CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 3 are part of CBSE Sample Papers for class 12 Home Science. Here we have given CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 3.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 3

Board CBSE
Class XII
Subject Home Science
Sample Paper Set Paper 3
Category CBSE Sample Papers

Students who are going to appear for CBSE Class 12 Examinations are advised to practice the CBSE sample papers given here which is designed as per the latest Syllabus and marking scheme as prescribed by the CBSE is given here. Paper 3 of Solved CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science is given below with free PDF download solutions.

Time: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 70

General Instructions:
There are total 25 questions. All questions are compulsory.

  • Question nos  1-6 are of 1 mark, to be answered in one or two lines.
  • Question nos 7-13 are of 2 marks, to be answered in 10-20 words.
  • Question nos 14-15 case study and picture based are of 3 marks.
  • Question nos 16-21 are of 4 marks, to be answered in 40 words.
  • Question nos 22-25 are of 5 marks, to be answered in 50-60 words.


Question 1.
Some boys are going for trekking. Which method of water purification should they follow?

Question 2.
As a subject of study, Home Science provides knowledge about various skills. What is its specific concern?

Question 3.
Economic status has a great effect on cognitive development. Explain the statement in brief.

Question 4.
Name the elements of art used in dress making.

Question 5.
What do you understand by standardised marks?

Question 6.
While buying food products, cleanliness and quality are given the first priority,otherwise it may lead to health problems. How can it be ensured?

Question 7.
Mohit is suffering from severe cough and vomitings. Name the possible disease, he could be suffering from. Write two important points for Mohit’s mother should keep in mind while looking after him.

Question 8.
Adolescence is a period when significant level of emotional stress is there. State any two causes of this stress.

Question 9.
Ramesh was cheated by a dealer who influenced him to buy a sub-standard AC. After some days Ramesh is very disappointed because AC is not working effectively. State the way in which his loss could be compensated.

Question 10.
One of your friends has a keen interest in clothing and textile industry. She wants to start her own business in the same field. Suggest her two ways in order to establish her business

Question 11.
Milk scores above all other food items, when it comes to provide nourishment and is considered a complete food. Why?

Question 12.
What do you understand by consumer aids? Give a list of some consumer aids

Question 13.
Washing clothes with detergents is easy comparatively washing with soaps. How will you define detergents?

Question 14.
Raghu is suffering from paralysis due to which he is not able to work any more. During the treatment, doctor ascribed it to some adulterant in his food. Can you name this adulterant?
Write two symptoms that can be seen in Raghu and also mention some ways to prevent purchasing adulterated food.

Question 15.
How will you describe the following figure briefly?
CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 3 1

Question 16.
Intoxication is a curse that harms the entire prospects of teenagers. Enumerate various ways in which its bad effects are manifested.

Question 17.
Maintaining a household account is quite advantageous for welfare of a family. Write some of the benefits of keeping household accounts.

Question 18.
18. Two friends, Neha and Ria bought some edible ingredients for their cookery classes. Neha bought loose/unpacked items while Ria bought the product bearing a well marked label. In what way, Ria will be better informed than Neha about the product.

Question 19.
Selection of clothes reveals a great deal about a man’s values and culture and is an effective barometer to judge his personality. Explain and justify the assertion.

Question 20.
Woollen clothes require a proper care while washing them. Explain the method of washing woollen clothes in context of the given statement.

Question 21.
Due to intense work pressure at home and office, working women sometimes suffer from stress that results in hypertension. Define hypertension. What are its symptoms that can help in diagnosing the problem?

Question 22.
‘Keeping kitchen clean and clear is as important as our body.” Justify this statement

Question 23.
Give reason behind the supplementation of family income and mention any four factors affecting the supplementation of family income.

Question 24.
Inclusion of a food for nutrition is based on a plethora of factors. Write a short note on the factors which are behind food selection by families

Question 25.
What is investment? Describe three points that should be kept in mind while selecting an appropriate method of investment.


Answer 1.
They should use chlorine tablets to disinfect water as it is easy to carry them while travelling.

Answer 2.
The specific concern of the subject Home Science is the knowledge about home and its management.

Answer 3.
Better economic status gets more opportunities and better training which helps in better cognitive development.

Answer 4.
Line, colour and texture are the elements of art used in dress making.

Answer 5.
Our government has fixed some minimum standards. Products which confirm to these standards are found to be of good quality after certain tests are given standardised marks.

Answer 6.
To ensure that food products are safe and of good quality, purchase food products only from reliable and recognised shops.

