Either...Or Neither Nor Exercises With Answers

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Either or Neither Nor Exercises with Answers for Class 4 CBSE PDF

Other words for Or used as conjunctions- neither- nor, either-or, both The expression neither — nor means not the first one and not the second one.

  • The movie wasn’t funny. It wasn’t interesting.
  • The movie was neither funny nor interesting.

The expression either — or means the first one or the second one.

  • You can do your homework now. You can do your homework after dinner. You can do your homework either now or after dinner.

The expression both means the first one and the second one together.

  • I like Sara. I like Pooja.
  • I like both Sara and Pooja.

Read the picture story.
Either Or Exercises With Answers

Neither Nor Sentences Exercises
A. Answer the following questions as per the story.

1. Which car does father want to buy? _____________
2. Why does he not buy the car? _____________
3. Which car does father buy in the end of the story? _____________

Either Or Neither Nor Exercises With Answers for Class 4 CBSE PDF

Either Or Sentences Exercises
A. Combine the following sentences with either-or and neither-nor.

Maybe I’ll drink soda. Maybe I’ll drink juice. (I will choose one) I’ll drink either soda or juice.

I don’t eat candy. I don’t eat cake.
I eat neither candy nor cake.

1. Maybe the doctor will help you. Maybe the nurse will help you.

2. The store owner isn’t here today. The store manager isn’t here today.

3. Maybe the team is practicing in the gym. Maybe the team is practicing outdoors.

4. I am not watching the movie on TV. I am not watching the movie on my laptop.

5. Maybe my mom will be at home. Maybe my sister will be at home.

Either Or Neither Nor Exercises
B. Correct the following sentences.

1. I haven’t seen neither of them since last week ____________
2. She speaks either Spanish nor French ____________
3. I like either of them ____________
4. She’s either intelligent and witty ____________
5. Both of them is married ____________
6. I don’t like both jackets ____________
7. Either of them came to our party ____________
8. I want to buy either bags! ____________

Neither Nor Exercises With Answers
C. Complete the following sentences with both, neither or either

1. ____________ cars are very expensive.
2. ____________ of us wanted to go to the restaurant.
3. Would ____________ of you like to come to my place?
4. She’s ____________ sociable and sensitive.
5. He plays ____________ tennis nor squash.
6. I haven’t seen ____________ of those pots for ages.
7. ____________ of my brothers work in the city.
8. ____________ of them want to go for bowling.