Fractions and Decimals Class 7 NotesOn this page, you will find Fractions and Decimals Class 7 Notes Maths Chapter 2 Pdf free download. CBSE NCERT Class 7 Maths Notes Chapter 2 Integers will seemingly help them to revise the important concepts in less time.

CBSE Class 7 Maths Chapter 2 Notes Fractions and Decimals

Fractions and Decimals Class 7 Notes Conceptual Facts

Fraction \(=\frac{\text { Numerator }}{\text { Denominator }}\)

1. Types of fraction:

  • Proper fractions = Representing a part of a whole, e.g\(\frac{1}{2}, \frac{3}{4} \text { and } \frac{1}{4}\)
  • Improper fraction: Numerator is always greater than the denominator, \(\text { e.g. } \frac{6}{5}, \frac{7}{4} \text { and } \frac{3}{2}\)
  • Mixed fraction: Combination of a whole number and a proper fraction.\(\text { -e.g. } 1 \frac{2}{3}, 2 \frac{5}{6} \text { and } 3 \frac{1}{2}\)

2. Multiplication of two fractions: \(\frac{\text { Product of numerators }}{\text { Product of denominators }} \text { e.g. } \frac{2}{5} \times \frac{3}{4}=\frac{2 \times 3}{5 \times 4}=\frac{6}{20}\)

3. Reciprocal of a non-zero fraction is obtained by interchanging its numerator and the denominator e.g. reciprocal of  \(\frac{3}{4} \text { is } \frac{4}{3}\)

4. While dividing a whole number by a fraction, we multiply the whole number with the reciprocal of that
\(\text { e.g. } 5 \div \frac{3}{2}=5 \times \frac{2}{3}=\frac{10}{3}\)

5. While dividing a fraction by a whole number, we multiply the fractions by the reciprocal of the whole
\(\text { e.g. } \frac{1}{4} \div 2=\frac{1}{4} \times \frac{1}{2}=\frac{1}{8}\)

6. Division of a fraction by another fractions.

7. Multiplication of two decimal numbers: 2.25 x 1.2 = 2.700

8. Number obtained by dividing a non-zero integer by 0, is not defined, e.g. \(\text { e.g. } \frac{2}{0}, \frac{\frac{3}{2}}{0} \text { and } \frac{-5}{0}\)

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