Letter Of Enquiry Class 11

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Letter Of Enquiry Class 11 Question 1.

You are Seetha/Surya living in Bangalore. You and your friends are planning a week-long holiday. You come across the following advertisement. Select a destination of your choice. Write a letter making necessary enquiries from the tour operator before you make your final decision.

This winter, fill your holidays with endless Masti and thrill!!
We offer exciting domestic and international holiday packages for individuals as well as groups. You decide and leave the rest to us.1. Exotic Malaysia with Singapore and Star Cruise

10 nights 11 days
₹ 54,000

2. Magical Singapore

5 nights 6 days

3.Bangkok, Pattaya + Kul + Krabi + Singapore

11 days
₹ 32,999

4. Australia (Sydney, Coral Islands, and CNS)

7 nights 8 days
₹ 67,000

5. Best of Nepal

5 nights in a 5-star Hotel
₹ 7,999

6. Exotic Goal

3 nights 4 days
₹ 3,333

For more details write to us or visit our website www.sewanathholidavs. com
write to us at Sewa Nath Worldwide Holidays, 123-A, Kailash Building, Goverdhan Road, City Centre, Malegaon

Letter To Enquiry Class 11 Question 2.
You are Ashok/Asha Rai living at 49, S-Block, Model Town, Allahabad- 211001. You came across the following advertisement:

Homeo postal class Eng./Hindi. Practicals arranged. Prospectus free. Contact Director, Mavelil Homeo Mission, P.B. 1015, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram-695004.

Write a letter to the Director asking for detailed information on the courses, duration, fees, assignments, local contact programmes. Request for a prospectus and enclose a self-addressed envelope.

49, S Block
Model Town
Allahabad 21100X
Uttar Pradesh

10 March 20XX

Maveli Homeo Mission
P.B. 105, Pattom
Thiruvanthapuram 695004

Dear Sir

Subject: Inquiry regarding postal homeo course

This is with reference to your advertisement in the Times of India dated March 8,20XX about the postal homeopathic course. I am interested in joining the complete course but would like some more information.

Kindly let me know the duration of the course, as well as the total fee. I would like to know if any contact programme is held and, if held, of what duration. Kindly send a prospectus to me at the above address. I am enclosing a self-addressed envelope for the purpose.

Hoping for an early response.
Yours faithfully
Asha Rai
Enel, s.a.e.

Letter For Enquiry Class 11 Question 3.
Write a reply to the above enquiry.

Maveli Homeo Mission
PB. 1015
Thiruvanthapuram 695004
20 March 20XX
Asha Rai
49, S Block
Model Town
Allahabad 21100X
Uttar Pradesh 2110XX

Dear Madam

Thanks for your letter dated March 9, 20XX, and the interest you have taken in the courses offered by us.

The complete course of a full medical degree is of three years duration. The total charges are 120,000 payable in three installments. The first installment is of ₹ 10,000 and the subsequent of ₹ 5,000 each.

The three contact programmes will be held for a month each year. You will be expected to read the study material and submit the assignments before the contact programme begins.

As desired By you, I am enclosing a prospectus. For any additional enquiries, please contact us at any time.

With best wishes,

R.G.K. Menon
Enel. Prospectus

Letter Of Enquiry Class 11 Format Question 4.
You are Prantik/Prantika, the Secretary of the Historical Society of Nalanda Senior Secondary School, Bombay. You want to take a group of forty students of your school on a trip from Bombay to Delhi by a deluxe bus. Write a letter to Global Travels, Bombay, enquiring about their terms and conditions for package tours. You can ask about the duration of the trip, boarding and lodging charges, mode of payment, and discount available if any.

Historical Society
Nalanda Senior Secondary School
Bombay 4000XX
3 August 20XX

The Manager
Global Travels
New Link Road
Jogeshwari (W)
Bombay 4000XX

Dear Sir

Subject: Enquiry regarding package tour to Delhi

I have received positive feedback about the package tours conducted by your company.

I intend to take a group of forty students to Delhi by a deluxe bus. The trip will be of about 20 days in October. The reason why we want to go by bus is that we want to visit cities en route to Delhi. We plan to see Ahmedabad, Baroda, Udaipur and Jaipur on way to Delhi and Mathura, Agra, Gwalior, and Indore on the return journey. We would like to stay at night at these places.

