Editing Exercises For Class 5 With Answers

The following passage has not been edited. There is an erpr in each line against which a blank is given. Write the incorrect word and the corrected word in your answer sheet against the blank as given in the example. Underline the corrected word that has been supplied.

Editing Exercises for Class 5 CBSE With Answers PDF

This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used. https://ncertmcq.com/editing-exercises-for-class-5/

Editing is a stage of the writing process in which a writer improves a draft by correcting errors and by making words and sentences clearer, more precise and more effective.


  • Always follow PPACTS RULE while editing a passage.
  • PPACTS stands for P – Preposition, P – Pronoun, A – Article/determiner, C – Conjunction, T – Tense/Verb Forms (singular/plural), S – Spelling After reading the passage, identify the tense and see whether it is appropriate to the context.
  • Check the subject-verb agreement.

Editing Solved Exercise With Answers for Class 5 CBSE

Underline each error and write the correction in the space provided.

One morning, the Nawab call a.  called
his minister and said him b.  told
that I wanted the length and c.  he
breadth from the earth d.  of
measured. He also feel the e.  felt
need to have the stars on the f.  in
sky counted. The minister says g.  said or replied
that the task he have been h.  had
had set on being impossible. i.  was

Editing Solved Exercises for Class 5 CBSE

In the following passages, there is an error in each line. The error has been underlined. Write the correction in the space provided.

Editing Exercise class 5 pdf – 1

A famous sportsman, name Harvey  ____________
had attended the cycle race. He  ____________
was a short man, but a greatest  ____________
athlete and have won many  ____________
prizes. He had six sons, who was  ____________
brought up as sportsmen and every  ____________
son had participated on the cycle  ____________
race but were defeated bad.  ____________

Editing Exercise class 5 pdf – 2

What nine years old Sunita did ____________
not like about school were the  ____________
rules. Actually, Sunita did not liked  ____________
rules of any sort, whether at school and  ____________
at home. She hated to studying,  ____________
sleep or eat at fixed timing. She wished  ____________
she should be free, like the birds  ____________
free to go everywhere she wanted.  ____________

Editing Exercise class 5 pdf – 3

Once a beauty white mouse  ____________
was born. As he grow up, his  ____________
friends or family took note of  ____________
his handsome face, her regal  ____________
manner, and his pure white.  ____________
His parents think how they  ____________
would find a wife just so  ____________
beautiful as the younger mouse.  ____________