Punctuation Exercise For Class 5This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used. https://ncertmcq.com/punctuation-exercises-for-class-5/

Punctuation Exercises for Class 5 CBSE With Answers PDF

  • Punctuation marks are signs such as periods, commas and question marks.
  • We always begin a sentence with a capital letter.
  • Use of Period (.): We put a period at the end of a sentence. It is also known as a Full Stop.
  • Use of Question Mark (?): We use a question mark at the end of a question.
  • Use of Commas (,): We put a comma between items in a list, after yes and no, before or after the name of the person we are speaking to, before please and thank you, between the parts of a place name.
  • Use of Exclamation (!): We put exclamations to express sudden emotion. Exclamations end with an exclamation mark. (!)
  • Use of Capital Letters: We use a capital letter to begin names of people and places, after the initials in someone’s name, nationalities and languages also begin with a capital letter.
  • Use of Apostrophes: We use an apostrophe with an ‘s’ to show that something belongs to someone, to show where one or more letters are missing in a contraction. (I’m = am)

Punctuation Exercises for Grade 5 with Answers PDF

Punctuation Worksheet For Class 5
A. Rewrite each sentence below. Capitalise and add the correct punctuation marks where needed.


  • do you know where I can find the lake
    Do you know where I can find the lake?

1. how do you feel after your run in the afternoon ______________
2. when do we get to go to the museum ______________
3. i cant wait until it is my birthday ______________
4. My friend sister is a doctor ______________
5. david john and sam went hiking in the colorado mountains ______________

Punctuation For Class 5
B. Rewrite the following sentences. Add commas where needed.


  • Hey there what are you doing after school?
    Hey there, what are you doing after school?

1. After school Sarika Jyoti and Suman need to walk home. ______________
2. I was born on July 30 1995. ______________
3. Once he gets to the baseball game John is going to relax. ______________
4. After going to work he will go to the market. ______________
5. Yes I got a good grade on my test. ______________
6. First off you are doing very well in school. ______________

Punctuation Class 5
C. Rewrite the following sentences. Add question marks and other punctuation where needed.


  • what time is the baseball game
    What time is the baseball game?

1. when are we going to the show ______________
2. how do you feel when another person picks on you ______________
3. did Jiwan Mahesh or Alok make this mess ______________

Worksheet On Punctuation For Class 5 With Answers
D. Read each sentence and add a period or an exclamation mark to complete each sentence.

It’s a nice day to visit the beach ______________ ( . )

1. Wow ______________ You did a great job on that project ______________
2. I’m going to have to give more effort in class ______________
3. You are stupendous ______________
4. I am very proud of you ______________
5. We are walking home after practice ______________
6. I like to play basketball in my spare time ______________
7. There are seven days in a week ______________
8. You are the best teacher I’ve ever had ______________
9. Thank you so much for buying me that gift ______________
10. Let’s go fishing in the summer ______________