Preposition Exercises For Class 8

Definition: A preposition is a word placed before a noun or a pronoun to show in what relation the person or thing denoted by it stands in regard to something else.

This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English will help you to write better answers in your Class 10 exams. Because the Solutions are solved by subject matter experts.

Preposition Exercises for Class 8 CBSE With Answers Pdf

Preposition Exercise For Class 8

A preposition is a word (or group of words) used especially before a noun or pronoun to show place, position, time, etc.

Part I, later than
1. I shall meet you after Monday.
2. He came after 3 p.m.

Part II, behind (movement)
1. The police ran after the thief.

Part I, earlier than
1. Please meet me before 6 p.m.
2. I shall complete this work before June.
3. He arrived before me.
4. I put my work before everything.

Part II, in front of
1. Mohan was brought before the principal.
2. He made a statement before the police.

Prepositions Exercises For Class 8 With Answers Pdf

AMONG/AMONGST, in the middle (more than two)
1. He distributed toffees among children.
2. I have to deliver speech among them.
3. You should work among the poor.
4. Who amongst you are ready to go there?

BETWEEN, in the middle (only two)
1. He distributed mangoes between Meena and Rajni.
2. There was no agreement between workers and management.
3. Meet me between 7 to 8 am.

Part I, on something
1. The books are on the table.
2. There is no name plate on the door.
3. Let’s sit on the grass.
4. Don’t hit anybody on the head.

Part II, day and date
1. I shall come to meet you on Monday.
2. He will return this money on 5th September.
3. He reached on the morning of 9th June.

Prepositions Exercises For Class 8


  • He has gone to Mumbai on business.
  • Are you going on picnic?
  • On reaching home he called his friend.
  • He read a lesson on philosophy.
  • This car runs on patrol only.
  • He was arrested on a charge of cheating.
  • Nine percent interest will be charged on loan.
  • They live on bread and tea.
  • Is he on leave now-a-days?
  • The factory was on fire.

Preposition Class 8

UPON, on (movement)
1. He threw books upon the table.
2. The tiger jumped upon the jackal.
3. The last date of income tax payment is almost upon us. (very near)

Part I, inside
1. They are sitting in the room.
2. There is no pencil in the box.
in the street, in the sky, in the newspaper, in the bed, in the fire, etc.

Part II, with countries and big cities etc.
1. He lives in Delhi.
2. They opened a shop in America.
3. It is the highest mountain in the world.

Part III, time
1. He will complete this work in three months.
2. We shall buy a new car in October.
in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, in the night, in the past, in 2001, etc.

Exercise On Prepositions For Class 8


  • He has faith in God.
  • They were bathing in the river.
  • They are interested in reading books.
  • He has spent his life in politics.
    in uniform, in the rain, in English, in ink, in groups, in rows, in two parts, in thousands, in cash, in loud voice, in business, etc.

INTO, movement from outside to inside.
1. They went into the room.
2. He poured coffee into the cups.

Preposition For Class 8


  • He translated the story into English.
  • Turn this portion into a study room.
  • He came into power two years ago.
  • Fold the napkins into triangles.

Part I, small cities, town, villages, colonies
1. They live at Sonipat.
2. I live at Moti Nagar.

Part II, age
1. He retired at 56.
2. She wrote her first poem at 9.

Part III, time
1. We reached there at 9 p.m.
2. Do you get up at 5 a.m.?
at dawn, at sunrise, at noon, at sunset, at night

Part IV, near a place or thing
1. Who is standing at the door?
2. They were playing at the river.
3. The students are sitting at the table.

Part V, selling
1. The apples are being sold at Rs.30/- a Kg.

Preposition Exercise Class 8


  • My father is not at home.
  • Pakistan and India are at peace.
  • Open your book at page no. 23.
  • At first they became angry, at last they agreed.
  • He aimed at the bird.
  • They were gossiping at the corner of street.
    at school, at hotel, at head office, at the moment, at the end, at the weekend, at Christmas, smile at, shout at, at ease, at war, delighted at result, etc.

Preposition Exercises With Answers Class 8

Part I, place
1. They have just come from Mumbai.
2. Withdraw money from the bank.

Part II, person
1. You can borrow money from your friend.
2. I have taken this book from Raja.

