Joining Words For Class 2
This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Joining Words Worksheet Exercises for Class 2 Examples with Answers CBSE PDF

Joining Words Worksheet

  • A word which joins two sentences is called a joining word.
  • ‘And’, ‘But’, ‘Or’ are the words that join two parts of the sentences.
  • We use ‘And’ to join two sentences.
  • We use ‘But’ to join two different thoughts and ideas.
  • We use ‘Or’ to join sentences when there is choice. It means that one of two things can happen.

Read the examples given below.

Joining Words For Class 2 With Answers
The boy and the girl are wearing hats.
Conjunction For Class 2
I like ice cream but I do not like milk.
Conjunction Worksheet For Class 2
I will have milk or honey.

Joining Words Worksheet Exercises

Read the picture story.
Humming birds are small and colorful. Their legs are weak, but their wings are strong. Their wings beat fast and make a humming sound.
Joining Words Worksheet For Class 2

The birds can fly up or down, backwards or sideways. They can hang in the air and drink nectar from a flower.
Joining Words Class 2

They usually lay two eggs and their babies are featherless. Grass, bark or cobwebs hold their nest together. It’s really amazing!
Conjunction Class 2

Joining Words Worksheet For Grade 2
A. Answer the following questions as per the story.

1. Describe Humming birds? _______________________
2. What have you learnt about humming bird’s legs and wings from the story? _______________________
3. From where does Humming bird drink nectar? _______________________

Conjunction Exercise For Class 2
B. Fill in each blank with a word from the story above.

1. Humming birds make a humming sound with their ____________
2. Humming birds can fly up ____________ down, backwards ____________ sideways.
3. ____________, bark or ____________ hold the nest together.

Joining Words Worksheets for Grade 2 with Answers CBSE PDF

And But Or Worksheet For Class 2
A. Fill in the blanks with and or but.

Conjunction Class 2 Worksheet1. Vijay is tall ____________ thin. Conjunctions For Class 2 With Answers
2. Raju is tall ____________ not thin.
Conjunction Exercise For Class 2 With Answers
3. I found the book ____________ I can’t find the pen.
Conjunctions For Class 2
4. I have found the book ____________ pen.
Conjunctions Worksheet For Class 2
5. The dog ____________ the cat are fighting
Joining Words Exercise For Class 2
6. The dog is sleeping ____________ the cat is not

Joining Words Worksheet
B. Use ‘or’ to join the following. The first one has been done for you.

1. Do you like tea? Do you like coffee?
Do you like tea or coffee?

2. Is your shirt red? Is your shirt green? Conjunctions Exercises For Class 2

3. Is that Meera? Is that Rita?Conjunction Sentences For Class 2

4. Was that a tiger? Was that a lion?Conjunction Worksheet For Class 2 With Answer

5. Do you like burger? Do you like pizza?Conjunction Worksheet For Class 2 Pdf

Conjunction Examples For Class 2
C. Complete the sentences with correct conjunctions.

1. My grandma makes tasty cakes ___________ snacks. and, but
2. Her writing is good ___________ her spellings are weak. and, but
3. Anuj ___________ Sunny are playing on the beach. and, but
4. Rita fell down ___________ she did not get hurt. and, but