CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 4 are part of CBSE Sample Papers for class 12 Home Science. Here we have given CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 4.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 4

Board CBSE
Class XII
Subject Home Science
Sample Paper Set Paper 4
Category CBSE Sample Papers

Students who are going to appear for CBSE Class 12 Examinations are advised to practice the CBSE sample papers given here which is designed as per the latest Syllabus and marking scheme as prescribed by the CBSE is given here. Paper 4 of Solved CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science is given below with free PDF download solutions.

Time: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 70

General Instructions:
There are total 25 questions. All questions are compulsory.

  • Question nos  1-6 are of 1 mark, to be answered in one or two lines.
  • Question nos 7-13 are of 2 marks, to be answered in 10-20 words.
  • Question nos 14-15 case study and picture based are of 3 marks.
  • Question nos 16-21 are of 4 marks, to be answered in 40 words.
  • Question nos 22-25 are of 5 marks, to be answered in 50-60 words.


Question 1.
In Home Science, what is taught in the area of child development?

Question 2.
Name the nutrients we get from the sugar food group.

Question 3.
“Requirement of iodine and zinc is important in pregnancy.” Justify the statement.

Question 4.
Name the food products which do not contain sodium.

Question 5.
Nirmala has completed her Master’s degree in Child Development. How can her degree help her in subsistence?

Question 6.
State two advantages of putting money in provident fund.

Question 7.
What are the advantages of boiling method?

Question 8.
Name various types of immunity.

Question 9.
Write two social traits which develop in adolescence.

Question 10.
Name any two factors affecting the additional requirement of energy during pregnancy.

Question 11.
“The agents of socialisation play a crucial role in the process of child’s development as a social being.” Explain.

Question 12.
What is potable water? Write its two qualities.

Question 13.
Nidhi and Priyanka went to market. Priyanka wants to purchase jam but she dont know what points should be kept in mind while purchasing the jam. If you are Nidhi then what are your responsibilities towards Priyanka?

Question 14.
Suppose, income of your father is limited and not sufficient to meet all the requirements of your family. Your mother can help in supplementing the real income of your family.
On behalf of your mother, suggest six ways to supplement the income.

Question 15.
Labels are printed on the packaging of the products. What information must be provided through a label?
CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 4 1

Question 16.
Define saving and elaborate the benefits of saving.

Question 17.
What points would you consider before washing clothes?

Question 18.
Food adulteration is a health hazard that must be countered. As a responsible and conscious citizen, what measures can you suggest to tackle the problem?

Question 19.
State some of the malpractices of shopkeepers in the area of weight and measures.

Question 20.
What points will you keep in your mind while purchasing a dress for your college going brother who is short in height?

Question 21.
It is a misconception that the more one spends on diet, the better the nutritional value one is able to get or we can say that balanced diet does not mean expensive diet. Explain the point by giving examples

Question 22.
Rajeshwar Singh is going to retire after four years. Suggest him two investment schemes for his safe old age.

Question 23.
How does socio-economic status of a child affect the cognitive development of the child?

Question 24.
Define stain and classify different types of stains along with the medium used for their removal.

Question 25.
Meal planning without the help of food group is very laborious and time consuming. How?


Answer 1.
Complete knowledge of the physical, mental, social and emotional development of child is taught in Home Science.

Answer 2.
We get carbohydrates and iron from sugar food group. Jaggery and honey are good sources of iron.

Answer 3.
Zinc is required for growth and protein synthesis. Iodine is required to regulate the mental and physical growth of foetus. So, iodine and zinc play an important role in pregnancy.

Answer 4.
Some food products which do not contain sodium are barley, rajma, lobia, hand pounded rice, bathua, mustard leaves and pumpkin etc.

Answer 5.
Nirmala can join ICDS and NGO which are working in the field of child care.

Answer 6.
Following are the two advantages of putting money in provident fund

  • Loan can be taken against it.
  • It qualifies for tax rebate.

Answer 7.
The advantages of boiling method are mentioned below

  • Solid substances like chalk powder, carbonic compounds and pathogenic micro-organisms are destroyed by boiling.
  • Temporary hazards and salinity of water is also reduced by boiling.

Answer 8.

  • Natural immunity—This is present from birth. Some antibodies are transferred from mother to child during breast feeding.
  • Acquired immunity—This is present from birth but acquired later on life. It can be naturally or artificially acquired.