Part III, time
1. He works from morning till evening.
2. We shall start this work from Monday.

Part IV, source
1. The light comes from the sun.
2. She has taken the story from this book.

Exercise Of Preposition For Class 8

Part I, place/direction
1. Who is going to the market?
2. They are going to America in May.

Part II, before a verb
1. He wants to go there.
2. She likes to exercise in the morning.

Part III, time
1. He works from 9am to 7pm.
2. They lived in our house from April 1996 to June 1999.
3. It is ten minutes to five.

Preposition Class 8 Exercise


  • She is secretary to the managing director.
  • He won by five goals to three.
  • Don’t compare it to her.
  • I prefer tea to coffee.
  • This machine is superior to that.
  • There are 100 answers to this question.
  • She is devoted to her family.

Part I, reason, purpose
1. I have bought a gift for you.
2. Can you prepare a cup of tea for me?

Part II, time
1. He has been living here for ten years.
2. We lived there for six months.

Prepositions Exercises For Class 8 With Answers


  • They walked for ten miles.
  • He bought this book for Rs.200.
  • The people mistook him for the minister.
  • She is planning to run for the position of Mayer.

WITH, in the company of
Part I, person
1. He is sitting with his friends.
2. Were you quarrelling with your neighbours?

Part II, instruments/things
1. Wear this tie with yellow shirt.
2. Why did you beat him with a stick?

Prepositions Exercises For Class 8 Icse With Answers


  • He played with skill.
  • I am pleased with your decision.
  • We left with our father’s permission.
  • My brother is down with fever.
  • Everybody grows smarter with age.
  • I can complete this work with your help.
  • Was the child trembling with fear?
  • With all her faults I still liked her.

WITHIN, in the specified period, area etc.
1. He will come back within ten minutes.
2. Did you pay off the loan within a year?
3. He was told to stay within the limits of the ring.
4. The football has to stay within the playing field.
5. Please keep this information within the family.

OF belonging to, concerning
Part I, relation
1. Who is the owner of this car?
2. Has he become the manager of this bank?
3. This is the responsibility of a nurse.
4. The people of this area love to grow plants.

Part II, material
1. The ring is made of gold.
2. I bought a shirt made of cotton.

Prepositions Exercises For Class 8 With Answers Icse


  • I have never heard of such a place.
  • She is a lover of classical music.
  • Mother’s love is necessary for a child.
  • Does he have any hope of victory?

Part I, separation
1. The button of my shirt has come off.
2. He fell off a ladder.
3. Please keep off the grass.

Part II, disconnection
1. Who cut off the telephone wire?
2. Please switch off the T.V.

Prepositions Exercises For Class 8 Pdf

AGAINST, in opposition, resting on
1. They can’t speak against their leader.
2. He won’t go against your advice.
3. He was leaning against the wall.

Part I, person
1. The tiger was killed by the hunter.
2. This story was written by Premchand.

Part II, transport
1. He will go by air.
2. I sent the documents by mail.
3. They will travel by bus.

Part III, selling
1. Milk is sold by the litre.
2. Bananas are sold by the dozen.

Part IV, time (period)
1. I had completed this work by 5 PM.
2. They will pay off the loan by June.

Prepositions For Class 8


  • He walked by me without speaking.
  • May I pay by cheque?
  • He earns his bread and butter by writing.
  • Switch it on by pressing that button.
  • You can get promotion by working hard.
  • I caught the thief by the neck.
  • This room is 15′ by 20′.
  • The bullet missed him by one centimeter.
  • Is the curtain short by one foot?
  • He is an advocate by profession.
  • She swore by God.
  • He always keeps his dog by his side.
  • I am Indian by birth.

Class 8 Preposition Exercise

WITHOUT, not having
1. You can’t leave a country without a passport.
2. Don’t touch anything without my permission.
3. She posted the letter without a stamp.
4. Never act without thinking about the Consequences.
5. He left without saying a word.

BEHIND, at the back of
1. The thief was hiding behind the door.
2. My house is behind the school.
3. The train is behind schedule.
4. The sun disappeared behind the clouds.
5. My family is behind me in my ambition to become an engineer.
6. India is behind China in terms of international trade.
7. Please tell him to stand behind the counter.

