Complex Sentences Exercises With Answers PdfThis grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Complex Sentences Exercises for Class 5 CBSE with Answers PDF

Complex Sentences Exercises With Answers

  • A complex sentence has an independent clause and a dependent clause.
  • An independent clause is a complete sentence that can stand on its own.
  • A dependent clause is not a complete sentence for it cannot stand on its own.
  • Dependent clauses start with (so, because, since, before, even though, after, although, wherever, while etc.) Example:
    Complex Sentence Exercise

Complex Sentences

Read the picture story.
Complex Sentences Exercises Complex Sentences Worksheet Pdf With Answers

Complex Sentences Worksheet With Answer Key Pdf
A. Answer the following questions as per the story.

1. Why does Sherry want to bake a cake? ____________
2. What does she forget while baking the cake? ____________
3. What does she decide to do? ____________

Exercise On Complex Sentences
B. Read the sentence given below. Identify each as a complex or simple sentence.


  • Because he played well, the boy is happy.
    Complex sentence

1. I love to read. ____________
2. She read a book. ____________
3. After the movie, we all went out for pizza. ____________
4. Until he shows up, we have to close the shop. ____________
5. Let’s all take a walk after dinner. ____________
6. Once I finished lunch, I saw the surprise. ____________
7. She had a fun birthday party. ____________
8. Wherever they are, it is far from here. ____________

Complex Sentences Exercises with Answers for Class 5 CBSE PDF

Exercise Complex Sentence
A. Read each sentence and underline the dependent clause and write the independent clause.


  • For the first time, I successfully passed all my classes.
    For the first time, I successfully passed all my classes.

1. In the morning, I went for a walk.

2. For the last time, I will take up fielding.

3. After the game, we went out for pizza.

4. Although I left, I did remember my roots.

5. Since he was not there, I was quite upset.

6. Wherever we are, it is the right place to be.

7. Even though I am tired, I will give it my shot.

8. Although we won, I was not satisfied with my performance.

9. While I was waiting, I saw a meteor overhead.

10. Before the movie, I went to the snack bar.

Complex Sentence Question And Answer
B. Write an independent clause to complete each complex sentence.


  • Wherever you go,
    Wherever you go, you will have friends.

1. Since I’m hungry, ___________
2. Although I’m late, ___________
3. Before the game, ___________
4. Since we were early, ___________
5. Because she is rich, ___________

Complex Sentence Worksheet Grade 5
C. Write a dependent clause to complete each complex sentence. Use connecting words (so, after, when, because, or since).


  • ___________, he was still friends with him.
    After twenty years, he was still friends with him.

1. ___________ -, we will have to go home.
2. ___________ -, we will have to wait in line.
3. ___________ the children are now hungry.
4. ___________ there was little left standing.