Need To Manage Our Resources

We need to manage our resources because the resources of the earth are not unlimited and with the human population increasing at a tremendous rate due to improvement in healthcare. If the natural resources are managed properly, these will last for the generations to come and will not merely be exploited to the hilt for short-term gains.

The proper management of natural resources ensures equitable distribution of resources so that all, and not just a handful of rich and powerful people, benefit from the development of these resources.

The proper management will take into consideration the damage caused to the environment while these resources are either extracted or used. For example, mining causes pollution as large amount of slag is discarded for every tonne of metal extracted.

Need To Manage Our Resources Definitions, Equations and Examples

Example 1.
What would be the advantages of exploiting resources with short-term aims? How would these advantages differ from the advantages of using a long-term perspective in managing our resources?
If resources are exploited with short-term aims, it will benefit the present generation and they will be able to utilize the resources for meeting their energy and growth requirements.

However, if long-term perspectives are used in managing our resources, it will benefit the future generations also apart from meeting the requirements of the present generation.

This requires sustainable management of resources and using the resources judiciously by developing technologies for efficient utilization of these resources and avoiding any wastage.

Example 2.
Why do you think there should be equitable distribution of resources? What forces would be working against an equitable distribution of our resources?
Equitable distribution of resources is necessary so that people belonging to all classes have access to these resources and are benefitted by utilizing these resources. Equitable distribution of resources will restrict the exploitation, misuse and wastage of these resources by the rich who have access to these resources.

The forces working against an equitable distribution of our resources are:

  1. Access to resources by the rich and powerful
  2. Improper management of resources
  3. Excessive exploitation of resources

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