Letter Of Complaint Class 11

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Letter of Complaint Class 11 Format, Topics, Samples

Letter Of Complaint Class 11 Question 1.
You read in a newspaper the news ‘An Old Couple Murdered in South Delhi’. You decide to write a letter to the Commissioner of Police, complaining against the rising rate of crime against the old people. Write the letter giving suggestions for the security of the elderly. You are Aanchal of B-6/12, Phase I, Ashok Vihar.

B6/12 Phase I
Ashok Vihar
Delhi 110052

3 March 20XX

The Commissioner of Police
Delhi Police
Police Headquarters
New Delhi 110002

Dear Sir

Sub: Crime Against the Aged

Through the letter, I want to raise the issue of the rising crime and violence against the aged. Every other day, we hear of the murder or robbing of the elderly. There have been even some cases of the old women living alone being raped.

I feel police can do a lot to make the aged feel secure in their homes. Beat constables should be instructed to visit the old and the aged single people from time to time. There can be a special phone number at every police station for the use of the aged. The police officers and constables . should be given special training to be sensitive to the needs of the aged.

I hope the police department will take some effective measures soon to prevent crime against the aged.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully Aanchal

Format Of Complaint Letter Class 11 Question 2.
Write a letter to the Chief Post Master, General Post Officer, Lucknow complaining of late delivery of letters causing a lot of inconvenience to you. You are Meena/Mohit of 21, Babuganj, Lucknow.

21, Babuganj
Lucknow 2260XX

12 January 20XX

The Chief Post Master
General Post Office
Lucknow 2260XX

Dear Sir

Subject: Late delivery of letters

I am writing to you in great anguish on a subject which should be treated on top priority by you and your department.

I am suffering a lot of inconvenience due to the late delivery of letters for no fault of mine. Letters reach me as late as a month from the date of receipt at Lucknow post office. I lost a job opportunity as the interview call was received a week after it was held.

I have earlier complained to the Post Master, Babuganj, but to no avail. I now request you to look into the matter and remedy the situation.

Yours faithfully

Letter To Complaint Class 11 Question 3.
You are Ansh / Anshu of 15, Alipur Road, Delhi. Write a letter to the Municipal Commissioner
about the insanitary conditions of your locality. [NCT 2009]

15, Alipur Road
Delhi 1100XX

3 November 20XX

The Municipal Commissioner
Civil Lines
Delhi 1100XX

Dear Sir

Subject: Insanitary Conditions in the Locality

Value Points:

  •  choked overflowing drains
  • garbage on roads
  • choked sewers
  • foul smell

(Develop these points into complete sentences.)
I request for an early action.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

Letter For Complaint Class 11 Question 4.
You are Rahul/Rani of 246, Andrews Park, New Delhi. Your telephone is out of order for the last
fortnight. You have made many complaints to the local office but in vain. Write a letter of complaint to the General Manager, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. [KVS 2007]

246, Andrews Park
New Delhi

12 July 20XX

The General Manager
Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd.
Connaught Place
Delhi 1100XX

Dear Sir

Subject: Non-functioning of Telephone No. 2701XXXX

It is out of desperation that I am forced to write to you.

My telephone no. 2701XXXX has been out of order for the last fortnight. The first monsoon showers and the subsequent flooding has caused my phone to stop functioning. Since then, I have made several complaints to the Assistant Engineer, Area Manager and the Zonal Manager but the fault has not been rectified.

I request you to kindly look into the matter and give the necessary instructions so that my telephone is restored. I also request you to waive the charges for the fortnight in which my phone was not functional.

Hoping for a positive response.

Yours faithfully

Class 11 Complaint Letter Question 5.
You have taken broadband facility from the MTNL, but the service is far from satisfactory. The connection is weak and often not available.

Write a letter to the Manager asking him to remedy the fault. Make up the necessary details signing as Vidya Bhushan/Vidya Rani.

1259, S.P. Block
Sector 5
New Delhi

13 December 20XX

The Manager
47/2, Rohini
Delhi 1100XX

Dear Sir

Subject: Faulty broadband connection on phone No. 2702XXXX

I took a broadband connection on my MTNL telephone no 2702XXXX in October 20XX. I regret to say that the service provided by you is far from satisfactory.

