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Emphasizing Adjectives Exercises for Class 5 CBSE with Answers PDF

Emphasis Adjective Examples

  • The adjective that emphasizes a particular point, or a thing is called an emphasizing adjective.
  • The highlighted words are called emphasize Adjectives
    I saw him with my own eyes.
    This is happening before my very eyes.
  • Emphasizing Adjectives emphasize strong feelings about something.
  • Utter, true, absolute, outright, pure, perfect, real, great, entire, complete, sure, pleasant are emphasizing adjectives.

Read the picture story.
We are glad to say that our trip to Thailand was an outright success. Our tourist guide Hu Jintao was a true marvel. He possessed complete information about the local area.
Emphasizing Adjectives Examples

We spent our whole time in watching beaches and temples of Thailand. We watched white elephants with utter amazement as we have never seen them before. They are considered a pure and perfect symbol because of their intelligence and strength.
Emphasizing Adjective

Thai food was delicious too. We spent the entire two weeks of our vacation in Thailand, It was really a wonderful experience.
Emphasizing Adjectives Exercises

Emphatic Adjectives Exercises
A. Answer the following questions as per the story.

1. Who was Hu Jintao? ____________
2. How did the visitors spend their whole time in Thailand? ____________
3. What was an utter amazement for the visitors? ____________
4. Where did the visitors spend their vacations? ____________

Emphasizing Adjectives Exercises with Answers PDF

Interrogative And Emphasizing Adjectives Exercises
A. Fill in the blanks with suitable emphasizing adjectives. You can take help from the words given in the box. The first one has been done for you.

only, standing, great, much, absolute, useless, poor, pleasant, great

1. What a pleasant ____________ surprise!
2. You ____________ little thing! You must have suffered a lot.
3. How very shocking! I don’t like to hear about such ____________ things.
4. That’s the ____________ news I have heard in a long time.
5. They have the ____________ amazing talent for music and dance.
6. What a ____________ idea!
7. How ____________ of him! He should have known better.
8. She received a ____________ ovation for her performance.
9. It is my ____________ privilege to welcome you.

Emphasizing Adjective Example
B. Fill in the blanks with emphasizing adjectives. The first one has been done for you.

1. I saw it with my own ____________ eyes.
2. He was beaten at his ____________ game.
3. Mind your ____________ business.
4. He is his ____________ master.
5. That is the ____________ thing we want.
6. I talked to a ____________ interesting man.
7. He is a ____________ duffer.
8. ____________ desperation is the cause of his illness.
9. By saving the child, Ganesh proved to be ____________ hero.
10. Hard work is ____________ sign of success.