CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 2 are part of CBSE Sample Papers for class 12 Home Science. Here we have given CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 2.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 2

Board CBSE
Class XII
Subject Home Science
Sample Paper Set Paper 2
Category CBSE Sample Papers

Students who are going to appear for CBSE Class 12 Examinations are advised to practice the CBSE sample papers given here which is designed as per the latest Syllabus and marking scheme as prescribed by the CBSE is given here. Paper 2 of Solved CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science is given below with free PDF download solutions.

Time: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 70

General Instructions:
There are total 25 questions. All questions are compulsory.

  • Question nos  1-6 are of 1 mark, to be answered in one or two lines.
  • Question nos 7-13 are of 2 marks, to be answered in 10-20 words.
  • Question nos 14-15 case study and picture based are of 3 marks.
  • Question nos 16-21 are of 4 marks, to be answered in 40 words.
  • Question nos 22-25 are of 5 marks, to be answered in 50-60 words.


Question 1.
What is meal planning?

Question 2.
State the importance of diet therapy.

Question 3.
A shopkeeper does not keep the products bearing FPO mark. In what way is he denying the assurance of quality products to his customers?

Question 4.
Ananya’s aunt sent her an expensive woollen sweater from New Zealand on her birthday. Give two tips to her for storing the sweater.

Question 5.
Following the rules of hygiene in handling food items is the best approach to ensure healthy food and life. How?

Question 6.
Give example of behavioural and mental processes that prove their importance in human development

Question 7.
The education given to disabled children should be such that which enables them to be independent. How can this be ensured?

Question 8.
Write four disadvantages of a situation where a 6 years old girl is taking care of her younger sibling.

Question 9.
There is considerable difference between Direct and Indirect income. Explain this distinction by giving an example of each.

Question 10.
Babita is a house wife. She wants to save fuel by meal planning. Suggest her some ways of doing this.

Question 11.
List two characteristics of blended polyesters that make them suitable for rainy season.

Question 12.
Mention four advantages of opening a recurring deposit account for two years.

Question 13.
Audio-visual methods play a prominent role educating the handicapped children. State how?

Question 14.
Your friend wants to invest some money for his higher education. Suggest ways of investment in which he can get money back after six years. Write three advantages of any two schemes.

Question 15.
Identify the standardisation marks given in the following pictures.
CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 2 1

Question 16.
With growing age, some physical changes also take place in the body of males. What are the physical changes that are observed in male adolescents?

Question 17.
What is cholera? Give some points to prevent the spread of cholera.

Question 18.
The rights of consumers enable them to fight against the exploitation and seek legal remedies. Give an analysis of the statement by relating some rights of the consumers.

Question 19.
Write the procedure for removing any two of the following stains.
(i) Ink stain from white cotton
(ii) Tea stain from coloured cotton
(iii) Blood stain from synthetics
(iv) An unknown stain

Question 20.
Riyani, a 16 years old girl, tried to commit suicide due to her failure in board exams for last two years. Recognise the state Riyani is undergoing. Define it in short and write its four common symptoms.

Question 21.
What is the difference between soaps and detergents?

Question 22.
Plan a day’s menu for an adult suffering from diarrhoea. Also make a list of practical considerations that you will keep in mind before planning the menu.

Question 23.
Specify ten qualities of workmanship you would consider while buying a readymade shirt for your brother.

Question 24.
How knowledge and skills acquired in child care can help in supplementing the family income? Briefly explain any two ways.

Question 25.
Certain chemicals are used for the purification of water. Given below are some chemicals which are used for the same purpose. Explain them in short.
(i) Chlorine
(ii) Bleaching Powder


Answer 1.
Meal planning is the planning of meals for all the members of the family in order to provide nutritious food on time according to their need and choice.

Answer 2.
Diet therapy is the adaptation of the basic diet to meet particular needs due to illness and other specific conditions.

Answer 3.
FPO mark specifies the minimum standards that must be maintained throughout the production powers such as manufacturing, processing etc. A product that does not bear this mark cannot give assurance of quality.

Answer 4.
Points to be considered for storing a woollen sweater are as follows

  • It should be dry cleaned before storing,
  • Putinsect repellents in cupboards.

Answer 5.
Unhygienic handling of food makes it contaminated and causes diseases. The safe handling of food items keeps it safe and free from all the contaminants.

Answer 6.
Behavioural activities such as reading which is directly observable and mental process involving thoughts, emotion and motive play a prominent role in human development.

Answer 7.
The most important thing to remember in teaching disabled children is to help them to learn maximum while at the same time encouraging their sense of independence and accomplishment. This enables them to be independent.

Answer 8.
The four disadvantages arising out of such a situation are given below

  1. She is not equipped with skills required for usual child rearing.
  2. She is not mature enough to care for the young one.
  3. She might become a school drop-out.
  4. In case of emergency, she cannot meet the requirements of first-aid.

