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One Mark Questions for Class 12 Economics Chapter 6 Rural Development

Question 1.
Define rural development.
Rural development refers to the action plan for the economic and social upliftment of rural areas.

Question 2.
Name the key initiatives required for infrastructural development in rural areas.
Key initiatives required for rural development include:
(i) Expansion of rural credit
(ii) Development of irrigation facilities
(iii) Construction of roads
(iv) Organised agricultural marketing
(v) Information dissemination

Question 3.
What has happened to the agriculture output during 2007-12?
During 2007-12, agricultural output has grown at 3.2 percent.

Question 4.
Define credit.
Credit is the amount of money available to be borrowed by an individual, which must be paid back to the lender at some point in the future.

Question 5.
What is the function of micro-credit programme?
Micro-credit programme provides small loans to the needy for self-employment projects that generate income.

Question 6.
Classify rural credit.
Rural credit can be classified into:
(i) Institutional Sources – commercial banks, regional rural bank, cooperatives, land development
(ii) Non-institutional Sources – moneylenders, traders, employers, relatives and friends

Question 7.
Why are moneylenders a popular source of rural credit?
The moneylenders are a popular source of rural credit due to easy availability of credit.

Question 8.
When was NABARD set up?
NABARD was set up in 1982.

Question 9.
What is agricultural marketing?
Agricultural marketing is a process that involves the assembling, storage, processing, transportation, packaging, grading and distribution of different agricultural commodities across the country.

Question 10.
Name a few defects of agricultural marketing.
Defects of agricultural marketing include:
(i) Sale at only village level
(ii) Inadequate transport facilities
(iii) Malpractices
(iv) Inadequate credit facilities

Question 11.
What is cooperative marketing?
Cooperative marketing is a system through which a group of farmers join together to undertake some or all the processes involved in bringing goods to the consumer instead of individual sale.

Question 12.
What is agricultural diversification?
Agricultural diversification refers to change in cropping pattern and/ or a shift of workforce from agriculture to other allied activities and non-agriculture sector.

Question 13.
Name the category that accounts for the largest share in livestock in India.
Poultry accounts for the largest share in livestock in India with 58 per cent (in 2012).

Question 14.
What is operation flood?
Operation flood is a system in which all the farmers pool their milk produced as per quality-based grading and process and market the same to urban centres through cooperatives.

Question 15.
What is the position of India in the production of fruit and vegetables?
India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world.

Question 16.
What is the state of women in employment in fishery sector?
Women are not involved in active fishing. However, they form about 60 per cent of the workforce in export marketing and 40 percent in internal marketing.

Question 17.
List some highly remunerative employment options for women in rural areas.
Highly remunerative employment options for women in rural areas include:
(i) Flower harvesting
(ii) Nursery maintenance
(iii) Propagation of fruits and flowers
(iv) Food processing
(v) Hybrid seed production and tissue culture

Question 18.
What is sustainable development?
Sustainable development is the process of development which fulfils the needs of the present generation without reducing the ability of the future generation to fulfil their own needs.

Question 19.
Define organic farming.
Organic farming includes the entire system of farming that restores, maintains and enhances the ecological balance.

Question 20.
Why is the demand for organically grown food rising?
The demand for organically grown food is rising in order to enhance food safety throughout the world.

Question 21.
List the major concerns related to promotion of organic farming.
The major concerns related to promotion of organic farming are:
(i) Inadequate infrastructure
(ii) Problem of marketing the products