Here we are providing 1 Mark Questions for Political Science Class 12 Chapter 5 Contemporary South Asia are the best resource for students which helps in class 12 board exams.

One Mark Questions for Class 12 Political Science Chapter 5 Contemporary South Asia

Question 1.
Where was the first SAARC Summit held ?
First SAARC Summit was held at Dhaka in December 1985.

Question 2.
When SAARC was established ?
SAARC was established in December, 1985.

Question 3.
Mention the names of the countries which entered into Free Trade Agreement in Dec. 1998.
India and Sri Lanka.

Question 4.
In which year multi-party system was introduced in Maldives ?
Multi-party system was introduced in Maldives in June 2005.

Question 5.
Which countries signed the Farakka Treaty ?
India and Bangladesh.

Question 6.
Which Indian Prime Minister under¬took bus journey to Lahore ?
Prime Minister Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee undertook bus journey to Lahore in Feb. 1999.

Question 7.
Write the name of two observer states of SAARC.
China and Japan.

Question 8.
Name the members of SAARC. (Imp.)(C.B.S.E. 2009)

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • Nepal
  • Maldives
  • Afghanistan.

Question 9.
Why was SAARC established? (C.B.S.E. Sample Q.P 2017)
SAARC was established to promote the welfare of the people and accelerate economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region.

Question 10.
Which two countries of the South Asian region in your opinion have retained their democratic tradition since Independence ? (C.B.S.E. Sample Paper 2018)
India and Sri Lanka have retained their democratic tradition since independence.

Question 11.
Suggest anyone measure to improve Indo-Pak ties in the current scenario. (C.B.S.E. Sample Paper 2018)
Head of the both state should meet at summit to create better understanding.

Question 12.
Name the group that led the JV non-violent movement for democracy in Nepal. (C.B.S.E. 2014)
Seven Party Alliance.

Question 13.
What is the full form of ‘SAARC?
SAARC stands for South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation.

Question 14.
When was New Constitution implemented in Nepal ?
New Constitution was implemented in Nepal on 20th Sept, 2015.

Question 15.
Fill in the blank :
Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan from the year …………… to ……….. (C.B.S.E. Sample Paper)
Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan from the year 1947 to 1971.

Question 16.
Choose the correct answer :
I. Which of the following country is South Asian country ?
(a) Japan
(b) USA
(c) China
(d) Pakistan
(d) Pakistan

Question 17.
Which of the following country is not a South Asian country ?
(a) Bangladesh
(b) India
(c) Bhutan
(d) Russia
(d) Russia

Question 18.
Which one of the following statements about the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka is false? (C.B.S.E. 2018)
(a) Politics in Sri Lanka openly favoured the Sinhalas.
(b) Interests of Tamils were neglected.
(c) Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam were supported by the SAARC countries.
(d) There was no political equality in Sri Lanka.
(c) Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam were supported by the SAARC countries.

Question 19.
Identify the country:
Where the Monarch worked to weed out militants and querrillas from north-eastern India that operated in his country with a view to help India. (Sample Paper 2019-20)