The modem given to me is unable to hold the connection for more than fifteen minutes. This causes service impairment in my work. Besides, often the connection gets weak and I lose the net in the middle of my work. Worst, sometimes I am not able to get the internet connectivity at all.
I request you to kindly look into the matter and make the broadband usable.

Hoping for an early action,

Yours faithfully

Vidya Bhushan

Letter Of Complaint Class 11 Format Question 6.
You are greatly disturbed by loudspeakers blaring at high volume particularly during festival times. Private functions, exhibitions and fairs, and religious occasions make use of loudspeakers without caring for the peace of local residents. Write a letter to the Superintendent of Police of your area requesting him to strictly enforce the law which prohibits the use of loudspeakers beyond 11 p.m. You are Rishiraj Narain, living at R-25, Sector 14, R.K.Puram, New Delhi.

(Complete the outlines given in the second para to make full sentences.)
R-25, Sector 14
R.K. Puram
New Delhi

2 June 20XX

The Superintendent of Police
R.K. Puram Police Station
New Delhi

Dear Sir

Subject: Complaint about blaring of loudspeakers

I wish to draw your attention to the gross violation of the peace of local residents by the blaring of loudspeakers.

(Develop these points)
Festival season is coming-fairs, exhibitions, religious gatherings, marriages-all use loudspeakers late into the night. People cannot sleep, students cannot study-working people suffer most.

I request you to strictly enforce the rules that forbid the use of loudspeakers beyond 11 p.m. Peace cannot be restored unless the police takes strict measures.

Hopefully some action will be taken in this matter.

Yours faithfully
Rishiraj Narain
(a concerned citizen)

Letter Writing Class 11 Complaint Question 7.
As Avinash Aneja, Librarian, you had ordered two sets each of World History in Pictures (5 Vols.), Nature Study (16 Vols.) and The Story of Science (16 Vols.) from M/s Universal Book Suppliers, 14, Gali Ram Nath, Chandni Chowk, Delhi. Unfortunately, on receiving the books, you found that some volumes were missing in the sets and some were damaged. Write a letter complaining about the defective, deficient supply and ask them to rectify this situation. This order had been placed by you for the library of your school, Vivekanand Senior Secondary School, Vikaspuri, Delhi.

Your Ref. UBS/13/06
Our Ref. VSS/DE/06/XX
Vivekanand Senior Secondary School
A Block
Vikaspuri 1100XX

10 July 20XX

M/s Universal Book Suppliers
14, Gali Ram Nath
Chandni Chowk
Delhi 1100XX

Dear Sir

Subject: Complaint about defective and deficient supply of books

We have received a parcel containing the books ordered by us in our letter of 4 December 20XX, ref.no. UBS/13/06.

I want to point out here that the order has not been complied with completely and no set is complete. Unfortunately, due to oversight Vol. no. 3 in World History in Pictures, Vols. 7 and 8 in Nature Study and Vol. 13 in The Story of Science are missing. Further, Vol. 2 in Nature Study is damaged and in Vol. 10 in The Story of Science, pages 228 to 258 are missing.

It is extremely distressing to find such carelessness from a reputable bookseller like you. Kindly supply the missing volumes and replace the defective and damaged ones at the earliest.

Hoping for an early response.

Yours faithfully
Avinash Aneja

Letter Of Complaint Format Class 11 Question 8.
You are Anuj/Anuja of 10, Panchali Nagar, Delhi. Last month you purchased an automatic Wingsung washing machine from Grand Electronics, against a warranty of two years. For one month, it worked well. Now you find that it is making an unbearable noise and clothes are not washed properly. Write a letter to the Manager of Grand Electronics, complaining about your problem and requesting him to replace the machine immediately.

10, Panchali Nagar
Delhi 1100XX

20 December 20XX

The Manager
Grand Electronics
Netaji Subhash Palace
New Delhi 1100XX

Dear Sir

Subject: Complaint about the faulty washing machine

I bought a Wingsung washing machine, model no. LVX20 from your shop on 24th November 20XX during the special Festive Sale. I am extremely sorry to state that within a month the machine has started malfunctioning.

