Category CBSE Sample Papers

Students who are going to appear for CBSE Class 12 Examinations are advised to practice the CBSE sample papers given here which is designed as per the latest Syllabus and marking scheme as prescribed by the CBSE is given here. Paper 1 of Solved CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science is given below with free PDF download solutions.

Time: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 70

General Instructions

There are total 25 questions. All questions are compulsory.

  • Question nos  1-6 are of 1 mark, to be answered in one or two lines.
  • Question nos 7-13 are of 2 marks, to be answered in 10-20 words.
  • Question nos 14-15 case study and picture based are of 3 marks.
  • Question nos 16-21 are of 4 marks, to be answered in 40 words.
  • Question nos 22-25 are of 5 marks, to be answered in 50-60 words.


Question 1.
Define immunization.

Question 2.
Sonu and Rinku are siblings. Sonu is a normal child while Rinku is mentally retarded. How do they differ?

Question 3.
These days selection of clothes has become a big problem. Give reason behind it.

Question 4.
Shreya is very particular about her eating habits. She observed that in winters she is eating more than her normal diet. What can be the reason behind this?

Question 5.
The lifestyle led by a man also influences his meal planning in a positive or negative way. What are the factors of lifestyle that affect meal planning?

Question 6.
Siddhartha is not a member of any group. State any one disadvantage he will suffer from.

Question 7.
Rahul is suffering from diarrhea. What things are to be kept in mind while you planning a meal for him?

Question 8.
Within 15 days of getting your juicer-mixer repaired, it stopped working. State the two ways to deal with this problem.

Question 9.
Mention a list of rights that are given to the consumer.

Question 10.
Why do school-going children require more liquid?

Question 11.
While taking tea, Rahul spilled it on his cotton shirt and it left a stain on the shirt. Suggest him two ways to remove this stain.

Question 12.
People suffering from jaundice need to be very careful about their diet. Give any two dietary points they should adopt.

Question 13.
Why would Mrs Verma prefer to leave her 2 years old child with her mother-in-law at home and not in a creche? Give two reasons.

Question 14.
Ankita is a college-going girl. Her father runs a tea stall and her family income is not high. She wants to support her family. Suggest three ways to Ankita for supplementing her family income.

Question 15.
The figure given below is the logo of FPO. What does it stand for and write the year in which rt came into force?

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 1 1

Question 16.
Mother of 3 years old Saksham is worried due to his jealous behavior. What could be the two possible causes of this jealousy and state four ways in which he may express his feeling?

Question 17.
What eight ways can a college-going student adopt to help himself in supplementing his real income?

Question 18.
“Money is one of the deciding factors in the selection of clothes.” Justify the statement.

Question 19.
Naresh is a labourer who does hard physical labour for about 12 hours a day. Enumerate four factors that his wife must keep in mind while preparing his lunch.(

Question 20.
What is the difference between Growth and Development?

Question 21.
Give the concept of psychic income. On which factor does it depend?

Question 22.
Rehman cannot walk hence is on wheel chair. He is studying in a regular school. In what five ways can teacher help him to meet his emotional needs?

Question 23.
Though there are many good dress designers in the posh vicinity of South Delhi where Shambhavi lives, yet she prefers to buy only readymade garments. What are the reasons that prompt her to buy readymade garments?

Question 24.
Namrata is a graduate in Home Science and is very enthusiastic about applying her Home Science lessons in practical life. Suggest some ways in which she can make use of her Home Science knowledge in everyday life.

Question 25.
Why consumers encounter problems while making purchases and also mention various problems faced by them?


Answer 1.
The process of developing immune bodies or anti-bodies in an individual by injecting artificially controlled number of germs into the body is called immunisation.

Answer 2.
The difference between them is that Rinku being mentally retarded child is one whose mental capabilities are not developed like his brother Sonu who is a normal child.

Answer 3.
Selection of clothes has become a big problem these days because new inventions and developments are taking place in the field of textiles.

Answer 4.
She is eating more in winters than in normal times because one needs more energy in winters to maintain body temperature.

Answer 5.
The factors of lifestyle include profession, personal activities, income and physical status. These factors influence both the content and composition of nutrients in meal planning.

Answer 6.
Siddhartha will not be able to learn social skills which he would have learnt being in group such as leadership and team working.