Answer 9.
The difference between the direct and indirect income is as follows

Direct Income Indirect Income
Goods and facilities available in return of service, e.g. house, telephone facility, uniform from employer. Commodities and services are available by utilising the skills of family members e.g. skills in stitching clothes, teaching at home.
Comprises of all those commodities and facilities which are available to the family without the use of money. Vegetables produced in the kitchen garden services rendered by family members like cooking repairing electrical appliances are included in indirect income.

Answer 10.
Babita can save the fuel by meal planning in the following ways :

  • She should cook food having simple recipes and avoid lengthy cooking procedure.
  • Make maximum use of pressure cooker, which conserves a lot of fuel.

Answer 11.
The blended polyesters viz terrycot or terry silk are most suitable for rainy season due to the following reasons

  • Polyester or terrylene clothes dry easily and fast.
  • This type of clothes are easy to maintain and remain wrinkle free.

Answer 12.
There are many advantages of opening a recurring deposit account. Four of them are given below

  1. It is a safe scheme.
  2. It gives higher interest than saving accounts.
  3. It develops the habit of regular savings.
  4. Money can grow by adding small installments.

Answer 13.
Audio-visual aids help the handicapped children to overcome their limitations to some extent as a blind child can learn by hearing sounds or by touching things.

Answer 14.
He can invest in

  1. NSC (National Savings Certificate)
  2. KVP (Kisan Vikas Patra)
  3. UC (Life Insurance Corporation)
  4. Fixed Deposit
  6. Money income schemes of post-office

Three advantages of two schemes are as given below

  1. Money Income Schemes of Post-office
    • Interest rate is high.
    • Loan can be taken against it.
    • No limit on investment.
  2. LIC (Life Insurance Corporation)
    • It gives loan facility.
    • It provides future security.
    • Its income is tax rebate.

Answer 15.

  1. ISI is a certification mark given by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Indian Standard Institution ISI mark is given to Electrical goods, soaps, gas stove, powder, common salt, biscuits, mineral water, baking powder, milk powder etc. ISI develops consciousness among manufacturers and encourages them to produce quality products.
  2. AG MARK This was set-up by Directorate of Marketing and Inspection of the Government of India. It establishes norms for agricultural and live stock products at natural and processed stages. AGMARK is given to Ghee, butter, oil, wheat flour, rice, jaggery, honey, spices, eggs, fruits, potatoes etc.

Answer 16.
Physical changes that are observed in male adolescents with growing age are given below

  1. Skin becomes oily, sometimes with pimples acne. ‘
  2. Hair grow under arms, legs, chest and face.
  3. Muscles in legs and arms get bigger and stronger.
  4. Shoulders and chest start to broaden.
  5. Hands, feet, arms and legs become larger.
  6. Voice cracks and then deepens.
  7. Perspiration increases and body odour may appear.
  8. Ejaculation occurs during sexual climax.

Answer 17.
Cholera It is a highly infectious disease. The digestive system of the person is affected due to this disease. People who ignore hygienic practices are more prone to this disease. If not treated properly, its mortality rate can go upto 70 per cent. It spreads mostly in summer. People of any age can lay up with this disease.
Precautions There are some points which should be followed to prevent this disease

  1. Give boiled water to the patient.
  2. Isolate the patient as it helps to prevent the spread of disease.
  3. The room and washroom of the patient should be properly cleaned with disinfectant.
  4. The food of the patient should always be covered.

Answer 18.
The various rights given to consumers serve as tools in their hands to enable them to fight against exploitation and seek legal remedies. These rights widen the scope of consumer protection. A brief description of various acts will give a better understanding of the above statement.
The description are as follows

  1. The Right to Safety This refers to protection against marketing of products and services that are harmful to life and property.
  2. The Right to Choose or Right to be Assured This gives the right to consumers to attain goods and services of good quality at reasonable prices.
  3. The Right to be Heard It ensures that consumer’s interests will get due consideration.
  4. The Right to Redressed This right ensures the right to a fair settlement and compensation.
  5. The Right to Consumer Education It enables a consumer to acquire knowledge and abilities to make wise decisions.
  6. The Right to Information It provides information related to different aspects of goods and services.

Answer 19.

  1. Ink stain from white Cotton
    • Rub the stain with lemon or tomato juice and salt or rub the stain with sour curd.
    • Rinse well.
    • Dry in sun.
  2. Tea stain from coloured Cotton
    • Soak in liquid detergent overnight and pour boiling water on the stain.
    • Wash in normal way.
  3. Blood stain from synthetic
    • Soak in cold water and wash with mild ammonia.
    • Rinse properly and dry in sun.
  4. An unknown stain
    • Soak the stain in warm soapy water.
    • Use bleach on stain exposing it to sunlight.
    • Treat the stain with diluted acid.
    • Wash properly

Answer 20.
Riyani is undergoing depression. It is the state of feeling low and aversion to activity. It creates a constant feeling of sadness and lack of interest. Depressed adolescents feel sad, anxious, hopeless, worthless, guilt and hurt. They face difficulty in decision-making and concentrating. They feel, life is not worth living.
Some common symptoms of depression are mentioned below
(i) Constant feeling of sadness and emptiness.
(ii) Lost of interest in activities and hobbies.
(iii) Adolescents feel hopeless and restless and become pessimistic.
(iv) Energy level becomes low and adolescent feels fatigue