Exercises On Prepositions For Class 8

DURING, within a specified period of time
1. They did nothing during the last week.
2. She will complete this course during the summer vacation.
3. Raise this issue during the discussion.

OVER, higher than, above
1. There is no fan over the table.
2. The aeroplane is hovering over our colony.
3. We are passing over London.
4. He jumped over the wall.

Prepositions Class 8


  • They held an umbrella over her.
  • Turn over the page.
  • He ruled over a great empire.
  • He has little control over his emotions.
  • Spread a cloth over the table.

UNDER, beneath or below
1. They took rest under a tree.
2. The books are under the pillow.
3. Please push this table under the fan.

Preposition Test For Class 8


  • The water flows under the bridge.
  • Children under the age of four are not admitted.
  • He has a staff of ten working under him.
  • India was under British rule till 1947.
  • Under the terms mentioned earlier, you have to pay the penalty.
  • The matter is still under consideration.
  • He did it under the influence of his friends.
  • Don’t open an account under a false name.

ABOVE, higher than
1. Fix a tube light above the table.
2. There is no map above the chair.
3. His head was above the water.
4. He got above 60% marks.
5. The water came above his knee.
6. We are flying above the clouds.
7. It weighs above 5 kg.
8. She is above suspicion.
9. He must be above 18.

BELOW, at a lower position
1. The valley is below the hill.
2. Don’t write below this line.
3. The temperature will remain below the freezing point.
4. His rank is below an inspector.
5. He got below 50% marks.

Part I, from one side to another side
1. Can he swim across the river?
2. The child ran across the ground.
3. Draw a line across the page.

Part II On the other side
1. My house is across the street.
2. Please wait for me across the road.

ABOUT, relating to, on the point of, almost going to
1. Do you know anything about him?
2. I have no knowledge about it.
3. They are about to go.
4. The movie was about to start.
5. Has he written a book about China?

TOWARDS, in the direction of
1. They ran towards the crossing.
2. He hit the ball towards the goal.
3. It is the first step towards greater unity between India and Pakistan.
4. Parents should be friendly towards their children.

THROUGH, to go in from one side and come out from the other side of
1. The tiger jumped through the ring.
2. They went through a tunnel.
3. The river Yamuna flows through Delhi.
4. The boys ran through the street.
5. I came to know about this computer through a newspaper advertisement.
6. The wind swept through the garden.

ALONG, on a course parallel to
1. We can go along this wall.
2. They went along the track/canal.
3. Let’s have a stroll along the river bank.

ALONG WITH, in addition to
1. The company is giving a DVD free along with this television.
2. I gave him a pen along with the book.

SINCE, (point of time)
1. It has been raining since morning.
2. He has been living in Delhi since 1987.
3. I haven’t visited him since his last birthday party.

BESIDE, at the side of, next to, near
1. You may sit beside me.
2. Please keep this chair beside the bench.

BESIDES, in addition to
1. Besides vegetables she bought apples.
2. Besides a car they also have a bike.

UP, from a lower to a higher point
1. Why are they going up the hill?
2. Climb up these stairs.

DOWN, from a higher to a lower point
1. They ran down the slope.
2. The rock rolled down the hill.
3. Her hair were hanging down.

ON TO, moving to a position on
1. He climbed onto the horse.
2. He moved the books onto the third shelf.

AMID/AMIDST/IN THE MIDST OF, in the middle of, surrounded by
1. Amid the noise I was unable to hear anything.
2. It was difficult for him to work in the city amidst such circumstances.
3. Amid confusion she lost her way.
4. In the midst of clappings he announced this scheme.

BENEATH, to a lower position
1. There was a toy beneath the books.
2. I can’t do this work as it is beneath my dignity.
3. The boat sank beneath the waves.

BEYOND, on the for side of
1. It was beyond his power.
2. The kidnappers have gone beyond the reach of the police.
3. This bike is beyond repair now.
4. Don’t study beyond midnight.

AROUND, on all sides
1. They drove around the city.
2. Build a wall around this garden.

Preposition Phrase

A prepositional phrase is a group of words containing a preposition, a noun or pronoun object of the preposition and any modifier of the objects.