Answer 9.
Following are the two social traits which develop in adolescence

  • Social maturity and taking responsibility.
  • Attraction towards opposite sex.

Answer 10.
Following are the factors affecting the additional requirement of energy during pregnancy

  • Additional energy is required for the growth of foetus.
  • It is also required due to higher basal metabolic rate during pregnancy.

Answer 11.
The agent’s of socialisation in the social development of a child include parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and teachers. At home, the most important agents, are parents, grandparents, neighbours and friends. When the child starts going to school, his teachers also play crucial role in the process of child’s development as a social being.

Answer 12.
Water which is free from impurities and safe for drinking is known as potable water.
Two qualities of potable water are

  1. Potable water is colourless and odourless.
  2. It is free from pathogenic organism and harmful bacteria.

Answer 13.
I will tell her the following instructions

  1. Differentiate between genuine and misleading labels.
  2. To keep information regarding the composition method of using, date of manufacture and expiry.
  3. Be judicious about standard mark and price also.

Answer 14.
My mother can supplement family income in the following manner

  1. She can do her domestic chores herself.
  2. She can use community facilities like public bus to go for shopping.
  3. She can utilise her skills like culinary to supplement family income.
  4. She can teach her children at home.
  5. She can grow vegetables in pots in kitchen garden.
  6. She can stitch clothes herself for family members.

Answer 15.
Bureau of Indian Standard has fixed certain standards for a complete label.
Some of these are given below

  1. Name and ingredients of the product.
  2. Brand name and trade mark,
  3. Net weight/volume/length.
  4. Use of the product.
  5. Dates of manufacturing and expiry.
  6. Price of product.
  7. Batch and licence number.
  8. Warning, if any.

Answer 16.
The portion of family income which is kept apart for the future contingencies is known as ‘saving’. Saving is the difference between income and expenditure. It can be expressed as
CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Home Science Paper 4 2
Savings are important for a person due to the following reasons

  1. Economic Security The main aim of saving is to provide economic security to the family.
  2. Increase in Income Saving increases the family income. If the savings are properly invested, additional money is earned in the form of dividends or interest.
  3. For Fulfilling the Future Needs and Goals Savings are essential for different stages of life cycle. – In the initial stages when the children are small and their demands are few, one requires lesser amount of money. But in later phase, one has to spend more on the higher education, marriage etc of the children.
  4. Helping in Implementation of National Plans Savings done by an individual are invested in the development plans of the nation. Savings are used for the national defence and development.
  5. To Meet the Emergency of Severe Ailment or Accident A member of family needs an immediate medical attention in case of severe illness or accident. Thus, savings are used in emergency situations also.

Answer 17.
Following points should be considered before washing clothes

  1. Clothes should be washed as soon as they become dirty.
  2. Soiled clothes should not be kept with clean clothes and should be washed separately.
  3. It is better to wash coloured and white clothes separately.
  4. Soaps and detergents should be selected according to the type of cloth.
  5. Before soaking heavily soiled clothes into detergent, it is better to soak them into water for a few hours. It loosens the dirt from the fabric.
  6. Soaps and detergents should not be very harsh.
  7. For delicate fabric, silk and woollens, select the cleaning agent accordingly.

Answer 18.
Following points are helpful in avoiding the purchase of adulterated food

  1. It is necessary for every citizen to be aware of his duty in detecting adulteration and to assist the government and the law in curbing it.
  2. It is the duty of every citizen to check the menace of adulteration and work actively in exposing and condemning it.
  3. Offer full cooperation and help in campaign against the food adulteration.
  4. Give lawful assistance to food inspectors in drawing of adulterated food samples.
  5. Be prompt in giving information about specific instances of adulteration. Convey it by post or by telephone to the concerned authorities.
  6. Be ready to act as a witness and to give evidence in court in such cases.
  7. Take initiative in getting the food tested for adulteration.
  8. Make others aware about the menace of adulteration

Answer 19.
The shopkeepers use following malpractices in the area of weight and measures

  1. They deviate from standard norms and practices.
  2. The shopkeepers use defective weights for weighing.
  3. They use stones in place of standard weights for weighing.
  4. Weight may have hollow space.
  5. Magnet may be stuck at the bottom of the pan.
  6. The pointer in the balance may be missing.
  7. The beam may not be equally divided.
  8. They use faulty measuring tape.