Answer 7.
Mohit is suffering from pertussis (whooping cough). Mohit’s mother should keep the child warm, avoid exercise and provide treatment as prescribed by the doctor.

Answer 8.
Adolescents undergo high level of stress due to the following reasons

  1. Due to physical changes, emotionality of the young adolescent is greatly influenced and this causes stress.
  2. Adolescence is the period when adolescents worry about their future. They are not sure of their capabilities and remain under stress continuously.

Answer 9.
Ramesh’s loss can be compensated by seeking a redressal in the consumer court. For this, he needs to follow the proper’procedure of filing a complaint. If his complaint is proved to be genuine, his grievance will be answered and he will be duly compensated for his loss.

Answer 10.
She can adopt following ways in order to start her own business

  • She can sell suits and dupattas of latest fashion by opening her own boutique.
  • She can set-up readymade garments business.

Answer 11.
Milk is considered a complete food because all nutrients are present in right proportion in it, except Vitamin C and iron.

Answer 12.

  • Consumer Aids Aids which guide consumers in selecting quality goods according to their requirements are known as consumer aids.
  • Form of Consumer Aids Standardised marks, labels and advertisements are some form of consumer aids

Answer 13.
Detergents are carbon compounds which are not alkaline. They are cleaning agents and absorbents. They are used to clean soft and delicate clothes. Thats why washing clothes with detergents is easy comparatively washing with soaps.

Answer 14.
The name of the adulterant is kesari dal or Lathyrus sativus.

  • Symptoms
    • Raghu has pain in his ankle joints.
    • Raghu’s knees have become stiff.
  • Prevention
    • Only sealed packets should be bought.
    • Buy food with standard mark/Agmark.
    • Do not buy open pulses or cereals.
    • Buy products only of reputed company or reputed brand.

Answer 15.
This is the picture of a solar cooker. It works on solar energy. It consists of several parts which are helpful to make it work. This cooker traps the heat insideit through which the food is cooked. It takes longer time.

Answer 16.
These days, most of the teenagers are indulged in the consumptions of intoxicants. Effects of such habits are really very bad.
Some bad effects of intoxicants on teenagers are mentioned below

  1. The adolescent loses self-confidence and control over himself.
  2. Ability to think and reason is also affected.
  3. The adolescent starts losing the ability to take decision and shirks responsibility.
  4. Both mental and physical stamina is adversely affected.
  5. Liver is also damaged due to the consumption of intoxicants.
  6. The effect of drugs makes the adolescents feel very light and forget all his problems for a short • while, but ultimately the drugs make the body weak and hollow.
  7. Adolescents consuming intoxicants don’t give proper attention to their studies.
  8. They become a part of bad company and lose their values.

Answer 17.
Advantages of keeping household accounts are listed below

  1. By keeping household accounts, it is easier to spend money. By this, one can be informed about the money that has been spent on different things.
  2. Accounting helps in avoiding disputes regarding payments. Shopkeeper cannot cheat anyway if
    the purchases are made on credit. One is aware of the goods purchased, payment made and the balance left. .
  3. It helps in checking the expenditure incurred in one month with that of the other month. The checks can be applied if the expenditure exceeds in a month as compared to the previous month.
  4. Accounting helps in judicious spending and savings by families for future incidental expenses.
  5. The habit of keeping accounts by parents helps children develop the habit of judicious spending.

Answer 18.
A label informs the consumer about the quality and method of its usage. Label is engraved, printed or pasted on the package (i.e. bottle, container, packets etc) of the product. Bureau of Indian Standard has fixed certain standards for a complete label.
A product with a complete label provides valuable information to the consumer regarding

  1. Name of the product.
  2. Ingredients of the product.
  3. Weight and quality of the final product.
  4. Date of manufacture.
  5. Date of expiry.
  6. Price of product.

Answer 19.
Selection of clothes should be very judicious so that we can buy best clothes by spending minimum amount of money. The clothes should be compatible with age, personality and climate, and should not be an hindrance in normal working. Some factors affect the selection of clothes, which may vary from person to person as they are influenced by the requirement of the person.
These factors are discussed below

  1. The personal value and culture of a person can be judged easily from his dress.
  2. Clothes highlight the salient features of the personality and camouflaging the figure flaws to some extent.
  3. Improper dressing makes person a laughing stock and causes inferiority complex. On the other hand, proper dressing helps in building self-confidence which is essential for the proper development of personality.
  4. Proper dressing affects our behaviour and mannerism, and develops harmony and personality.

