Opposite Words Worksheet For Class 2

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Opposite Words Worksheet Exercises for Class 2 Examples with Answers CBSE PDF

Words that have a completely different meanings are called opposite words.
Opposite Words For Class 2

Look at the list of opposite words.

above below
absence presence
active lazy
afraid brave
against for
always never
answer question
awake sleep
bad good
beautiful ugly
body  soul
bottom  top
brother  sister
clean  dirty
close  open
coo!  warm
daughter  son
devil  angel
deep  shallow
distant  near
even  odd
far  near
fast  slow
female  male
friend  enemy
guest  host
hell  heaven
high  low
kind  cruel
less  more

Opposite Exercise Worksheets with Answers for Class 2 CBSE PDF

Opposite Words Worksheet With Answers
A. Write the opposite of the underlined word in each sentence.

1. My teacher gives hard homework. ____________
2. We live far from my grandmother. ____________
3. Have you lost your pencil? ____________
4. School starts too late. ____________
5. My dog climbs under the fence. ____________
6. I like a cold lunch. ____________
7. Mohan is the shortest boy in your class. ____________
8. Today it will be warm outside. ____________
9. Mita is sad about the party. ____________
10. I am slow at running the race. ____________

Opposites For Class 2
B. Using the word bank write the opposites of the words given below.

Bad – ___________________ (Good)
Bitter – ___________________ (Shallow)
Begin – ___________________ (Awake)
Build – ___________________ (Common)
Bent – ___________________ (Destroy)
Lend – ___________________ (Sweet)
Worst – ___________________ (Straight)
Rare – ___________________ (Cruel)
Deep – ___________________ (Best)
Sleep – ___________________ (Borrow)
Kind – ___________________ (End)