Answer 20.
The following points need to be considered

  1. Select dark and bright colours according to his age.
  2. Clothes should be comfortable.
  3. Select clothes according to the latest fashion as he is college going and would prefer the latest trendy clothes.
  4. The colour of shirt and trousers should be same.
  5. Select clothes with vertical lines as it gives an illusion of height.
  6. Clothes should be well-fitting, neither too tight nor too loose.
  7. The fabric should be chosen with care.
  8. Clothes should be purchased according to the season.

Answer 21.
A wrong notion that exists in our minds is that ‘food which is expensive is of better nutritive value’. On the contrary, we find that foods which are cheap are often very rich in nutritive value. Proper selection and judicious meal planning can help in obtaining maximum nutritional value and affecting economy. To prove this statement, we can take few instances

  • Low cost cereals like ragi, jowar, bajra etc are more nutritious than expensive cereals like rice and wheat.
  • Sugar is costlier than jaggery, but the latter contains iron which is not present in sugar.
  • Almonds are very good for health, but the cheaper groundnuts are equally nutritious.
  • In the same way, seasonal fruits and vegetables are not expensive but are nutritious.
    Thus, high quality foods are not expensive if you know how to choose them.

Answer 22.
The two investment schemes for his safe old age are following

  1. Insurance Policy It provides security to a person from natural and man-made losses.
    From 1st January, 2014, service tax is being revised on insurance scheme.
    According to this agreement, the insurer has to deposit a fixed amount as premium at regular intervals.
    In return, the insurance is of two types

    • General Insurance This insurance ensures compensation in the case of theft, fire, floods, drought etc.
    • Life Insurance It is one of the best means of investment. When we opt for an insurance policy, we have to save some money to pay for the premium at regular intervals. Life insurance compensates the economic loss of the insurance against death due to accident or hazards to life.
  2. Provident Fund Schemes This scheme was started by the Government of India in J.952. This is a safe method of investment. This scheme is for all the sections of employees and it is compulsory for all of them. Every employee invests a part of his income in this scheme.
    This scheme is of two types

    1. General Provident Fund This scheme is for Government employees. In this scheme, every employee has to pay a minimum of 10% of his basic pay per month. After retirement or incase of death this amount along with interest is paid to the employee or to his nominee. This money is exempted from income tax.
    2. Contributory Provident Fund This is for non-government or semi-governmental employees. In this scheme each employee contributes a minimum of 8% of this basic pay. An equal amount is contributed by the employer. This amount along with interest is paid to the employee at the time of retirement.

Answer 23.
Socio-economic status of a child affects the cognitive development of the child in the following ways

  • Sensory Development If the sensory development is good, cognition will also be proper as it depends upon the sensations we receive from the environment.
  • Motor Development It refers to the ability to move and coordinate the different parts of the body to perform different skills as crawling, walking, standing, grasping etc.
  • Intelligence If the child is intelligent, his cognitive development will be good because then he will understand his environment in better way.
  • Curiosity The children who are more curious and ask more questions, are able to form good concepts and their cognitive development is also good.
  • Opportunity for Learning Children who get more and better opportunities of learning are able to have good cognition and that too with a good pace.

Answer 24.
‘Stain A stain can be defined as any unpleasant mark or spot which if remains unremoved, has the effect of spoiling the appearance of cloth/fabric. Different types of stains are found on clothes. Some of them are as follows

  • Vegetable Stains Stains of tea, coffee, fruits and vegetables are called vegetable stains. Alkaline medium is used to remove these stains.
  • Animal Stains Stains of milk, meat, eggs and blood come under this category. To remove these types of stains, they need to be washed with detergent in cold water. The stains become permanent if washed in hot water.
  • Oil Stains These stains are of oil, ghee, butter etc. These stains are removed by the use of grease solvents and absorbent.
  • Mineral Stains The stains of ink, rust, coal tar and medicine are known as mineral stains. These stains should be washed first in acidic and then in alkaline medium.

Answer 25.
It is quite difficult to do meal planning without the help of food groups because of the following reasons

  • Recommended Dietary Allowances Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has recommended daily dietary allowances for Indians of different age groups, class, sex, work and during special conditions keeping in mind the Indian conditions.
    It means that a meal planner needs to include different food groups to cater to the requirements of everyone in the family.
  • Food Groups Different foods have varied amount of nutrients. Hence, we require different food products for a balanced diet. But if we don’t include different food groups and stick to some particular type or types of food, then it will become a stupendous task for the meal planner.
    If we keep on calculating the nutritive value of different food stuffs everyday, it would require lots of time and labour.

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