Conjunction Worksheet For Class 4

In Online Education conjunction is a word that joins words, phrases and sentences. They are called linkers or connectors also. Words such as ‘and’, ‘but’ and ‘or’ are conjunctions.

This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Online Education Conjunctions Exercises for Class 4 CBSE With Answers PDF

  • A word which joins the two words are called joining words.
  • Joining Words are also called Conjunctions.
  • And, Or, But, Because and So are also called Conjunctions.
  • We use and to connect similar ideas.
  • We use but to connect contrasting ideas.
  • We use because to show the reason.
  • We use so to show the effect.
  • We use or to show choices.

Conjunctions Exercises with Answers for Grade 4 CBSE PDF

Conjunction Exercise For Class 4
A. Fill in the blanks with conjunctions and, but and because.

1. Frogs can hop, ____________ they can’t fly. Conjunctions Worksheet For Class 4
2. Peter has a fever ____________ a terrible headache. Conjunction For Class 4
3. You hãve to speak loudly ____________ can’t hear well. Conjunctions Worksheet For Class 4 With Answers
4. Tom studied hard, ____________ he failed the test. Conjunction Worksheet For Class 4 With Answers
5. They like to watch soap operas ____________ films on TV. Conjunction Exercise Class 4
6. Jim is happy ____________ he won the race. Conjunction Class 4
7. Henri is worried ____________ he is late for an important meeting. Worksheet On Conjunctions For Class 4
8. She bought vitamins ____________ forgot to buy aspirin. Conjunctions Exercises For Class 4 With Answers
9. 9. It was expensive, ____________ they gave me a discount. Conjunctions Exercises For Class 4
10. Paul can’t go to work ____________ he has flu. Conjunction Exercise For Class 4 With Answers

B. Complete the following sentences using and, or, but, because and so.

1. You can take the blue shirt ____________ the green shirt.
2. She is clever ____________ beautiful.
3. He was poor ____________ he was happy.
4. I worked hard ____________ I wanted to pass the test.
5. I did not want to miss the train ____________ I started early in the morning.
6. He was my friend ____________ I decided to help him.
7. She bought some fruits ____________ vegetables.
8. My sister is tall ____________ I am short.
9. She is hard-working ____________ her brother is very lazy.
10. The dress was beautiful it was expensive.
11. I didn’t buy the dress ____________ it was expensive.
12. I passed the test ____________ I worked hard.
13 Karthik can play the violin ____________ he can’t play the piano.
14. She can have an apple ____________ a mango. She can’t have them both.
15. We can go by bus ____________ by train.