Interjection Worksheet For Class 2

This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Interjection Worksheet Exercises for Class 2 Examples with Answers CBSE PDF

Interjection Exercises for Grade 2 with Answers CBSE PDF

  • An Interjections is a part of speech which shows strong feeling, such as surprise, anger or joy.
  • They are followed by either an exclamation sign (!) or a comma(,).
  • She shouted at him, “Go away! I hate you!”
  • He exclaimed: “What a fantastic house you have!”
  • “Good heavens!” he said, “Is that true?”
  • “Help!”
  • “Shut up!”
  • “Stop!”

Interjection Practice Exercises for Grade 2 with Answers CBSE PDF

Interjection Class 2
A. Put exclamation mark (!) wherever necessary in the following sentences.

a. Wow What a wonderful crowd
b. I’m so happy to see you
c. What a pleasant surprise
d. Look out
e. Ouch I’ve cut my finger
f. Oh no I’ve lost my bag
g. How hot it was
h. How exciting that was
i. Watch out

Interjection For Class 2
B. How many words can you think of that express how the children feel? Write your words in clouds. Don’t forget the exclamation marks.
Interjection Exercise For Class 2