Kindly let us know if 20 days are sufficient for sightseeing in these cities and in Delhi. You will have to arrange for the deluxe bus, our boarding and lodging, and sightseeing. Also, let us know if you can make satisfactory hotel arrangements and what your charges will be. We shall expect the discount given to large groups and to students. Also, indicate what mode of payment will be acceptable to you.

I request you for an early response so that we may finalise our programme.

With best wishes,

Yours faithfully

Letter Of Enquiry Format Class 11 Question 5.
You are keen to get a call centre job. You are aware that you need to improve your spoken English and get some training in personality development.

You came across the following advertisement.
Letter Of Enquiry Format Class 11

Write a letter to the Director asking for the course content, duration, fee, timings, and other details. You are Aniket/Nikita of 15, H.I.G, Colony, Pitampura, Delhi.

15, H.I.G. Colony
Delhi 110034

15 June 20XX

The Director
Maa Sharda Education Group
Vasundhara, Sector B
Delhi 110085

Dear Sir

Subject: Inquiry about Spoken English Courses

This is with reference to your advertisement in the Hindustan Times on 14th June,. 20XX regarding Call Centre Training. You also offer a 100% job guarantee. I would like to know some more details about the course.

I have cleared AISSE and am looking for job opportunities available to me. I am particularly interested in a personality development programme. Kindly let me know if you conduct spoken English classes independent of this course or as part of personality development. Please let me know about the duration of the course and class timings. I would also like to know the fee for the course and whether it is payable in installments. Do you offer any discounts to meritorious students?

I shall be grateful if you send me a prospectus giving these details and an admission form at the earliest.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Class 11 Letter Of Enquiry Question 6.
A new sports complex has been inaugurated in Paschim Vihar, New Delhi. Write a letter to the Director asking for rules and procedures for obtaining membership. You also wish to know about the fee/annual charges as well as concessions offered to students. Sign as Harsh Kumar Jain of 6,
B Block Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.

6, B Block
Rajouri Garden
New Delhi 1100XX

1 April 20XX

The Director
Sports Complex
Paschim Vihar
New Delhi 1100XX

Dear Sir

Subject: Inquiry about Securing Membership of Pashchim Vihar Sports Complex

We, the residents, are extremely proud and happy to have our own Sports Complex. I am a student of class XI, sixteen-year-old, and would like to become a member.

Kindly let me know the procedure for securing membership and whether I need to furnish some documents.

I would highly appreciate if you could let me know about the membership fee for one year and if I would be given student concession. I would like to join tennis, squash and gymnastics.

I shall be obliged if you send me a copy of the rules and regulations for the members of the Sports Complex.

Yours faithfully
Harsh Kumar Jain

Letter Of Inquiry Sample For Students Question 7.
Nehru Yuva Kendra on 7, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi, is an organisation catering to the cultural needs of the youth. Write a letter to the Director, enquiring about the short-term courses/classes scheduled for the summer vacations. You are particularly interested in drama and martial arts programmes. Sign as Raghuvir Singh, 50, Daryaganj, Delhi.

(Complete the hints given in the second para to make full sentences.)
50, Darya Ganj
Delhi 110002
2 April 20XX

The Director
Nehru Yuva Kendra
7, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg
New Delhi 110001

Dear Sir

Subject: Enquiry about Classes and Courses

I came to know of the courses and classes conducted by you, through the Hindustan Times dated 20th April 20XX. I would like to have some more information.
(Develop these points into sentences.)
My interest -drama-Hindi and English-martial arts-Karate, Kung fu-classes/courses of what duration-evening class if possible-what expenses apart from the fee.

I request to send a prospectus of the entire summer programme.

Yours faithfully
Raghuvir Singh

Letter Of Enquiry Class 11 Pdf Question 8.
You have a savings bank account in the State Bank of India. You have lost your passbook. Write to
the Branch Manager requesting him to get another copy of the passbook issued to you.
14, H.I.G. Flats
Ashok Vihar
Delhi 110052

30 November 20XX

The Branch Manager
State Bank of India
27, F-Block
Connaught Place
New Delhi 110001

Dear Sir

Subject: Request for issuance of a fresh passbook

I have been holding a savings account in your branch for the past five years. My Account No. is SB 4567.

Unfortunately, on 28 November 20XX, I lost my briefcase while travelling. It contained my passbook for the above account. I request you to kindly issue me another one at the earliest. A copy of the FIR lodged by me at Ashok Vihar Police Station in enclosed.

Yours faithfully
Shayam Lai Bajaj
Enel. Copy of FIR