Here we are providing 1 Mark Questions for Accountancy Class 12 Chapter 8 Financial Statements of a Company are the best resource for students which helps in class 12 board exams.

One Mark Questions for Class 12 Accountancy Chapter 8 Financial Statements of a Company

Question 1.
State the importance of financial analysis for labour unions. (CBSE SP 2019-20)
Labor unions analyse the financial statements to assess whether an enterprise can increase their pay.

Question 2.
If operating is not given, what is the time for the operating cycle assumed?
12 months.

Question 3.
If the operating cycle is given for 12 months and the payment cycle for trade payables is 15 months, how will you classify the liability?
Non-current Liability.

Question 4.
Name any one line item that can be shown under the major heading ‘Equity and Liabilities’ in a company’s Balance Sheet.

Question 5.
Name any one item that can be disclosed under ‘Short Term Provisions’.
Provision for Doubtful debts.

Question 6.
How would you treat preliminary expenses?
Preliminary expenses are written off in the year in which they are incurred.

Question 7.
Give one example of unamortised expenses.
Discount on issue of shares / debentures.

Question 8.
State any one component of shareholders’ funds.
Reserves & Surplus.

Question 9.
How would you treat share forfeiture account?
Added in the subscribed.

Question 10.
Mention one component of Reserves and Surplus.
Securities Premium Reserves.

Question 11.
Pratiksha Cartons Limited has given guarantee of ₹ 75,00,000 to a bank for raising loans from the bank by its subsidiary’ company. Where will this be shown in books of the company?
This will be mentioned in Notes to Accounts.