Poster Making Class 11

♦  When and where we use posters?

Posters are used for giving information to a large group of people. A poster is not printed in a newspaper, but, like a notice, is put in a public place where many people can see it. Posters are used for giving information/publicity to cultural events. They are also used by the government, municipal authorities or NGOs to educate the common public about important issues.

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Online Education Poster Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Samples, Topics

Poster Writing Class 11

Main Features of a Poster:
(a) Layout

  • visually
  • catchy title
  • sketch or simple visuals
  • fonts of different shapes and sizes

(b) Content

  • theme/subject
  • description/details related to the theme
  • essential details, for example, date, time, venue
  • names, i.e., issuing authority, organisers

(c) Expression

  • organising and sequencing of content
  • appropriate language
  • creativity (language and design)

Posters recreate the basic moods and styles of three modes of communication, i.e., notices, advertisements, and invitations. They should, thus, be so designed so as to captivate the onlookers. To achieve this, the poster must use bold and capital letters, striking designs. Catchy phrases and slogans are the lifeline of posters.

Posters can broadly be classified into the following categories:

  • cultural show/exhibition/seminar/workshop/fair/fete etc.
  • educational and student’s activities
  • social theme/problems
  • general

Posters Class 11 Question 1.
Prepare a poster to be put in the school entrance lobby announcing the Annual Athletic Meet of your school.

Posters Class 11

Poster Class 11 Question 2.
Prepare a poster on behalf of the Municipal Authority of your city informing the citizens about how to protect themselves against mosquitoes.

Poster Class 11

Poster Format Class 11 Question 3.
Prepare a poster on behalf of an NGO to be placed in various parts of the city urging the people to save trees.

Poster Format Class 11

Poster Making Class 11 Format Question 4.
Prepare a poster on behalf of the Municipal Authority of your city advising citizens on ways to save water.

Poster Making Class 11 Format

Poster Making Format Class 11 Question 5.
Prepare a poster on behalf of the police advising people to protect themselves against burglars and robbers.

Poster Making Format Class 11