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Board CBSE
Textbook NCERT
Class Class 9
Subject English Beehive
Chapter Chapter 9
Chapter Name The Bond of Love
Category NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive Chapter 9 The Bond of Love

(Page 119)

I. Given in the box are some headings. Find the relevant paragraphs in the text to match the headings.

  1. An Orphaned Cub;
  2. Bruno’s Food-chart;
  3. An Accidental Case of Poisoning;
  4. Playful Baba ;
  5. Pain of Separation ;
  6. Joy of Reunion ;
  7. A Request to the Zoo ;
  8. An Island in the Courtyard.


  1. An Orphaned Cub; Pragraph 1.
  2. Bruno’s Food-chart; Pragraph 6.
  3. An Accidental Case of Poisoning; Pragraph 8.
  4. Playful Baba ; Pragraph 12.
  5. Pain of Separation ; Pragraph 14.
  6. Joy of Reunion ; Pragraph 17.
  7. A Request to the Zoo ; Pragraph 18.
  8. An Island in the Courtyard. Pragraph 21.

II. Answer the following questions.
1. “I got him for her by accident.”
(i) Who says this ?
(ii) Who do ‘him’ or ‘her’ refer to ?
(iii) What is the incident referred to here ?

2. “He stood on his head in delight.”
(i) Who does ‘he’ refer to ?
(ii) Why was he delighted ?

3. “We all missed him greatly : but in a sense we were relieved.”
(i) Who does ‘we all’ stand for ?
(ii) Who did they miss ?
(iii) Why did they nevertheless feel relieved ?

1. (i) The author says this.
(ii) ‘Him’ refers to the baby bear and “her’ refers to the author’s wife.
(iii) The incident refers to the catching of the baby bear.

2. (i) ‘He’ refers to the baby bear.
(ii) ‘He’ was delighted to see the author’s wife after a long time.

3. (i) The author, his wife and son.
(ii) They missed the baby bear.
(iii) They felt relieved because it was getting difficult to keep the baby bear at home.

III. Answer the following questions in 30 to 40 words each.
1. On two occasions Bruno ate/drank something that should not be eaten/drunk. What happened to him on these occasions ?
2. Was Bruno a loving and playful pet ? Why, then, did he have to he sent away ?
3. How was the problem of what to do with Bruno finally solved ?

1. On these two occasions, Bruno got all right. At first he ate barium carbonate. In the first case, he was taken to the vet’s residence. The vet injected the medicine and he got well. In the second, he had drunk engine oil. However, it had had no effect on him.

2. Yes, Bruno was a loving and playful pet. He did a few tricks. He would wrestle or box and tumble. He would “hold gun’ in the form of a stick and point at a person. However, it was becoming difficult to keep him at home. Therefore, he had to be sent away.

3. The author and his wife brought Bruno back home from the zoo. An island was made in the compound. It had a dry pit, or moat in it. It was six feet wide and seven feet deep. A wooden box was put there for Bruno to sleep in at night.

I. 1. Find these words in the lesson. They all have ie or ei in them.

  1. f …. ld
  2. ingred …… nts
  3. h ….. ght
  4. misch …. vous
  5. fr ….. nds
  6. …… ghtv – seven
  7. rel ….. ved
  8. p ….. ce

2. Now here are some more words. Complete them with ei or ie. Consult a dictionary if necessary.

  1. bel ….. ve
  2. rec ….. ve
  3. w …. rd
  4. I …… sure
  5. s ….. ze
  6. w …. ght
  7. r ….. gn
  8. f ….. gn
  9. gr …. f
  10. P ….. rce

(There is a popular rule of spelling : ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’. Check if this rule is true by looking at the words above.)


  1. Field
  2. ingredients
  3. height
  4. mischievous
  5. friends
  6. eighty-seven
  7. relieved
  8. piece


  1. believe
  2. receive
  3. weird
  4. leisure
  5. seize
  6. weight
  7. reign
  8. feign
  9. grief
  10. pierce

This rule is applicable only in the case of “believe’ ‘grief and ‘pierce’ words. The other words have ei instead of ie.

II. Here are some words with silent letters. Learn their spelling. Your teacher will dictate these words to you. Write them down and underline the silent letters.

  1. knock
  2. wrestle
  3. walk
  4. wrong
  5. knee
  6. half
  7. honest
  8. daughter
  9. hours
  10. return
  11. hornet
  12. calm
  13. could
  14. sign
  15. island
  16. button

For self-attempt at class level.

The silent letters are underlined as under :

  1. knock
  2. knee
  3. could
  4. wrestle
  5. half
  6. sign
  7. walk
  8. island
  9. wrong
  10. daughter
  11. calm.

III. How to look at an Index
An index is a list of names or topics that tire to be found in a book. It is a list arranged in alphabetical order at the end of a book.

IV. 1. The Narrative Present
Notice the incomplete sentences in the following paragraphs. Here the writer is using incomplete sentences in the narration to make the incident more dramatic or immediate.
Can you rewrite the paragraph in complete sentences ?

Please try yourself.

1. Pets have unique care and handling requirements and should only he kept by those with the commitment to understand and meet their needs. Give your argument in support of or against this statement.
2. There is an on-going debate whether snake charmers should continue in their profession. You can get some idea about the debate from the newspaper clipping (The Hindu, 16 June 2004) given below. Read it, discuss in pairs or groups, and write either for or against the profession of snake charmers.
Report comes in support of snake charmers
By Our Staff Reporter
New Delhi, June 15. Over 30 years after the introduction of the Wildlife Protection

1. Argument in support of the statement
It is seen that pets have some unique care and handling requirements. So they should be kept by those who understand them and meet their needs. Animals can flourish only and better in their habitat. There is a pressure urbanisation and forests are shrinking. So the natural habitats of various animals are decreasing. Many animals either die or t starve to death. This means that soon many species will be extinct. The people who love animals and want to keep them as pets will help in keeping them alive.

The supervision r by Govt, agencies for their upkeep will keep these animals alive. The Govt, agencies could also train the animal lovers who would like to keep the animals as pets. For example, the knowledge of snake charmers could be utilized for keeping snakes species intact.

Argument against the statement
It would be dangerous to allow the animal lovers to keep pets. Animals have some unique habits and natural instincts. They need a very special care to keep as pets. This hobby of the animal lovers to keep pets proves very costly. Then it may also be a grave danger to the people living nearby. For example, a person keeps snakes as pets. They can escape due to some negligence. In that case, they may cause much harm including death to other persons.

It is seen that people who keep animals as pets are not fully knowledgeable. They know little about the animals’ behaviour. Also they do not know about their natural instincts and upkeep in the changing weather. So their negligence could cause death to these pet animals. Therefore, it is desirable that animals should be kept only in zoos or Parks or Reserves.

2. Please attempt yourself.

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