Preposition Exercise For Class 7

Definition: A preposition is a word placed before a noun or a pronoun to show in what relation the person or thing denoted by it stands in regard to something else.

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For example:

  • There is a cow in the field.
  • He is fond of tea.
  • The cat jumped off the chair.

In Sentence 1, the preposition joins a noun to another noun;
In Sentence 2, the preposition joins a noun to an Adjectives,
In Sentence 3, the preposition joins a noun to a verb.

Preposition Exercise For Class 7

Preposition Exercises for Class 7 CBSE With Answers Pdf

The noun or pronoun which is used with a preposition is called its objects. It is an Accusative case and is said to be governed by the preposition.

As, in sentence 1, the noun field is in the Accusative case, governed by the preposition in.
A preposition may have two or more objects; as, the road runs over hill and plain.
A preposition is usually placed before its object, as, which of these chairs did you sit on?

Prepositions Exercises For Class 7

Preposition Exercises Solved Examples for Class 7 CBSE

Note 1: When the object is the Relative pronoun that, as in sentence 1, the preposition is always placed at the end.
Note 2: Sometimes the object is placed first for the sake of emphasis.
Prepositions Exercises For Class 7 Icse With Answers

Exercise on preposition – buses

Preposition Exercises With Answers Class 7 Question 1.
Complete the exercise with the correct prepositions.
(i) If you want to go ________ bus, you have to go the bus stop.
(ii) You look ________ the time table.
(iii) Then you wait ________ your bus.
(iv) When the bus arrives. You get ________ the bus.
(v) You buy a ticket ________ the driver or show your ticket ________ the driver.
(vi) When you arrive. ________ your destination, you get ________ the bus.
(vii) Sometimes you even have to change buses ________ another bus stop.
(i) by, to
(ii) at
(iii) for
(iv) on
(v) from, to
(vi) off
(vii) at

Preposition For Class 7 Question 2.
Complete the exercise with the correct prepositions.
(i) Look ________ this painting.
(ii) ________ the painting, you can see a little girl.
(iii) So, it is a painting ________ a girl.
(iv) A famous painter painted it. So it is a painting ________ a famous painter.
(v) My grandma once owned the painting, but she gave it to me on my birthday.
So it is a picture ________ my grandma.
Preposition Class 7 Exercise
(i) at
(ii) In
(iii) of
(iv) by
(v) from

Preposition Class 7 Question 3.
Fill in the correct prepositions,
(i) Peter is playing tennis ________ Sunday.
(ii) My brother’s birthday is ________ the 5th of November.
(iii) My birthday is ________ May.
(iv) We are going to see my parents ________ the weekend.
(v) ________ 1666, a great fire broke out in London.
(vi) I don’t like walking alone in the streets ________ night.
(vii) What are you doing ________ the afternoon?
(viii) My friend has been living in Canada ________ two years.
(ix) I have been waiting for you ________ seven o’clock.
(x) I will have finished this essay ________ Friday.
(i) on
(ii) on
(iii) in
(iv) at
(v) In
(vi) at
(vii) in
(viii) for
(ix) since
(x) by

Preposition Exercise For Class 7 With Answers Pdf

Preposition Exercises Practice Examples for Class 7 CBSE

1. Complete the exercise according to the picture.
Preposition Exercises For Class 7

  1. ________ the picture, I can see Santa Claus and a girl.
  2. Santa is sitting ________ a chair.
  3. The girl is standing ________ Santa.
  4. Santa and the girl are looking ________ each other.
  5. The girl has a present ________ her hands. the girl, there is a Christmas tree.
  6. There are more presents ________ the tree.
  7. Santa’s big bag is lying ________ the floor.

Preposition Exercise Class 7

2. Complete the sentences using prepositions.

1. Jiwan soon rowed __________ the river and tied __________ the boat __________ the other side.
2. __________ both sides __________ the lonely road there were endless mighty trees.
3. __________ the holidays I intend to visit many places which I have heard __________ friends who have been __________ those places.
4. The new dam that was built __________ the river produces electricity __________ many parts of the country.
5. I made an urgent request __________ their help to look __________ the key __________ the storeroom.
6. He parked his car __________ a line of parked cars __________ the building.
7. __________ about two weeks we’re going __________ holiday __________ the Sahara Desert.

8. I expect to return __________ Shanghai __________ about a week’s time to continue __________ my poinnering reasearch __________ why frogs croak __________ night and not __________ the daytime.

9. Water splashed __________ my face when the bottle slipped __________ my hand and dropped __________ the basin full __________ water.

10. __________ the past few weeks, I was __________ hospital recovering __________ a mysterious illness. I was well looked __________ __________ doctors and nurses.

Word Search
1. Write the preposition in the space provided.
2. Find the word in the word search puzzle.
(Word only run across and down.)
Prepositions Exercises For Class 7 With Answers