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Board CBSE
Textbook NCERT
Class Class 6
Subject English
Chapter Chapter 7
Chapter Name Fair Play
Number of Questions Solved 11
Category NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 7 Fair Play

(Page 91)
Working with the Text

A. Match the sentences under I with those under II.


1. Jumman and Algu were the best of friends.
2. Jumman’s aunt transferred her property to him.
3. The aunt decided to appeal to the panchayat.
4. Algu was unwilling to support the aunt.
5. Jumman was very happy to hear Algu’s name as head Panch.


1. He believed that his friend would never go against him.
2. She wanted justice.
3. In the absence of one, the other took care of his family.
4. The condition was that he would be responsible for her welfare.
5. The bond of friendship between him and Jumman was very strong.

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B. Who says this to whom and why ?

  1. “My wife knows best how to run the house.”
  2. “But is it right, my son, to keep mum and not say what you consider just and fair ?”
  3. “What have you to say in your defence ?”
  4. “I can’t pay you a penny for the wretched beast you sold me.”
  5. “Victory to the panchayat. This is justice.”


  1. Jumman says these words to his aunt. He did not want to give his aunt a monthly allowance.
  2. Jumman’s aunt said these words to Algu Chowdhry. Algu had showed his inability to speak against Jumman’s injustice.
  3. Algu Chowdhry said this to Jumman when he was made the Panch in the case which Jumman’s aunt had brought against him.
  4. Samjhu Sahu said this to Algu Chowdhry. The latter had demanded the money for the bullock he had sold to Samjhu Sahu. Samjhu Sahu said so because he had become dishonest and did not want to pay Algu’s money.
  5. Algu said this when Jumman gave the verdict in his favor. Jumman was the Panch in the case between Algu and Sahu. Jumman had a grudge against Algu. Yet he gave justice to Algu. So Algu could not contain himself and said this.

C. Answer the following questions.

Question 1.
“Then the situation changed.” What is being referred to ? (2)
The reference, here, is to the situation in which Jumman’s aunt transferred her property to him.

Question 2.
When Jumman’s aunt released that she was not welcome in his house, what arrangement did she suggest ? (3)
Jumman’s aunt suggested that Jumman should give her a monthly allowance. With that she could set up a separate kitchen.

Question 3.
What was the villagers’ reaction when the aunt explained her case to them ? (4)
The reaction of the villagers was varied. Some sympathized with her. Some laughed at her. Others advised her to make it up with her nephew and his wife.

Question 4.
Why was Jumman happy over Algu’s nomination as head Panch? (6)
Algu was Jumman’s best friend. Jumman felt confident that Algu would judge in his favor. So he was happy over Algu’s nomination as head Panch.

Question 5.
“God lives in the heart of the Panch,” the aunt said. What did she mean ? (6)
The aunt meant that a man in the seat of a judge represents God. Everyone is equal for him. Hence, he cannot do injustice to anyone.

Question 6.
What was Algu’s verdict as head Panch ? How did Jumman take it ? (7, 8)
Algu’s verdict was that Jumman must pay his aunt a monthly allowance or else the property went back to her. Jumman was stunned. From that day he began to count Algu as one of his enemies. He was burning with the desire to take revenge on him.

Question 7.
Algu found himself in a tight spot. What was his problem ? (9)
Algu’s problem was that he had sold his bullock to Samjhu Sahu. The bullock had died before Algu could receive payment from Sahu. Sahu now, refused to pay.

Question 8.
Why was Algu upset over Jumman’s nomination as head Panch ? (12, 13)
Algu was upset over Jumman’s nomination as head Panch. He did not hope for any justice from Jumman. Since the day, he gave a verdict against Jumman, the latter had become inimical to him.

Question 9.
What was Jumman’s verdict as head Panch ? How did Algu take it ? (14, 15)
Jumman’s verdict was that Sahu should pay Algu the price of the bullock. He said that Algu could not be blamed for the bullock’s death. Algu was delighted. He could not contain himself and cried, “Victory to the Panchayat. This is justice. God lives in the voice of the panch”.

Question 10.
Which of the following sums up the story best ?

  1. “I also know that you will not kill your conscience for the sake of friendship.”
  2. “Let no one deviate from the path of justice and truth for friendship or enmity.”
  3. “The voice of the Panch is the voice of God.”

Give a reason for your choice.
3. It sums up the story best because the theme of the story is that a Panch or a judge has no friends and no enemies: In the seat of panch one can give justice against one’s friend or in favour of one’s enemy. Panch delivers the justice and so (iii) sums up the story best.

Working with Language

A. Replace the italicised portion of each sentence below with a suitable phrase from the box. Make necessary changes, wherever required.
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  1. The best way to avoid an unnecessary argument is to remain silent.
  2. Unfortunately, the train I was trying to catch was cancelled.
  3. He has been told not to take risks while driving a car through a crowded street.
  4. The patient needs to be properly taken care of.
  5. Why don’t the two of you end your quarrel by shaking hands ?
  6. I was in a difficult situation till my friends came to my rescue.
  7. When I saw a pile of dirty dishes. I felt very disappointed.
  8. I will examine the matter carefully before commenting on it.
  9. They criticised him in the meeting but he accepted without protest all the criticism.
  10. It will free me from worry to know that I had done nothing wrong.


  1. keep mum
  2. As ill luck would have it
  3. take chances
  4. looked after
  5. make it up
  6. tight spot
  7. my heart sank
  8. go into
  9. swallowed
  10. ease my conscience

B. Look at the following phrases and their meanings. Use the phrases to fill in the blanks in the sentences given below.
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  1. Why don’t you _____________ your ideas on papers?
  2. A fund has been _____________ for the soldiers’ families.
  3. We should _____________ a little money every month.
  4. You should buy some woollens before winter _____________
  5. They _____________ on the last stage of their journey.


  1. set down
  2. set up
  3. set aside
  4. sets in
  5. set out

Speaking and Writing

A. Look at the following picture. One asks a question, the other answers it. Then the answer is noted in a form as shown below.
NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 7 Fair Play image 4NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 7 Fair Play image 5

B. Work in small groups. Ask your partner the questions given below. If possible, ask him/her a reason for saying Yes or No. Then tick Yes/ No, whichever is proper.

1. Do you have a separate room for sleep and study ? ” Yes/No
2. Would you prefer to live in a joint family ? Yes/No
3. Do you get on with people ? Yes/No
4. Do you like the area you live in ? Yes/No
5. Do you find the place overcrowded ? Yes/No
6. Do you use public transport ? Yes/No
7. Would you like a vehicle of our own ? Yes/No
8. Do you like reading ? Yes/No
9. Would you like to be a teacher/doctor/engineer/architect? Yes/No

For self-attempt.

C. Now that you have completed the above project, write a brief report stating what you did, how you did it and the conclusion.
I asked my friend if he had a separate room for sleep and study. He said that he didn’t because he lived in a joint family. The house was not big enough to give every member of the family a room. To my question whether he got on with people, his answer was positive. He liked the area he lived in because it was not overcrowded. He used the public transport very often as the house was at some distance from the main city. He would like to have his own vehicle because it would make him feel good. He likes reading and intends to become an engineer.


Question 1.
Your teacher will speak the words listed below. Write against each a word of the opposite meaning.
Examples :
liquid solid
hard soft

1. old _____________
2. wet _____________
3. open _____________
4. blunt _____________
5. forget _____________


1. young
2. dry
3. close
4. sharp
5. remember

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