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Urban Administration Class 6 Notes Social Science Civics Chapter 7

CBSE Class 6 Civics Chapter 7 Notes Understanding The Lesson

1. In the urban areas the Municipal Corporation is the body who is responsible for many work such as street lights, garbage collection, water supply, keeping the streets and the markets clean, making gardens and maintaining them.

2. Municipal Corporation is also responsible for ensuring that diseases do not to spread in the city.

3. Municipal Corporation also runs schools, hospitals and dispensaries.

4. In the smaller towns it is called a Municipal Council.

5. The city is divided into different wards and ward councillors get elected.

6. The decisions, like where a park or a new hospital should go are usually made by the Ward Councillors.

7. The complicated decisions that affect the entire city are taken by groups of councillors who form committees to decide and debate issues.

8. When the problems are within a ward then the people who live in the ward can contact their councillors.

9. The decided issues are implemented by the Commissioner and administrative staff who is appointed by the government.

10. Municipal Corporation has various departments such as water department, a department to look after gardens, another to look after roads.

11. The people have right to protest peacefully.

Urban Administration Class 6 CBSE Notes Important Terms

Municipal Corporation: A body which works for welfare of big cities.

Wards: A small part of city.

Councillor: Member of wards.

Municipal Council: A body working for welfare of towns or small cities.