Past Perfect Tense Worksheet For Class 4

This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Past Perfect Tense Exercise for Class 4 CBSE with Answers PDF

  • The past perfect expresses an action taking place before a certain time in the past.
  • To make the past perfect tense, we use: -had + the past participle form of verb
  • It is especially important if the first action had an effect on the later moment or the later action that shall be written in past tense.

Past Perfect Tense Class 4

Read the Picture story.
Past Perfect Tense Exercise For Class 4
Past Tense Exercise For Class 4

Past Tense Worksheet For Class 4
A. Answer the following questions as per the story.

1. For how long Rohan and Pinky had practiced? _________________
2. Who had never danced in front of anyone before the competition? _________________
3. What had Pinky done never before? _________________

Past Perfect Tense For Class 4
B. Use the verbs given below in the past perfect from the box to complete the sentences.

had already broken, had hit, had finished, had hugged, had sung

1. We ___________ “Happy Birthday” before she blew out her candle. Simple Past Tense Exercise Class 4
2. He ___________ the window when I got home. Simple Past Tense Exercise For Class 4
3. Before he could put down his briefcase, Jimmy ___________ him! Simple Past Tense Exercises With Answers For Class 4
4. Before he could move, the ball ___________ him in the head. Past Tense Worksheet Class 4
5. They ___________ eating dinner when I arrived. Past Tense Exercises For Class 4

Past Perfect Tense Exercises with Answers for Grade 4 CBSE PDF

Past Perfect Tense Exercises Pdf
A. Write the past participle (3rd form) of the following irregular verbs.

Speak – ___________
Catch – ___________
Eat – ___________
Understand – ___________
Begin – ___________
Take – ___________
Freeze – ___________
Sleep – ___________
Go – ___________

Past Perfect Tense Exercise for Class 4
B. Complete the sentences by changing the verbs to past perfect tense.

1. I lost the key that he (give) ___________ Ito me.
2. She told me that she (see) ___________ a ghost.
3. I went downstairs because (hear) _________ a noise.
4. When they came home, Sue (cook) ___________ dinner already.
5. We could not send you a postcard because we (lose) ___________ our address book.

Past Perfect Tense Class 4
C. Write the verbs in Past Perfect Tense.

1. The pupils talked about the film they (watch) ___________
2. I was late for work because I (miss) ___________ the bus.
3. We lived in the house that my father (build) ___________.
4. We admired the picture that Lucy (paint) ___________.
5. They watered the trees that they (plant) ___________.
6. The teacher corrected the tests that the pupils (write) ___________
7. I received good marks in my test because I (practice) ___________ regularly.
8. The mail order house did not send me the shirt that I (order) ___________.
9. I had to clean the floor because my cats (knock) ___________ over the flower pots.
10. My friend was in hospital because she (slip) ___________ on a banana skin.

Past Perfect Tense Exercise for Class 4 CBSEPast Perfect Tense
D. Change the verb into the correct past perfect form.

1. I ___________ (study) Japanese before.
2. She ___________ (bake) a lot before she ___________ (open) her shop.
3. We ___________ (have) a lot of trouble because we ___________ (lose) our passports.
4. Brian ___________ (know) many people at the club because he ___________ (be) there many times.
5. They ___________ (study) English before they ___________ (move) to Canada.
6. You ___________ (enjoy) the movie because you ___________ (read) the book.
7. She really ___________ (like) him because he ___________ (help) her.
8. Amy ___________ (study) a lot before she ___________ (take) the test.
9. We ___________ (get) into the restaurant only because we ___________ (reserve) our places.
10. I ___________ (be) to India before 1986.

Past Perfect Tense
E. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use Past Simple, Past Continuous or Past Perfect Simple.

1. They ___________ (get) to the airport as the plane was landing.
2. She wore the shoes she ___________ (buy) the previous day.
3. I fell as I ___________ (run) for the bus.
4. When I was a student, I ___________ (have) little money.
5. Why she still ___________ (work) at one o’clock in the morning?
6. I was happy to see her, because we not ___________ (see) each other for years.
7. By the time we got to the shop, a long queue already ___________ (form) outside.