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Glimpses of India Summary Class 10 English First Flight

Glimpses of India Part 1 Summary

A Baker From Goa Summary

‘A Baker from Goa’ is a pen portrait of a traditional Goan village baker who still has an important place in his society. The narrator is travelling through the memory lane thinking about the loaves of bread a baker delivered every morning. The baker, who visited the narrator’s place, was like a friend, companion and guide. His visits were always a welcome one. He wore a traditional dress and collected his bills at the end of the month. The ladies in the house used to prepare sandwiches, cakes and bolinhas for different occasions.

Glimpses of India Part 2 Summary

Coorg Summary

The writer has depicted the beauty of Coorg which is the smallest district of Karnataka. It attracts many visitors as it is in the lap of nature. This place is more fascinating because of the sweet aroma of a variety of spices. Today this culture is a mixture of Greek or Arab and the local people. Coorgi people are known for their valour and boasts of the most decorated army personnel. It abounds in flora and fauna. The Brahmagiri hills present a panoramic view. The fascinating beauty of Coorg refreshes one’s heart and soul.

Glimpses of India Part 3 Summary

Tea From Assam Summary

Tea from Assam’ is an interesting and informative lesson about tea plantation, its history and its significance. The writer has tried to make it interesting by using a dialogue method. Two young boys Pranjol and Rajvir are going to Assam. Rajvir is excited as he passes through tea gardens and wants to share his knowledge with Pranjol. They talk about various Indian and Chinese legends behind tea. Rajvir tells Pranjol a very interesting story of a Chinese emperor who discovered tea by chance.

He also tells Pranjol another story which is very strange and illogical. This story tells us about the growing up of tea leaves out of the eyelids of a monk. Thus, through these interesting dialogues, the writer has attempted to develop a sense of curiosity among the young readers.