Answer 7.
I will considered about the following points :

  • Small amount of food should be given to him at a regular intervals.
  • Avoid use of extremely hot, cold, fried and spicy foods.
  • More liquid would be given.

Answer 8.
Two ways to deal with this problem are

  1. If the shopkeeper has given any guarantee period, then we can give the juicer-mixer to the shopkeeper for repairing again.
  2. We can approach district forum, state commission or national commission for redcessal of consumer grievances against sale of defective goods or deficient services or adoption of unfair or restrictive trade practices.

Answer 9.
Rights of Consumer are defined as Right to Be Heard, Right to Information, Right to Safety, Right to Choose, Right of Compensation, Right to Consumer Education and Right to Information Act.

Answer 10.
School-going children require more liquid because they engage in more physical activities which causes more perspiration and results in the loss of water and minerals.

Answer 11.
Rahul should follow these methods

  • He should first soak the shirt in glycerine and then wash.
  • He should rub washing soda and suhaga on the stain and then wash it with hot water.

Answer 12.
People suffering from jaundice should adopt following diet

  • They should avoid fried and fatty food including meat, tea, coffee and pickles.
  • They should include raw vegetable salad, steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, coconut water or sugarcane juice in their diet.

Answer 13.
There are two reasons behind leaving a child with her grandmother which are mentioned below

  1. The grandmother will be able to teach the child family values such as affection, care and respect for elders.
  2. It is economical as it saves the money spent on a creche.

Answer 14.
Ankita can supplement her family income in the following ways

  • She can take tuitions.
  • She can do part time work in a shop or company.
  • She can work in fast food joints on holidays or in the evening.

Answer 15.
FPO stands for Food Products order. This mark is a certification mark which is mandatory on all processed fruit products sold in India. It is effective since 1955, but became mandatory in 2006.
FPO Mark is given to pickles, jams, jellies, fruit juices, ketchups, frozen and canned foods. It also gives instructions for packaging, labeling and temperatures of food containers.

Answer 16.
A 3 years old child may feel jealous due to the following two reasons

  • Arrival of New Born When a younger brother or sister is born, mother gives more attention to the new born baby. It develops a feeling of jealousy in the child.
  • Feeling Neglected When mother is working and she cannot devote much time to her child, the child feels neglected and develops the feeling of jealousy.

The child may express his/her emotions in the following ways

  1. The child tries to hurt the new born baby.
  2. He may start sucking his thumb.
  3. He does not listen to his parents.
  4. He tries to get attention of his parents.

Answer 17.
A college-going student can adopt the following ways to help himself in supplementing his real income.

  • He can use library books instead of buying books.
  • He can share transport with others.
  • He can help in domestic chores instead of hiring servants.
  • He can grow vegetables in pots and kitchen garden.
  • He can share rental accommodation.
  • He can do part time job or take tuitions.
  • He can apply for some scholarship to meet his educational expenses.
  • He can cut down on any wasteful or unnecessary expenditure.

Answer 18.
The statement that “money is the deciding factor in the selection of clothes” can be justified in the following points

  1. Before purchasing clothes, priority should be given to the requirement and the income. Type of fabric, type of weave, exclusive designing, handwork, the finishes are some of the factors which affect the cost of clothes.
  2. The prices of clothes should be checked at various shops before purchasing in order to know the right cost of the clothes.
  3. It is also important to know whether the price is according to the printed price or not. If we buy clothes without any requirement, it leads to wastage of money, time and energy. Shopping in haste also causes the same problem.
  4. Generally, it is said that expensive clothes are of best quality, it may be true to some extent because they are durable and retain their attraction for a long time. But judicious purchase of less expensive clothes may also serve the same purpose.

Answer 19.
Balanced lunch for a labourer




Bajra ki Roti

5-6 Bajra Aatta


1 bowl

Potato, Carrot, Spices, Onion, Oil

Gur, Lassi a bit, 1 glass

Gur, Curd

Four factors to be considered while planning his lunch are as follows

  1. Meal should include food items from all food groups.
  2. Seasonal vegetables should be selected as they are cheaper and nutritious.
  3. High calorie diet should be given as they need more energy to do work.
  4. Cheap proteins like soyabean should be included in their diet.

