Future Perfect Tense Worksheet For Class 4This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used. https://ncertmcq.com/future-perfect-tense-exercises-for-class-4/

Future Perfect Tense Exercises for Class 4 CBSE with Answers PDF

  • Future perfect tense is used to say that somebody will have done something by a certain time in the future.
  • It is also used to describe a fact that is not yet true but which is expected to be true in future.
  • Will have + past participle form of the verb is used in this tense.

Future Perfect Tense

Read the picture story.
Future Perfect Worksheet Pdf

Future Perfect Tense Exercises
A. Answer the following questions as per the story.

1. For how many months will Bobby have trained by the time he leaves to go overseas? ___________
2. By the time he returns, for how long he will have gone? ___________
3. What will they have exchanged by the time Bobby comes home? ___________

Future Perfect Tense Exercises for Class 4
B. Fill in the blanks with the right words from the box below.

he – have – to – about
written – army – safely – very

Bobby is in the ___________. Tomorrow, he will leave home ___________ join the troops overseas for 18 months. He will ___________ trained for 8 months by the time he leaves. He will have worked ___________ hard by the time he comes home. By the time ___________ returns, he will have gone for 18 months. His wife will have worried ___________ him all that time. They will have ___________ many letters by the time he comes home. She will be happy when he returns ___________.

Future Perfect Tense Exercises with Answers for Grade 6 CBSE PDF

Future Perfect Tense Exercises Class 4
A. Fill in the blanks using the verbs in the brackets such that the sentences are in Future Perfect Tense.

1. Anne ___________ her bike next week. (to repair)
2. We ___________ the washing by 8 o’clock. (to do)
3. She ___________ Paris by the end of next year. (to visit)
4. I ___________ this by 6 o’clock. (to finish)
5. Sam ___________ by next week. (to leave)
6. She ___________ this with her mother tonight. (to discuss)
7. The police ___________ the driver. (to arrest)
8. They ___________ their essay by tomorrow. (to write)
9. Pradeep ___________ the teams. (to manage)
10. If we can do that – then we ___________ our mission. (to fulfill)

Future Perfect Tense Class 4
B. Combine the following pairs and rewrite the sentences in future perfect tense.

1. The children will eat all the cake, (before their mother comes.)

2. The fire will destroy the whole building, (before the firemen arrive)

3. The patient will die. (before they reach the hospital)

4. He will leave, (before you reach his place)

5. We will pay back all our debts, (before we leave this city)

Future Perfect Tense Exercises for Class 4 CBSE
C. Change the following sentences in future perfect tense.

1. She (to go) to Japan four times if she goes there again.

2. If he wins another gold medal, he (to win) four in his entire career.

3. Mohit (to climb) Mt. Fuji eight times by November 10.

4. Rakhi and Mina (to eat) dinner by the time you get back from work.

5. The baseball player (to hit) six homeruns if he hits another one tonight.

6. I am sure you (to pay) your rent tomorrow by this time.

7. Neena (to make) ten cakes if she makes two more.

8. They (to swim) from England to Spain if they continue.

Directions: Write the following sentences in future perfect tense using the words given in the brackets.

1. I do the laundry, (by noon tomorrow)

2. We write a letter, (before father comes).

Future Perfect Tense Exercises for Class 4 CBSE with Answers
D. Do as directed.

1. Future continuous (She/wait when we arrive)

2. Future perfect (By next week I/finish this work)

3. Future simple (I / come later)

4. Future simple (It/rain tomorrow)

5. Future perfect (We/arrive in Delhi by this time tomorrow)

6. Future continuous (John/sleep at 4 am)