Noun Exercise For Class 5Definition: A noun is a part of speech that is used to name a person, place, thing, quality, or action. Examples: Mango, girl, boy, cat, etc. Any name given to a person, thing, animal or place is called a noun. Nouns are words used to refer to objects, places and living things. Some nouns also refer to feelings and emotions.

This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Noun Exercises for Class 5 CBSE With Answers Pdf

A noun is a naming word. It is the name of a person, place, thing or state of being. There are five main kinds of nouns:

Nouns Worksheet For Class 5
1. Common Noun: It does not name any particular person, place or thing. It speaks in general about all persons, places or things of the same kind.

  • The boy kicked the ball.
  • The plate is lying on the table.

Noun Questions For Class 5
2. Proper Noun: It names a particular person, place or thing.

  • Sachin Tendulkar lives in India.
  • J. K. Rowling lives in Britain.

Noun Worksheet For Class 5 With Answers
3. Concrete Noun: A concrete noun represents something that can be seen, touched, tasted, heard or smelt.

  • I always eat boiled eggs in my breakfast.
  • My friend has found my missing pen.

Nouns Worksheet For Grade 5
4. Abstract Noun: It names a feeling or a state of being which has no form or shape and which cannot be seen or touched, but whose existence we can recognise.

  • A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
  • Wisdom is better than strength.

Noun For Class 5
5. Collective Noun: It names a group or collection of persons or things taken together and treated as one.

  • He gave me a bunch of flowers.
  • The pride of lions was asleep.

On the basis of quantity and quality nouns can be further classified into:

Noun Exercise For Class 5 With Answers
1. Countable Noun: Nouns which can be counted are called countable nouns. So nouns can be either singular or plural. Some common nouns and collective nouns belong to this category.

  • one boy, many boys, a herd of elephants

Exercise Of Noun For Class 5
2. Uncountable Noun: Nouns which cannot be counted are called uncountable nouns. So they are neither singular nor plural. Some common nouns and abstract nouns belong to this category.

  • some rice, much happiness

Noun Exercises for Class 5 With Answers CBSE Pdf

Class 5 Nouns Worksheet
A. Pick out the nouns in the following sentences and state their kinds. The first one has been done for you.

Worksheet On Nouns For Class 5
1. The elephant has great strength. Elephant- Common Noun, strength Abstract Noun
Nouns Exercises For Class 5

2. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India. ____________________
3. The crowd was becoming restless. ____________________
4. I shall never forget your kindness. ____________________
5. The jury was convinced of his innocence. ____________________
6. Our class consists of fifty pupils. ____________________
7. The success of the show pleased our teacher. ____________________
8. We will win the game. ____________________
9. I shall take a bus to the school. ____________________
10. Dispur is the capital of Assam. ____________________

Noun Worksheet Class 5
B. Fill in the blanks with suitable nouns using the box given below. The first one has been done for you.

England – William Shakespeare – glass – kittens
hive – crowd – Ravi – litter
carrom – silence – swarm – robbers
gang – hockey – anger – sympathy

1. The crowd listened in silence.
2. A ____________ of bees flew out of the
3. ____________ was one of the greatest poets of ____________.
4. Give ____________ a ____________ of water.
5. A ____________ of ____________ was arrested yesterday.
6. A ____________ of ____________ are playing in the garden.
7. ____________ is the national game of India.
8. I like playing indoor games like ____________
9. The teacher shouted in ____________ when she saw the poor attendance.
10. He has no ____________ for the beggars.

Exercise On Nouns For Class 5
c. Rewrite the following sentences by replacing each underlined common noun with a proper noun.


  • He did fantastic on his final exam.
    Sandeep did fantastic on his final exam.

1. He went to town in the morning.

2. The lady at the grocery store was kind.

3. The family saw a funny movie.

4. He waters his lawn in the afternoon.

5. She is my best friend.

6. I enjoy going to school.

Questions On Nouns For Class 5
D. Underline the abstract noun in each sentence.


  • The man had a lot of pride in his work.

1. I respected the honesty, my friend showed.
2. Can you believe that woman’s brilliance?
3. To my delight, everyone arrived on time.
4. She was in great despair when she lost her phone.
5. We have a lot of hope for the future.
6. They showed extreme joy when they helped others.
7. The men had much bravery on the battlefield.
8. My mother always shows great compassion for her children.

Worksheet On Nouns For Class 5 With Answers
E. Write sentences with concrete nouns given below.


  • Costume
    I wore a costume for Halloween.

1. Butterfly – ________________________
2. Castle – ________________________
3. Sun – ________________________
4. Apron – ________________________
5. Tie – ________________________

Worksheet Of Noun For Class 5
F. Fill in the blanks with suitable collective nouns. The first one has been done for you.

bunch – chain – school – hive – set

1. I have lost a bunch of keys.
2. There seems to be a plan behind this _________ of events.
3. There is a large _________ of fish near the coast.
4. Do not disturb that _________ of bees.
5. There is a fine _________ of pictures in the palace.

Noun Worksheets For Grade 5 With Answers Pdf
G. In the following sentences write whether the highlighted nouns are countable or uncountable.
Noun Class 5 Worksheet

1. Jyoti apologised for her rudeness. _________
2. There are ten apples in the basket. _________
3. I need some sugar in my coffee. _________
4. Water is essential for life. _________
5. We should show kindness towards the poor. _________
6. I have a dog which I want to sell, _________
7. The sky is full of stars today. _________
8. We will be taking four boxes of chocolates. _________
9. Success is not the key to happiness. _________
10. I like rice with my chicken curry. _________

Noun Worksheet For Class 5 Pdf
H. Choose the correct noun from those given in the brackets and fill in the blanks.

1. He shifted all his. _________ (furniture/furniture) to his new house.
2. He gave the shopkeeper a hundred _________ (rupee/rupees) note.
3. The old man cannot see without his _________ (spectacle/spectacles).
4. I cut the string with a pair of _________ (scissor/scissors).
5. The (cattle/cattles) _________ are grazing in the field.
6. I have got some _________ (dollars/dollar).
7. This (new/news) _________ is very important.
8. I haven’t had much _________ (rices/rice).
9. I like to hear different kinds of _________ (musics/music).
10. There are many _________ (peoples/people) in the show.