Examples of prepositional phrases:
Preposition Exercises for Class 8 CBSE With Answers Q2.1
It is useful to locate prepositional phrases in a sentence since any noun a pronoun within the prepositional phrase must be the preposition A’s object and therefore cannot be misidentified as a verb A’s direct object.
Preposition Exercises for Class 8 CBSE With Answers Q3.1

Preposition Exercises Solved Examples for Class 8 CBSE

Question 1.
Choose the correct prepositions.
(i) What are you doing _____________ the weekend?
(ii) I don’t know yet. Maybe I’ll go to the cinema _____________ saturday.
(iii) That’s interesting. I haven’t been to the cinema _____________ so many years.
(iv) We could go there together _____________ the afternoon.
(v) That would be great. But I would prefer to go there _____________ the evening. I am visiting my grandma ____________ Saturday. (vi) That’s okay. The films starts _____________ eight o’clock.
(vii) I can pick you up half _____________ seven. How long does the film last?
(viii) It lasts _____________ two hours and forty-five minutes.
(ix) _____________ two hours and forty-five minutes.
(x) _____________ eight _____________ a quarter _____________ eleven.
(xi) That’s right. But I must hurry home _____________ the film. I have to be home _____________ eleven o’clock.
(i) at
(ii) on
(iii) for
(iv) in
(v) in, on
(vi) at
(vii) an, past
(viii) for
(ix) for
(x) From, till, to
(ix) after, by

Question 2.
A Photograph
Complete the exercise with the correct prepositions.
(i) I got these photos _____________ my friend Jane.
(ii) These photos were taken _____________ her boyfriend, who is a hobby photographer.
(iii) _____________ these pictures you can see a giraffe.
(iv) So, these are pictures _____________ a giraffe.
(v) Look _____________ these pictures. Aren’t they wonderful?
(i) from
(ii) by
(iii) In
(iv) of
(v) at

Preposition Exercises Practice Examples for Class 8 CBSE


Question 1.
Complete the exercise according to the picture.
(i) The first Mc Donald’s restaurant was opened _____________ Dick and Mac McDonald the 15th _____________ May 1940.
(ii) The best selling products _____________ their restaurant were humburgers.
(iii) So the McDonald brothers thought _____________ a way to produce humburgers more quickly
(iv) This was introduced _____________ 1948 and became known _____________ the Speedee Service System.
(v) The first franchised McDonald’s restaurant was opened _____________ 1953, and today you can find Mcdonald’s restaurants _____________ more than 100 countries.
(vi) The meats _____________ the burgers vary _____________ the culture _____________ the country.
(vii) Franchisees and future managers _____________ McDonald’s restaurants are trained Humburger University, which is.located _____________ Oak Brook, a suburb _____________ Chicago.
(viii) McDonalds is also known _____________ its sponsorship _____________ various international sport events.

Question 2.
Complete the exercise according to the picture.
(i) _____________ the picture, I can see a woman.
(ii) The woman is sitting _____________ a chair.
(iii) She is sitting _____________ a chair.
(iv) There is another chair _____________ the woman.
(v) Her feet are _____________ the table.
(vi) The woman is holding a cup _____________ her hands.
(vii) _____________ the table are a laptop, a paper, a calculator, an appointment calendar, two pens and a muffin.
(viii) The woman’s looking _____________ her laptop
(ix) The woman’s bag is _____________ the table.
Preposition Exercises for Class 8 CBSE With Answers Q4.1

Question 3.
Preposition Exercises for Class 8 CBSE With Answers Q5.1
1. We learn English _____________ the Community College.
2. 27 comes _____________ 28.
3. Water flows _____________ a bridge.
4. Fish swim _____________ the ocean.
5. Lunch comes _____________ breakfast.
6. Alyosha is going _____________ the mall.
7. The temperature in vostock. antartica can fall to 125 degrees _____________ zero. That’s cold!
8. A synonym for “close to” _____________.
9. The computer sits _____________ the desk.
10. It’s a good idea to look both ways before you walk _____________ the street.

1. Ko is taller
2. The mouse is _____________ the computer.
3. The library doesn’t close _____________ 8:30 pm.
4. The lights shine _____________ us.
5. We used our windshield wipers as we drove _____________ the pouring rain.
6. Everyone stood _____________ the fire to get.