Answer 21.
Soap Soap is made by mixing fats and alkalis. Both vegetable and animal fats are used. Paraffin oil is also added to enhance its quality. This is available in the form of cakes, powder, flakes, jelly etc.
Detergents A large variety of detergents are available in the market these days. Washing is comparatively easy with detergents. These can be used both in cold and warm water.
Difference between Soaps and Detergents

Soap Detergents
Soaps are made from fat and alkali by saponification method. Detergents are carbonic compounds which are not alkaline.
They are cheap. They are costly.
They are not suitable for delicate clothes. They are suitable for delicate clothes.
They clean better in hot water. They clean both in hot and cold water.
More quantity of water is needed to remove soap They are removed very easily, so less quantity of
from the cloth. water is needed.

Answer 22.
Practical Considerations

  1. Select food which is easy to digest.
  2. Avoid fried, spicy and irritating foods.
  3. Serve food which can be easily managed by the patient on bed.
  4. Serve small portions at regular time intervals.
  5. Serve attractive meals to boost up the appetite.
  6. Serve freshly prepared food.
  7. Provide enough liquids, specially water to avoid dehydration.
  8. Avoid fibre rich foods.
  9. Foods containing vinegar and mustard oil should be avoided.
  10. Avoid foods which are either too hot or too cold.

Diet Plan

Meal Menu Amount
Early morning Tea 1 cup
Breakfast Suji porridge 1 bowl
Mid morning Vegetable soup 1 bowl
Lunch Khichri and curd 1 plate and 1 bowl
Tea time Tea and biscuits 1 cup and 2 biscuits
Dinner Chapati, arhar dal and ghia vegetable 1 piece, 1 bowl and \(\frac { 1 }{ 2 }\)bowl

Answer 23.
While buying a readymade shirt, following points should be considered

  1. Buttons and Button Holes Metallic or plastic buttons should be attached and well secured. Extra button should also be provided. The size of the button hole should be according to the size of button. Button holes may be machine made or bound horizontal or vertical.
  2. Seams It should be either plain finished with interlocking or French seam. Stitches of seams
    should be small, equal and straight. The thread used in stitching should match the colour of the shirt. It should also be durable.
  3. Collars The size of the collars should be appropriate. They should be neatly stitched. They should be stiff and not limping.
  4. Placket It should be of uniform thickness and they should be neatly stitched. Length of the placket should also be adequate.
  5. Matching Stitches It should be smooth, neat and continuous. Matching coloured and strong thread should be used.
  6. Design If the cloth has design or pattern, then care should be taken that the print is uniform, stripes and checks are stitched at proper angles.
  7. Hemming Stitches of hemming should be at short intervals and equal in size, the ends should be properly locked to avoid opening of seams, thread should be of fast colour and there should be margin for alterations.
  8. Fashion Ensure that the shirt is of the latest fashion. It should match the lifestyle. But it should not be followed blindly.
  9. Size It is essential to know the size of the garment before purchasing it. Readymade garments have different sizes. Gent’s shirts have chest size-40”, 42”, 46”.
  10. Comfort The comfort of the shirt should be ensured while standing, sitting, walking etc. There , should not be any stiffness and looseness.

Answer 24.
Knowledge and skills acquired in the child care can help in supplementing the family income by following ways

  1. It helps to get employment in any care-centre.
  2. It helps to get employment in nursery school or Anganwadi.
  3. It helps in opening a play school or nursery school.
  4. It helps in opening creche or day care.
  5. It gives guidance in counselling of children.
  6. It gives skills in providing guidance related to all over child care in terms of his developmental, psychological and nutritional needs.

Following are the two ways to supplement family income through these skills
Creche/Pre-Nursery School Start a good business proposition with the help of this knowledge.
Social Welfare Programme Like ICDS, this also provides employment opportunities to the students of Home Science.

Answer 25.

  • Chlorine Use of chlorine is the most reliable method to purify the water. It is the cheapest, effective and simple method. This method is used to purify the large quantity of water like water tanks.
    It destroys bacteria in water but does not remove the suspended impurities. Water is filtered before chlorination. Now-a-days, chlorine tablets are also available in the markets which are used only to disinfect water at home. One tablet is added to 10 litres of water and is kept for 25-30 minute and is then filtered. These tablets are also used by travellers and military campers.
  • Bleaching Powder It is also used in order to purify the water. When bleaching powder is added to the water, a chemical reaction takes place and thus, chlorine gas is produced. This chlorine gas is used to purify the water.
    Amount of bleaching powder should be adder) in water according to the amount of impurities in water. Generally, 30 gm of bleaching powder is added to 10 gallons of water for purifying it. Use of bleaching powder is also an easy and effective method of purifying water.

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