The machine makes a peculiar rattling sound when spinning. Day by day the sound is getting louder. At the end of the wash, the clothes are almost as dirty as before. It is a waste of expensive detergent powder, electricity, labour and time.

Since the fault has occurred within the warranty period, I request you to kindly replace the machine. I am enclosing the photocopies of the bill of purchase and the warranty card.
I hope you will take an early action and do the needful.

Yours faithfully
Encl: (i) Copy of Bill No. 23456 WM
(ii) Copy of warranty card

Class 11 Letter Of Complaint Question 9.
You are Kanchan / Kavi staying at 12 Vaibhav Apartments, New Delhi. Last month you purchased a computer from K V Dealers, Gandhi Market, New Delhi with a warranty of 2 years; All of a sudden it has stopped functioning. Write a letter to the dealer complaining about it and requesting to replace it against the warranty that goes with it.

12, Vaibhav Apartments
New Delhi

19 April 20XX

The Manager
KV Dealers
Gandhi Market
New Delhi 1100XX

Dear Sir

Subject: Complaint about compac computer

I bought a Compac P.C. No. B-43z from your store on 4th February 20XX. I regret to say that it has now stoppbd working.

The problem seems to be in the CPU as I am unable to start the computer. I request you to replace . this defective piece as it is well within the guarantee period.

Hope an early action is taken.

Yours faithfully
Encl. 1. Copy of warranty card
2. Copy of Bill No. 5279 PC

Question 10.
You are Suresh Mathur. You bought a scooter manufactured by XYZ Company from Pinky Automobiles Ltd., Industrial Area, Chandigarh. You were told the scooter is of superior quality and that the parts were easily available. However, three months after you purchased the scooter, the brakes failed, gears stopped working and petrol tank started leaking. You took the scooter to various repair shops. Almost all of them have told you that the spare parts are not available. Write to XYZ company asking them to either replace the scooter or send you the spare parts.

C-21, Sector 14

21 December 20XX

The Manager
XYZ Company
Pinky Automobiles Ltd
Industrial Area

Dear Sir

Subject: Complaint regarding scooter

This is to bring to your notice the problems that I am facing with my new scooter LX2100, of XYZ company, purchased from you on 7th Sept, 20XX.

I was assured of the excellent quality of the scooter by you. Unfortunately within three months of purchase, I have started facing problems. The brakes have started to give trouble and have led to a minor accident. Then the gears have started slipping and I have lost control of the power and speed of my vehicle. The leak in the petrol tank is the last straw. Now, I am unable to take my scooter on the road. I was assured that the parts of this scooter are easily available. In this matter too, your claims have proved false. I have not been able not find any genuine spare parts.

I request you to kindly solve my problem. The scooter is still within the guarantee period. Kindly take away this defective piece and replace it at the earliest.

I expect you to send your mechanic to see the things for himself.

Hoping for a quick response,

Yours faithfully
Suresh Mathur

Question 11.
You are Manish/Manisha Verma living at 59, Saraswati Enclave, Sector 9, Rohini, Delhi. You had taken a tour to Badrinath, Kedarnath and Haridwar conducted by Ideal Pilgrim Tours and Travels, D-22, Connaqght Place, New Delhi. During the trip you found the arrangements for stay unsatisfactory, the buses uncomfortable and the drivers and conductors rude. Write a letter to the manager complaining about these problems faced by you and your family.

59, Saraswati Enclave
Sector 9
Delhi 110085

2 November 20XX

The Manager
Ideal Pilgrim Tours and Travels
D-22, Connaught Place
New Delhi 110001

Dear Sir

Subject: Complaint about the tour arrangements

My family and I have just returned from a tour of Haridwar, Badrinath and Kedarnath, conducted by your company. I regret to say that it was not a happy experience.

Though we paid for deluxe air-conditioned buses, we did not find them comfortable. The air conditioning did not work; seat cushions were torn and damaged. Staying arrangements were comfortable but service was poor-no blankets till midnight. The worst and the most unfortunate, part was the rudeness of the bus driver and the conductor.

Please rectify these problems at the earliest to make the tours truly enjoyable.

With best wishes

Yours faithfully
Manish Verma