Answer 20.
The method of washing woollen clothes is listed below

  1. Preparation Before washing, the clothes should be dusted with brush and repairing should be done. Mild detergent recommended for woollen clothes should be chosen. Clothes should be traced on a brown paper.
  2. Soaking Clothes should be soaked for 10-15 minutes. They should be washed in lukewarm water. The brush should not be used. They should be rubbed lightly.
  3. Rinsing Clothes should be property rinsed and water should be removed by pressing between palms. Clothes should not be squeezed
  4. Drying Clothes should be dried in shade and spread on the brown paper to retain their shape. Clothes should not be hanged otherwise they will lose their shape.
  5. Finishing After drying, clothes should be steam-pressed. Clothes should be ironed by applying water through cloth pad to give them good finish.

Answer 21.
Hypertension Regular flow of blood from heart in the body is due to diastolic and systolic pressure of heart. If there is any obstruction in the flow of the blood, then heart has to pump the blood with more force causing high blood pressure. This state is known as hypertension.
Symptoms of hypertension am as follows

  • Headache especially in the near head.
  • Giddiness, gastritis, nausea and vomiting.
  • Indigestion
  • Psychological disorders
  • General yveakness

Answer 22.
Cleanliness in the kitchen is very essential for preventing the contamination of food. Food cooked in an unhygienic kitchen is not suitable for consumption. Cockroaches, lizards, flies etc abound in a damp and dirty kitchen. All these factors make the food unhygienic and contaminated in one way or the other.
Given below am some ways which can help to keep kitchen dean

  1. Clean kitchen daily to keep insects and pests away.
  2. Few hours of sunlight in the kitchen are needed to remove the dampness besides killing some bacteria.
  3. Kitchen doors and windows should be flyproof and hence have mesh on them.
  4. Also ensure the sufficient supply of potable water in the kitchen with proper drainage system.
  5. There should be proper system of ventilation in the kitchen.

Answer 23.
It is very difficult for middle income group to fulfil all the requirements and needs of the family and maintain a general level of living standard. In order to improve economic resources, therp is a need to supplement family income.
Following am some factors which affect the supplementation of family income

  • To Fulfil the Basic Needs of Family Money is needed to fulfil the basic needs and other comforts of life. But it is difficult to meet these expenses in limited income. Day-by-day, prices rise but the income remains same. So, to improve the financial status, it is necessary to supplement the family income.
  • To Ensure Savings For security and to meet incidental expenses like marriage, higher education and illness, monthly saving is required. But due to inflation, it has become difficult to save after meeting family expenses.
  • To Raise the Standard of Living Everybody wants to enjoy luxuries and comforts of life. He wants . to maintain a high standard of living. For this, he needs to supplement his family income.
  • To Secure Future Every person wants to ensure a secure future for his family. At the time of unexpected happenings, saved money proves to be helpful. So, one needs to supplement his family income to have an assurance of secure future.

Answer 24.
The important basis for food nutrition is the selection of various food products. Therefore, inclusion of such foods in diet is must for the family and their satisfaction.
Following are some factors that are responsible for the selection of food

  1. Family Food Values The inclusion of any food product is based on the food values of the family. Some particular kind of food preferred by one family may be obnoxious to the other.
  2. Availability of Foodstuffs Availability of most of the foodstuffs especially fruits and vegetables depends on the season. Seasonal foods are nutritive and inexpensive.
  3. Economic Ability The selection of foods depends on the economic ability of a family to a large extent. If the income of the family is not very high, it becomes little difficult to include high quality foods in diet as it is of high price.
  4. Culture Selection of food is affected by religion, caste and culture as people belonging to Punjabi culture prefer to eat ‘Makki di Roti te Sarson da Saag’. Rice and fish is eaten by the Bengalis.
  5. Effect of Peer Group Acceptance by friends and acquaintances greatly affects the choice of foods, specially in adolescents. Some foods are eaten only because these are consumed by the “peer group.

Answer 25.
Investment It is all about securing the future and it requires the detailed information of various sources of investment through the persons who have knowledge and experience in the field.
Investment of money is a very delicate matter, so one should take care of the following points

  1. Safety of Principal Amount Investment is a money spent in the hope of future benefit and for this the principal amount should be secured and invested in multiple schemes rather than in only one.
  2. Profit and Risk in Investments It should ensure adequate return and return on investment should be in proportion to the risk factors. At personal level, money transaction may fetch higher profit, but the chances of getting back the principal amount along with interest are less comparatively.
  3. Liquidity It refers to the availability of the investment at the time of requirement without any depreciation. Principle of liquidity is very important to investor because when he will need money is uncertain.

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