Noun Number Exercises

Definition: A noun is a part of speech that is used to name a person, place, thing, quality, or action. Examples: Mango, girl, boy, cat, etc. Any name given to a person, thing, animal or place is called a noun. Nouns are words used to refer to objects, places and living things. Some nouns also refer to feelings and emotions.

This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Number Nouns Exercises for Class 5 CBSE With Answers PDF

Number Nouns Exercises

  • There are two types of nouns:Singular Noun and Plural Noun.
  • Singular Noun: When we speak for one person or one thing, we use the noun in singular form. Single means one.
    a. A man is smoking within the premises.
    b. A group of cows is called herd.
    c. Joy is what we want in our lives.
    d. Church is where Christians worship.
    e. This chair is made of plastic.
  • In these sentences, the nouns man, group, joy, church and chair are in singular forms. Plural Nouns: When we speak for more than one person or one thing, we use the noun in plural form.
    a. Few men are standing in the queue.
    b. The groups of cows, coming back to their sheds, are not milch cows.
    c. These chairs are made of plastic.
    d. Children should be given proper guidance.
    e. Keep the knives in a safe place.
  • In these sentences, the words men, groups, chairs, children and knives are plural-nouns.

Focus on ‘Y’ endings.

  • If in a noun, a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) comes before Y, just add ‘s’ to make its plural form. For example:Toy-Toys
  • If in a noun, a consonant comes before Y, you change it to ‘i’ and add ‘es’. For example: Cry-Cries

Focus on ‘Ch’, ‘Sh’, ‘S’ and ‘X’endings.

  • We add ‘es’ to singular nouns ending in ch, sh, s and x to make them plural. Singular – Plural
    Singular – plural
    Match – Matches
    Box – Boxes
    Brush – Brushes
    Gas – Gases

Focus on ‘F’ or ‘Fe’ endings

  • To make plural form of singular nouns that end with the letters ‘f’ or ‘fe’. we change the ‘f’ or ‘fe’ to ves.
    Singular – Plural
    Wife – Wives
    Loaf – Loaves
    Half – Halves
    Thief – Thieves
    Life – Lives
    Wolf – Wolves
    Shelf – Shelves

The plural form of some nouns is the same as the singular form.

  • Singular – Plural
    Sheep – Sheep (not sheeps)
    Salmon – Salmon
    Fish – Fish (not fishes)
    Trout – Trout
    Deer – Deer
    Spacecraft – Spacecraft

Focus on ‘More Other Forms’. All nouns do not need as ‘s’ at the end to make them plural.

  • Singular – Plural
    Man – Men
    Child – Children
    Ox – Oxen
    Foot – Feet
    Tooth – Teeth
    Woman – Women

Some nouns are always plural.
trousers – glasses – shorts – spectacles – jeans – goggles – pants – scissors – tights – binoculars – pajamas – pliers

Noun Number Worksheets for Class 5 with Answers Pdf

Noun Number Exercise For Class 5
A. Write whether the underlined noun is singular or plural.
The children walked to the assembly. Plural Noun

1. The lake was quiet.
2. The kids went to school.
3. I enjoy taking a walk.
4. That food tasted good!
5. I play games on the tablet.
6. The dog barked.
7. The couple went to eat.
8. The lion roared.
9. The people talked.
10. The teacher smiled.

Noun Number Worksheet
B. Write a plural noun to complete each sentence.
(a). Choose from the word bank below.
days – movies – balls – chickens

1. I went with my friends to the ________________
2. How many are there in a week? ________________
3. My R E. teacher handed out the ________________
4. I went to the zoo to feed the ________________

(b). Choose from the word bank below.
friends – students – glasses – dogs

1. I saw many ___________ at the dog park.
2. The ___________ walked to the assembly.
3. Ihadtowear ___________ to see well.
4. My ___________ came to my birthday party.

Numbers In English Grammar Exercises
C. For each singular noun below, write its plural form. For each plural noun below, write its singular form.
Example: chair-chairs, toys-toy.

  • dog – __________
  • home – __________
  • boat – __________
  • neighbourhoods – __________
  • cats – __________
  • pencil – __________
  • table – __________
  • bushes – __________
  • tree – __________
  • movies – __________
  • babies – __________
  • shoes – __________
  • areas – __________
  • colours – __________
  • ball – __________
  • cloud – __________
  • bodies – __________
  • star – __________
  • restaurants – __________
  • child – __________
  • cafe – __________
  • birds – __________
  • book – __________
  • bone – __________

Singular And Plural Worksheets For Grade 5 With Answers
D. Write whether the underlined nouns are singular or plural.

The five deer walked up to the man. Plural

1. The two cats went into the house to eat. __________
2. That woman has a cat. __________
3. All the students walked to the assembly. __________
4. Sheep live in flocks. __________
5. That dog is looking for food in the alley. __________
6. The two dogs are wandering around the park. __________
7. I caught three fish at the lake. __________
8. The school of fish swam deep under water. __________

Noun Number Worksheet For Class 5
E. Circle the correct plural form of each noun and write in the space provided.

My mom brought (chairs/chaires)to the party. Chairs

1. The (houses/homes) for sale were all over-priced. __________
2. The teacher reminded his students to bring their (penciles/pencils) to school every day. __________
3. There were a lot of (computer/computers) in the new lab. __________
4. She bought (camera/cameras)for all three of her sisters. __________

Noun Number Exercise
F. Circle the singular form of each noun that correctly fits the sentence below.

1. The (television/televisions) was difficult to turn on. __________
2. The (clocks/clock) showed that we were late to school. __________
3. The government/governments) has broken its promises. __________