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On Equality Class 7 Notes Social Science Civics Chapter 1

CBSE Class 7 Civics Chapter 1 Notes Understanding The Lesson

1. The key elements of a democratic government include people’s participation, the resolution of conflict, and equality and justice.

2. Equality is a key feature of democracy and influences all aspects of its functioning.

3. Universal adult franchise is an essential aspect of all democracies. The idea of universal adult franchise is based on the idea of equality because it states that every adult in a country, irrespective of their wealth and the communities she/he belongs to, has one vote.

4. One of the more common forms of inequality in India is the caste system. Caste system can be seen clearly in the rural areas while is hidden in the cities.

5. The term Dalits’ is used for the so-called lower castes people. Dalit means ‘ broken’.

6. Ompraksh Valmiki was being treated unequally on the basis of differences of caste whereas Mr Ansari on the basis of religion.

7. The Indian Constitution recognizes every person as equal. This means that every individual in the country is recognized equal irrespective of castes, religion, or any background.

8. This recognition of equality includes some of the provisions in the Constitution-

  • Every person is equal before the law;
  • No person can be discriminated against on the basis of their religion, race, caste, place of birth or whether they are female or male;
  • Every person has access to all public places including playgrounds, hotels, shops, markets, wells, roads and bathing Ghats and
  • Untouchability has been abolished.

9. There are several laws in India that protect every person’s right to be treated equally. There are two ways whereby the Government tries to implement the equality-(i) through laws; and (ii) through government programmes or schemes to help disadvantaged communities.

10. In addition to laws, the government has also set up several schemes to improve the lives of communities and individuals who have been treated unequally for several centuries including mid-day meal scheme. This scheme was very first time started in the State of Tamil Nadu in the year 2001.

11. In many democratic countries around the world, the issue of equality continues to be the key issue including USA, where the Civil Rights Act was enacted in 1964 after a long Civil Rights Movement.

On Equality Class 7 CBSE Notes Important Terms

Universal Adult Franchise: This is called right to vote to all adults irrespective of their social or

economic backgrounds.

Constitution: A constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state is governed. These rules together make up constitution.

Dalit: It means broken.

Civil Rights Movement: A movement of USA for equal rights.