Modals Exercises for Class 6 With Answers


Define: We use the modals verbs can, may, must in the English language to express various meaning – ability, ‘ possibility, permission, attitudes, opinions, etc.

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Online Education Modals Exercise For Class 7 CBSE With Answers PDF

Modals Class 6 
Uses of Can – Could

Can Could
  • General ability (present)
    I can speak English.
  • Ask for permission (informal)
    Can I borrow your pen please?
  • To request something
    Can you help me please?
  • Possibility
    It can get very cold there at night.
  • Offer to help someone
    Can I carry your bags for you?
  • Cannot (can’t) = not allowed
    You cannot smoke in this room/
    You can’t go to the party.
  • General ability in the past
    I could play the piano when I was younger.
  • Ask for Permission (more polite)
    Could I use your bathroom please?
  • To request something (more polite)
    Could you pass me the salt please?
  • Possibility in the past
    could + have + past participate
    You could have broken your leg.
  • Suggestion (when asked what to do)
    We could go to the movies if you like.
  • Conditional of Can (would be able to)
    If we had some oranges I could make you some fresh juice. (= would be able to)

Modals Worksheet For Class 6 May – Might
Uses of May and Might:

  • Possibility
    It might rain later so take an umbrella while going out.
  • Give permission
    You may have another cookie if you like.
  • Ask for permission
    May I borrow your pen, please?
  • Express wishes
    May the New Year bring you happiness.
  • Speculate about past actions
    She is late. She may have missed her plane.

Modals Exercise For Class 6 May or Might?

May and Might can normally be interchanged without a significant difference in meaning. However, Might often implies a smaller chance of something happening (When expressing possibility).

  • It may rain. (70% chance)
  • It might rain. (40% chance)

When expressing wishes or giving permission, only May is used.

Modals For Class 6 With Answers Shall – Will
Uses of Shall

  • Suggestions
    Shall I get a pizza for dinner tonight?
  • Offers/volunteering
    That bag looks heavy. Shall I carry it for you?
  • Instruction (asking for or giving)
    What shall I do with your mail when it arrives
  • Promises
    You shall be the first person to know.
  • Confirmation (statement of act)
    I shall meet your there at 7.

Modals Exercises For Class 6 Uses of will

  • Rapid Decision
    I’m thirsty. I think I will buy a drink.
  • Offer
    That looks heavy. I will help you with it.
  • Promise
    Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.
  • Threat
    If you don’t stop, I will tell your mother.
  • Refusal won’t = will not
    She won’t listen to anything I say.

In all of the examples above, shall be replaced by another modal verb.
Suggestion/Instruction – Should Offers – Can/Could Promises/Confirmation – Will Should

Modals Exercises With Answers For Class 6 Uses of Should:

  • Advice or Suggestion
    Your hair is too long. You should get a haircut.
  • The situation likely in the present
    Mary should be at home now. Give her a call.
  • Likely in the future (Prediction)
    They should win tonight, they’re a better team.
    Should + Have + past participate
    Meaning: The subject did not fulfill their obligation in the past or did not act sensibly.
    You should have given your boss the report yesterday when he asked for it.
  • Should + be + verb -ing
    Meaning: The subject is not fulfilling their obligation not or not acting sensibly.
    You should be wearing your seatbelt.
    We should be studying for the test right now.

Modals Exercise Class 6

Modals Exercise Solved Examples for Class 6 CBSE

Worksheet On Modals For Class 6 Question 1.
Use ‘shall’ or ‘will in following blanks.
(i) He ________ not come tomorrow.
(ii) You ________ be fined for overspeeding.
(iii) She ________ be here for lectures.
(iv) Rajan ______be going there tomorrow.
(v) What _______ happen now?
(vi) He _________ be the best teacher.
(vii) She _________ be banned for her misbehaviour
(viii) She _________ not do it today.
(ix) You _________ be blamed for such mistake.
(x) He _________ start journey tonight.
(i) ‘will
(ii) shall
(iii) will
(iv) will
(y) will
(vi) will
(vii) shall
(viii) will
(ix) ‘will
(x) will

Modals Exercises For Class 6 With Answers Pdf Question 2.
Fill in the blanks.
(i) You _________ follow the rules.
(ii) She _________ start her preparations soon.
(iii) It _________ not happen soon.
(iv) You _________ not try to do this.
(v) Go now lest you _________ report late.
(vi) She __________ open the door.
(vii) He _________ have returned by this time.
(viii) You _________ stop doing such activities.
(ix) This glass _________ be handled with care.
(x) Run fast lest you _________ be late.
(i) Should
(ii) will
(iii) may
(iv) should
(v) should
(vi) will
(vii) must
(viii) should
(ix) should
(x) should

Modals Exercise Practice Examples for Class 6 CBSE

Modals Class 6 Worksheet Question 1.
Find the modal verbs in the word search below instruction. Words can be found forward, backward, horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

H w E L H X C Y A G J Y K D F
P L M U J X P 0 F Y S Z A L N
E D 0 P G E W C V S H A L L A
Z X B G 0 D K C A L 0 B E T H
A S 0 P D G A B J E U V 0 Y L
I B E H T F F U U L L H G U 0
K T S A D L U 0 w M D D P M A
E H R G E R A s M A E T S U U
0 I P K C B Y P P H A H G T D
Y M U 0 I R G L I G P A E R A
H T B E E S U 0 Y U E V A H M
E N E W R 0 D L U 0 C T U T S
S C V 0 Y T D D I H T F z A L

The words are as follows.

  • will – can
  • would – shall
  • should – must
  • could – might
  • may – ought

Worksheet Of Modals For Class 6 Question 2.
Choose the correct option.
(i) They ________ be on holiday, but I’m not sure. (can, may)
(ii) You _________ be right, but I’d still like to check. (can, could)
(iii) ________ you turn it down a bit, please? (can, may)
(iv) It’s 0k – you go when you’ve finished. (may, might)
(v) Ask any questions now as you _______ not talk during the test. (may, could)