Answer 20.
Growth Refers to a positive change in size over a period of time.
Development It is the act or process of growing to maturity and more advanced over a period of time.



(i)  Growth is quantitative. (ii) Development is quantitative as well as qualitative.
(ii) It comprises of height, weight, size and shape of body organs like brain etc (i)  In this, with the physical changes cognitive, social and emotional changes are included.
(iii) It occurs due to cell division. (iv) It happens due to motor and adjustmental processes and their interplay.
(v) Growth can be measured. (iv) it can be observed by matured behaviour

Answer 21.

  • Psychic Income It s that flow of satisfaction that arises out of everyday experiences, derived largely from use of money and real  income. Unlike money and real income, it’s intangible. As its name signifies, it cannot be measured in monetary terms as the mental satisfaction it brings is an abstract idea. It can be described as subjective and is the most important income in terms of quality of living.
  • Factors Affecting Psychic Income It depends on the way the members of a family use their skills in order to utilise their money and commodities judiciously. Irrespective of income, one gets satisfaction from the way the money is spent.

Answer 22.
A polio-affected child requires extensive care and special attention.
A teacher can help him to meet his emotional needs in the following ways

  1. He needs love, sympathy and security, so the teacher should treat him with same behaviour as of others.
  2. Make atmosphere congenial for him so that he has the opportunity to develop himself.
  3. He should be trained with some special skills so that he becomes confident, independent and do not develop an inferiority complex.
  4. He should be included in group activity. It will make him socially adaptable.
  5. The classes for polio students should be organised on ground floor so that they do not have to walk up and down stairs.

Answer 23.
Most of the people are more inclined to buy readymade garments due to the following reasons:

  1. Life is busy with more and more people taking up outside employment. Families resort to purchase readymade clothing due to short of time.
  2. Very often, the lack of stitching time, designing, styling skills make the individual purchase readymade garments.
  3. Readymade clothes are available in such a wide range of prices and quality, that they are preferred by all the classes.
  4. Consumer prefers readymade garments as these are easy to wear, wash and maintain.
  5. Readymade clothes can be tried for fitting before purchasing. One can select a dress of suitable design and colour out 6f many available.

Answer 24.
Home Science knowledge helps in everyday life in the following manner

  1. A person with Home Science knowledge can manage house very well and can be an efficient home maker.
  2. Home Science skills enable a person to decorate his/her house in an aesthetic manner.
  3. Home Science knowledge can be applied in making nutritious and appetising meals and snacks for family.
  4. It enables a person to maintain a record of family income and expenditure.
  5. Home Science knowledge can also be applied in providing nursing and first-aid at home.
  6. It helps a person to become conscious and alert consumer, and thus prevents him from various malpractices of the shopkeepers.
  7. A consumer also becomes aware of his rights to seek redressal in case of dissatisfaction.
  8. It can prove quite beneficial in the upbringing of children as it teaches about the physical, mental, social and emotional development of children.
  9. It guides in proper selection and maintenance of clothes.
  10. The knowledge of Home Science also helps in managing and using time, energy, skills and interest in right direction.

Answer 25.
We can purchase items of daily use from different places like a shop, footpath seller, super bazar, wholesale dealer or from central stores. Normally, consumer does not have the proper information about the market. He does not know how many new products are available in the market and from where he can get cheap and good quality products. In this manner, the seller earns more profit but the consumer does not get maximum satisfaction despite spending money. Therefore, the consumers face number of problems while making purchases.
Some major problems faced by the consumers are as under:

  • Variation in Prices The consumer has to pay different prices for the same item at different places. Big shops are often expensive as they spend some money on the maintenance of shop,
    advertisements and free home delivery which is hidden in the expenses of the consumers.
  • Non availability of Items in the Market Sometimes daily-consumed items like butter, potatoes, onions, rice etc are not easily available in the market, then one has to pay higher price in order to get these things.
  • Adulteration Adulteration of goods is one such problem which is faced by the consumers in day-to-day purchases. In present times, the biggest problem of adulteration is found in products like ghee, milk, spices, maida, besan etc even if they are proposed to pay higher price.
  • Unfair Means of Measurement Incorrect measurement is another problem faced by the consumers in addition to adulteration. Often standard weights and measurements are not used in market.

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