Message Writing For Class 5A message is a short, informal piece of writing conveying information received over the telephone, public address system or in person, to a person for whom the information was intended but who was not at hand to receive the information.

In other words, it is a piece of information given by a third person to be passed on to a particular person. Messages must be brief, yet have all the information. It is usually a telephonic message that has to be reported/passed on to someone.

Message Writing for Class 5 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises PDF

This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Writing What Is Message?
Messages are a form of brief information meant for a person in whose absence they have been received.


  • Do not write sender’s or receiver’s address.
  • Mention the time and date when the message is written.
  • Give a brief salutation. Example:- Dear Uncle etc.
  • Write only the important points. Do not add anything of your own.
  • The message should be clear.
  • Stick to the word limit.
  • Write your name at the end of the message.
  • The message must be in a box.

Format Of A Message Writing


Salutation Time:

These details will depend on the questions and so can be adjusted accordingly.


Message Writing Exercises for Class 5 with Answers CBSE Pdf


Sample 1. Read the following conversation between Nisha and Nikki. Then as Nikki, write a message for Shikha using 35 words.
Nisha : Hello! Is it 2658522?
Nikky : Yes.
Nisha : Can I speak to Shikha?
Nikky : She is not at home.
Nisha : Can you please ask her to prepare a speech on ‘Cleanliness’ for tomorrow’s morning assembly.
Alikky : May I please know who is speaking?
Nisha : Iam Nisha, her friend.
Message Writing Class 5

Sample 2. Read the following conversation between Abhilasha and Amol. Then as Amol, write a message for Priya using 35 words.
Abhilasha : May I speak to Priya?
Amol : She is not at home.
Abhilasha : Then please ask her to bring my Maths note-book to school tomorrow as it has to be submitted to the teacher.
Amol : Okay who is speaking?
Abhilasha : Iam her friend Abhilasha.
Message Writing

Message Writing Practice for Class 5 CBSE Pdf

A. Radhika’s receptionist makes the following notes; then writes a message and sends it to Radhika who is in an important meeting. Taking help of the notes complete the message. Do not add any new information.

Mr. Kapadia—G. M., Mumbai Traders—arrived at 4 p.m. wants to talk about contract—very urgent—contact at Hotel


7 August 20xx

Mr. Kapadia, G.M., Mumbai Traders arrived here (a) ____________. He wants to talk to you (b) ____________. He said it is (c) ____________ and has asked you to (d) ____________ at Hotel Kanishka. He is putting up in Room No. 43. He will (e) ____________ day after tomorrow.

B. Read the following conversation between Reema and Aviral. Then as Aviral, write a message to your parents who are at their office. Use about 40 words.
Reema : May I speak to Pallavi’s parents?
Aviral : They are not at home. I can take a message. I’m Aviral, Pallavi’s brother.
Reema : Well, Pallavi has been admitted to ‘Medical College Hospital.
Aviral : When? What happened?
Reema : Today during recess she fell down from the stairs. She has fractured her leg. The class teacher is with her, but she is not fine. She is in
ward number 14.
Aviral : Thank you.